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Wednesday 28 May 2014

Meet Keegan Moyer. A Fitness Model- An interview.

It's gives me a feel good factor when successful models say yes to my interviews. I feel that somewhere I am doing something really right to be convincing people. Lately I have taken fitness seriously and it was my good luck that I came across Keegan Moyer who is such an inspiration.

So like I always say

Ladies and Gentlemen and those who are still deciding on their gender........ here is our Fitness Model Keegan Moyer.

1) Thanks a lot Keegan for doing this interview with me. I am super excited.I have met fitness models before but never met someone quite like you. I mean look at your body. It looks sculpted. I sure can see all your hard work there. So tell me how did u get into fitness and since how long have you been doing this?
I have really been at the fitness game for about three years. I started doing Crossfit. Competitions, runs and mud runs for fun. It wasn’t a way of life but more like a hobby. About a year and a half ago I started traditional bodybuilding. Splitting body parts and cardio. This is when I saw major results. I signed with a fashion agency back in September but left them in January to sign with the number one fitness modeling agency in the world, Silver Model Management. 
2) I think, to be you, one has to be super disciplined. Pheww... I wonder if I can ever achieve that level of fitness. Tell me about your daily routine. How does your day start and end?
To truly achieve a fit body and mind one must dedicate themselves fully to the art. This doesn’t mean that you can never have fun but working out and eating must be priority number one in order to get the body exactly where you want it.
3)When you are not working, what do you usually like doing? 
I have been doing traditional body building for a while now. That means splitting muscles and training specific muscles each day. I do not follow a strict schedule, I just train what I feel like I need to train. I also do HIIT cardio right after my workouts. Lately I have been doing two a days, with lifting and HIIT in the morning and steady state cardio and abs at night. It’s a lot of dedication but I usually spend about three hours in the gym per day. It might sound like work to some, but I love it. 
4)Tell us about your eating habits?
I am a flexible dieter. That means I eat whatever I was as long as it fits my macronutrient goal for the day. Macros are carbs, protein and fats. I have an exact number of each that I must eat per day in order to maintain my body and grow my muscles. This allows me to not eat “clean” and enjoy my life. I eat pop tarts, oatmeal, egg whites, turkey and potatoes every single day, but I mix in a ton of other stuff as long as it fits my macros. 
5)What does a guy gotta do to get you level of fitness? 
Fitness is all about dedication and persistence. You must dedicate yourself 100% to your goals and then you can acheieve them. This means working hard in the gym even when you don’t want to, and following your diet to a T. Fitness, especially top level fitness, does not happen over night. There will be set backs. There will be a struggle, but in order to get there you just gotta keep going. 
6)Do you have a cheat meal day?
As I mentioned earlier, I am a flexible dieter. This means I do not have a cheat meal. I usually have one day per week that I will go over my macros though.

Thanks a lot Keegan. It was a pleasure talking to you.

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Twitter- @keeganlmoyer
Instagram- @keeganlm

Friday 23 May 2014

Jovan Stevabovic is back in my blog with "Low Life Dream Editorial".

So do you remember the fabulous Serbian designer "Jovan Stevanovic"? I bet you do. He isn't someone you can easily miss or forget (wink). Yes so he is back in my blog this month and I am more than happy to be featuring him for the third time. I love his work. His rebellious designs looks like a collaboration between Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert. Fearless and Raunchy are what I like to call his designs. 

This time Jovan went all the way to Italy to shoot an editorial with a photographer from the US called Katherine Primeau. The editorial is titled "Low Life Dream" Editorial. I was having a one on one conversation with the brilliant designer himself and he said-

I met Katherine in Florence Italy and we came up with the idea of doing an editorial shoot presenting the beauty of Florence in a different way and in a different level altogether. Florence is a place or art and what better place to do a shoot then. 
The stylist who worked with us is from Germany. The concept of the editorial was "Chameleon", representing a boy who changes himself with moment and time not letting anyone overshadow him.

Well then Jovan, it is job well done. Take a look at the pics. I think it is rare for a designer to design clothes and act as a model as well but Jovan just nails it even as a model. I mean the pictures are speaking for itself. I need not say that! 

