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Thursday 24 October 2013

In conversation with a German Model- "Michael Tschida"

I have always loved talking to new people, making new friends, going to new places- basically traveling and exploring bizzare things. It gives me pleasure and a sense of accomplishment. Few days ago I got a chance to interview Michael Tschida, a German Model. Talking to him about his life and fashion was a treat, also because he is one of the most humble male models that I have ever come across.

Anyway.... Girls and gay boys ... here is someone ya'll would wanna drool over and thank me later (wink)- Presenting Michael Tschida.  

(Hi Michael, thanks for interviewing with me. Would you like to tell us something about yourself?)

Hi Prashant, the pleasure is all mine. I'm a professional model currently living in Saarbruken ( Germany) but I'm ready to move if job offer requires. I am a true German even though I have a exotic look. (Chuckle). I guess this look comes from my Spanish ancestors. I was studying medicine, sports science and Latin from Saarland University but after that I had to choose between modeling or further studies. I'm 25 years old  and my measurement s are 100-80-86.

(How long have you been modeling?)

I started modeling as a part time many years ago but as a full timer since 2012. I have worked with the some of the first class designers, magazines and have appeared in commercials in my Country.

Photo by Dennis Rico

(Fashion for you is?)

Fashion for me is a way to express myself as an individual by creating my own style. It is a kind of lifestyle which changes with time just like our characters, our attitudes which changes with every new experiences we encounter. Fashion can tell us a lot more than what we think, it can tell us about time period, culture, lifestyle, dreams and feelings. Besides that, my job requires fashion so it's a part of my life. I have always been amazed by how clothes can change people's look, reputation, self confidence and behaviour. There I conclude that "Clothes makes the man". 

(What is your personal style signifier?)

My personal style- I try not getting influenced by a specific group of people who make it look like fashion goes into only their direction. I generally like to wear clothes that are figure -accentuating and smart casuals. 

(What is the secret behind that amazing body of yours?)

I workout every single day and I'm a proven expert in nutrition. I also learnt a lot by experience. I strongly suggest "paleo diet". My workout is based on strength training (body building) and is supplemented by roadwork.

(Do you think style is inherited or cultivated?)

I think it is a little bit of both. It can be inherited by parents and relatives and can be cultivated by experience, by looking up to someone. 

(Any advice for people out there from your end?)

Feel comfortable in whatever you wear. No one should be forced to wear something they don't want or can't identify themselves with. 

Photo- Dennis Rico
Photo- Dennis Rico
Photo- Dennis Rico
Photo by Dennis Rico.

(Thank You very much Michael for talking to me. It was a pleasure)

Do not forget to checkout Michael's official Facebook page. Click here.


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