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Friday 21 March 2014

Objectifying Men for a change. Learn from Jennifer Lopez and Kylie Minogue.

What do you do when you wake up the same time as the Devil (3 am) and can't go back to sleep????? Well I don't know about you but I blog. Yeahhh.... I blog. 

Now, Can we take a moment here and bless these two mammas for being over 40 and being sexy as hell. Wonder what they do to maintain those booties. In just two weeks Jeniffer Lopez and Kylie Minogue dropped their individual singles one after the other which portrays women objectifying men for a change. Luh ya pappi-Jlo and Sexercise- Kylie. Videos are linked below. 

Hmmm.... I wonder what Madonna has to say about it coz our material girl always considers men as objects to play with......... I mean look at Jesus Luz, Brahim Zaibat and the current boy toy Timore Steffens. Phewww.... waoo.. these boys are young enough to be her sons and old enough to be her daughter's boy friends or bang buddies........ speaking of bang buddies.. I wonder what these young men must have done when mamma was not around? yyyyiiiikksss... mamma and daughter sharing the same men??... ewwwwww!!!  

Coming to the two videos that Jlo and Kylie just dropped. It shows everything that a single girl, married unhappy women, single cheating type girlfriends, gay boys and bi curious men would ever want to see. It is full of desires if I may say so. (Forgive me as I am just your entertainer). Well there is something straight men can also learn from this video and that is- Motivation to work out. You can only satisfy someone's sexual hunger or you can only capture someones's attention sexually if you start looking like a piece of meat. 

Well I know that I am gonna spend some extra minutes on the treadmill from tomorrow because I wanna be objectified too. Yeah... it may sound weird but it is my desire. I wanna be so hot that people get nervous while talking to me. I want to be that guy, girls want to see on top of a bar strippin and shaking his money maker. I wanna be that guy who literally fills an innocent person's mind with filth and dirty fantasies. I wanna be someones drink , someone's bacon, someone's hot baker, someone's boy toy, someone's wet dream, someone's reason to cheat on their partners.......Sigghhhhhh...now that's some life ha? 

My morals once again are questionable!  Well I guess my dreams are gonna be just my dreams so it's all good ya'll.

Now here... treat yourself with these two videos and thank me later!

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