Photographer- Katherine Primeau
Stylist -Heike Fiedler
Model-Jovan Stevabovic
Hair & makeup- Serena Hill

Catch Jovan on Facebook and on Instagram.

Friday 16 May 2014

Dear God NO's of Fashion!

You know how all the fashionista's and fashionisto's talk about Fashion Do's and Don'ts? Yeah the place where they tell you what to wear and what not to wear? Yeah I decided that I'm gonna take it a notch higher and talk about fashion crimes. Fashion visuals that compel us to say "Dear God No" "Stop this please" etc etc. Hey listen. I am no perfect alright, I mean God did not send me to planet Earth with a license of looking at someone and pointing out. No, that's not my birth right but if it were then I would gladly be a Fashion Police because in my head I am Joan Rivers

While Bangalore city is continuously fashionably growing , there are still a majority of men sporting something that is crime enough to be in jail and I cannot help but pin pointing it out. I mean I really don't know how and where it came from but someone definitely started it and that person should be shot dead if you ask me. (Am I too cruel? yeahh.. well ... deal with it.... easy doesn't do it). 

So000....Ladies and Gentlemen and those who are still deciding their gender, here is "Dear God NO's" of Fashion? 

  1. White socks with dress shoes- If you love yourself and if you wanna get laid then please don't do this (wait... what does the color of your sock has to do with you getting laid? Dont listen to me). Ask women how they feel about it. I have done my own little research and trust me .... it's a knock off.  White socks are only made for sports. Wear to the gym, wear it when you go out for a run, or to play some kind of sport or hell just wear it when you are wearing a white shoes for some odd reason but do not wear it with a dress shoes and with your formal clothing and certainly not when you go for a job interview and even if you do then make sure that the interviewer does not notice it. Just make sure you match your sock with either your shoes or your pants. Keep it coordinated, unless you wanna sport printed socks. 

  2. Ill fitted suits/clothing- Getting a perfect suit done for yourself is an art. Your suit must look like it has been made just for you (call it a couture if you'd like). Your suit should be exclusively made for you, falling perfectly on your body and hugging it in all the right places. I always advice to get a tailor made/Bespoke suit done. Not only suits but any other outfit for that matter. The Fit does matter.We all are not blessed with a perfect standard sized male body type so the best way out is to get yourself a tailor made suit otherwise you will end up looking hideous like these Bollywood gentlemen who according to me either have a really bad stylist or they just do not know the meaning of "Style".

  1. Socks with your flip flops or sandals- Oh Lord, I once got into this trap of wearing socks with sandals which I am so glad that I am out of. Phewwwwww......it was back in the days when I was in college.  Boys... listen.... you do not look "COOL" wearing socks with your sandals or flip flops. Please stop this heinous crime. The only time you should be wearing socks with your sandals or flip flops is when you are at home on a cold winter night near the fire place or heater trying to feel all cozy.

  2. Wear your size- Now, I understand that all of us want to get into that one desired shape and size but then again like I mentioned earlier, not all of us are blessed with the perfect standard size male body type. So please know your body and dress accordingly. If you are a large size man then try to cover up, wear lose fitted clothes, hide your muffin top and beer gut. Wearing ill fitted clothes will not only make you feel uncomfortable but will also bring your confidence level down.  

  3. Sneakers with suits- Do not do this unless your Justin Timberlake or rich and famous becoz they are the only ones who can do that and get away with it. So please save yourself from some agony and not wear this ensemble.  

Tuesday 6 May 2014

How to- gather memories of a DRUNKEN NIGHT!

Sighhhh.... who hasn't experienced this, we all have been in this situation at least once in our lives.  It's okay to get into such situations as long as it does not happen frequently (you should not let yourself become a slave of alcohol).

Drinking has become a part of the youth culture these days. They say that- It makes socializing more easy. Hmmmm...I bet it does!

