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Saturday 29 March 2014

Getting Fancy @ "Fervour" the high end retails store!

Y'all know how I wish to have all the fancy things in my wardrobe rite? It's like I am on a mission to make my closet fancy. Well the only fancy thing it had earlier was me but now that m out of it, might as well replace with some good stuff (wink). Hey what you thinkin? I am just tryin to entertain you (buhaha). 

So this was my second time at Fervour, talking Dsquared, Iceberg and Frankie Morello one once again.If you want to know more about my first visit then click here. The store launched new collection and invited me. What a pleasure. This time I got to see the majorly impressive Dsquared hand bags for men. Waoooo.. it had me goin... totally... I was more than GAGA over them.  This time the store incorporated lot of colors and patterns in the collection both for men and women. 

Really, you put me in a store like Fervour and I will start prancing around like a little boy in a candy or toy store or like a desperate unhappy married lady in certain kind of not so appropriate location trying to pick up alive toys to make themselves happy. Wooppssiee... Do I talk a bit too much?  Alright, so I will get to the point. 

It was my pleasure to be visiting Fervour once again and it was my good luck that Mrs. Mary Manoe (the fashion consultant/stylist from Netherlands) was at the venue too. It's always great fun interacting with her. If you happen to pass by the store then please go and meet her. She will definitely enlighten you with her knowledge about fashion and style.

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Here is a little video I made while the store manager showed me around. I was more interested in the hand bags this time than any other thing. Oh and by the way.. y'all should totally check out the women's Spring collection and yes that includes women's hand bags too. "Colorful" is the one word to describe the collection.

Now watch the video and enjoy the music- 

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