Actually I do kinda believe in that. It does make socializing more easy and life more fun. Its a completely different thing that I have to retrace the memories of my nights a little too often...like every gosh darn week because (you know I am a drunkard and mostly found passed out next to a garbage bin on the street) I generally wake up in a strangers house, next to a stranger, with my knees and elbows hurting (wonder what I do), a massive hangover with blurred vision, with my clothes in different corners of the apartment and a half eaten burger on the bed (what part did the burger had to play in whatever the f**k happened?)

Oh Lord..... I only hope my mom does not read this post.... my dad on the other hand will definitely read this..........ppfffff.....

No dad please.... I am almost certain that I am STD free, I mean I think so , I guess I am 75% clean.....ummmmm.. alright I'll go and see a doctor tomorrow. 

Anyway, getting back to the point. How to gather memories of a drunken night:

  1. Surrounding- Wake up and check where the f*** you are. You could be on your own bed, your girlfriend's or boyfriend's bed, a strangers bed or maybe in someone's back yard. Whatever you do, do not panic. Wake up, sit up, check if you have all your belongings with you, your phone, wallet, money,house keys etc. Check if you are fully dressed or not, if not then you definitely had a fun night. Check if your clothes are ripped or stained, you could have gotten into a fight or something.
  2. Phone investigation- The second thing that you must do is, scroll down your phone, check the dialed list, messages, whatsapp messages. Maybe you sent texts to your ex who knows or maybe you have some explaining to do to your friends who you abused  in a fit of rage over the phone or maybe you just confessed your love to your all time crush. Check all the pictures and videos in your phone. Did you make any inappropriate videos?
  3. Credit card statement- Not only credit card statement but check your pockets for any kind of receipts that you have. Check how much did you spend and where the hell were you at that point of time. If you carry a credit card the God bless you. You might want to check if you have any open packs of condoms anywhere..... better safe than sorry ya? check your surroundings if there are any used ones.  Yikes! 
  4. What hurts- Check if there is any part of your body that hurts. You may have gotten into a fight or fallen over a fence or something. Check for bruises. You may have walked a really long way or mite have been bitten by a dog while you were trying to scale your ex girlfriend's garden fence and if you have a sore ass...then enjoy the limpy walk because that's gonna hurt real bad while you go and take a dump. So you gotta deal with it. Hey at least you know that the night was full of adventurous rides! 
  5. Social media check- Without wasting any more time check your Facebook and Twitter account to see if you have commented or posted anything regrettable. Check all your tags and mentions, go to your friends profile who you went out with and see if he or she has posted anything you would want to know about. 
  6. Friends reaction- Meet your friends later and see how they react. Do not trust them fully coz sometimes friends are assholes who tell lies just for their own amusement. Try talking to different people who you think would have been around you including your room mates. 

Friday 2 May 2014

T'was a "One Nite Stand" in the city of Bangalore.

Really? Is that what you thought you'll be reading about here? Get your mind out of the gutter y'all. LOL I totally tricked you into clicking on my post. (wink)

I'm talking about the fabulous and famous band of Bangalore called "One Nite Stand".

Yeah, it happened on Wednesday (that's day before yesterday) at a pub called "Loft38" in Bangalore. The band returned after recording at Yash Raj studio in Mumbai which is the most famous Indian entertainment production company established by Yash Chopra, an Indian film director and producer who was considered an entertainment mogul in India. 

The band after their return was all set to rock the city of Bangalore and what do you know........my royal ass was present at the venue too. I did not want to miss this gig because I love this band and I personally know "Behram",who happens to be my dear friend (the Vocalist and the bass guitarist), really cool guy I must say (hey I can have cool friends too you know).  I tried taking pictures (the last three pictures have been taken by me) but as you know I own a camera which I found when Moses was parting the red sea (its an ancient old camera) that's why it did not come out well... actually my camera isn't that bad. I was just standing at a distance. The first time I saw the band perform was at the Bangalore Fashion Week 2014, the second time was at the after party of Bangalore Central Fashion week 2014.

The band members include-
Behram- Vocals/Bass
Hemanth- Leads
Jonathan- Keys

To band which now travels all across the country giving live show and performing at concerts and is highly influenced by Coldplay, Bon Jovi, Queen, Jamiroquai and Bruno Mars.

It's a band you would not want to miss.  

Check out their Facebook page. Click here.