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Thursday 27 June 2013

Meet Madeleine.... a runway model from the 80's

This interview was taken by me last year in November. Thought this deserves a place in my current blog.

"A coincidental form of inspiration" 

Everyone has one of those days when they do not want to think about work or studying and just don't want to do anything but sit back lazy all day and when night comes, jump into their pyjamas and watch a movie with a cup of coffee and later cuddle with their snuggie.

Well, it was a simliar night for me but thank God I didn't end up doing any of the above. If I had, I would never have had the chance to meet Madeleine Rusche.

A runway model from the 1980's now a mother of two- a stroke of good luck for me! I was forced to attend a wedding- something I generally prefer to stray clear of... The thought of walking around and giving people fake smiles makes me sick. But to my surprise, this particular wedding turned out to be happening and interesting!

As I was having dinner with a few friends, a special guest was brought over. Before I knew it, a tall, well mannered, beautiful woman, elegant and in perfect shape( must be in her early 40's I was thinking) was seated by my side.

As a fashion lover, I'm  always in search of someone who stands in a crowd and sure as I'll ever be, this woman was one of them!

We were eventually introduced and I immediately started inquiring about her background. I'm not exactly sure how, but we got into a conversation about Paris and Milan. This is when I told her I blog  and my curiosity was put to rest.

Madeleine: Oh so you are a fashion blogger? I was a runway model.

Me: OMG! Really?

Madeleine: Yes

The next day I went to meet her again so I could interview her for my blog and she is one of the most humble women I have ever met.

(So, when did you start your modelling career and how long did it last?)

Madeleine: I started modelling in 1982 in Austria and Germany. I was a model for 20 years. My career lasted until 2002 when my second child was born.

(Where are you from?)

Madeleine: I am Austrian. I am from Salzburg.

(How do you think fashion and fashion industry has changed since the 80's?)

Madeleine: Back then, we had a lot of boutiques and every small boutique had a fashion show. The fashion business was much easier then as there was less competition and getting rich was easy. Fashionable clothes were extremely expensive- unlike today, where we have ready-to-wear brands that sell affordable stylish clothes like H&M, Zara, Mango, etc.

(Are there any specific things that have changed a lot since then?)

Madeleine: In the 80's, we had a trend of wide sweaters and extended shoulders. We did not have a lot of accessories. We just had rings- lion rings by Cartier, for example. We kept our hair big and had curls to match.

(In the celebrity world, who do you think is the ultimate trend setter?)

Madeleine: Without a doubt....Madonna!

(Your all time favourite runway model?)

Madeleine: Linda Evangelist, Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer and Naomi Campbell.

(How different was walking on the runway then as compared to now?)

Madeleine: We had a lot of actual choreography involved. Walking the ramp was not just walking to the top of the stage and walking back. It involved actual dancing. For example, if the chosen song was Thriller by Michael Jackson, then we were taught to dance like shown in the video. Our shoes did not have heels as high as we have now.

(As a wife and a mother, how important is fashion for you now?)

Madeleine: Fashion is still an important part of my life. It helps me to express myself. I like the fact that nowadays, we can mix and match and create our own style and this makes me feel good. I still buy fashionable clothes, I exercises and keep myself fit. Fashion is more fun now, it is totally international with mixed cultures. I like the fact that today, even men are into fashion.

Thank You Madeleine.

I complemented Madeleine on her Yves Saint Laurent watch, felt her fabulous Louis Vuitton handbag and ended my interview.

Saturday 22 June 2013

SECRETE PROJECT TRAILER - Madonna and Steve Klein

Finally, the secrete project trailer is out. It was such a hush hush for months. Steve Klein sure knows how to create a piece of art. 

If you missed watching his work with Lady Gaga for FAME 2012 then watch it-

See the magic created when two of the biggest names in entertainment world get together. 

Saturday 15 June 2013

This ones for my daddy.

When I started writing this blog I thought of including all the wonderful things that my father did for me. All the unconditional love, sacrifices, putting my wants, needs and desires first without even thinking about himself, but then I decided to keep all that personal and just say-

Dear Papa,

Thank you for always being there.Thanks for putting up with all my weirdness and accepting me the way I am. Thanks for not scolding me when I spent all my pocket money on a pair of shoes. Thanks for believing in me even when the society was against me. I know I did not turn out to be the son you always wanted but one day I will make you proud and that is a promise of your only son who is walking AGAINST THE WORLD.

Love and kisses

and for all my lovely readers who want to know more about my father... here is a pic to prove it all.. Daddy cool <3

picture taken by my beautiful mom <3 

Monday 10 June 2013

How to master- "The art of French Kiss"

I got you all excited. Din't I? (wink). I won't disappoint. 

Just so you know, lately I have been spending a lot of time on skype talking to my very close friend Jess. He happens to be a confused French boy (as I like to call him). His mother is French, Father is from Spain but his grand father is African.He was born in Paris, grew up in Switzerland.At the age of 15 moved back to France. Phewwwww.... I know rite!!

On Sunday, believe me or not, I had a whole one hour session of French kiss tutorial on skype and yeah when I say on skype I mean live tutorial. 

Not that I do not know it... hell my tongue has a career they say, but it was quite exciting/funny to have someone trying to teach me the art of kissing. According to Jess... I don't know shit about it.... Well I guess now I know enough to write a blog about it. So here we go...........

1)Kissing essential- Kissing is the most vital  part of foreplay, its a symbol of romantic passion therefore its very important to keep your mouth clean. Breath mint, tic tacs, mouth spray are the essentials you would want to always keep in your pockets. Nothing is more turning off than bad breath. No matter how good you look,how sexy your legs or body is but if your breath honks like a skunks arse then there ain't no way in the world your gettin laid. 

2)Keep your lips soft: Carry chap sticks. Rub it on before the moment comes and just in case you forgot to carry one then run your tongue over your lips and press it together to make it soft. It is not very attractive to have chapped lips before kissing because sometimes it just pokes. keep yourself hydrated and you will not need chap sticks quite often.

3)Feel the breath: Before you start getting "at it", feel your partners breath, tease a bit, feel the lips...just the tip.. keep it slow and brush each others lips. This process will get your partner even more excited and will have him/her want more. 

4)Get down to business: After building the foundation, you would know if your partner is ready to take things further or not. Depending on that start the lip locking session.

5)Choose a side: For God's sake and your own- choose a side. Don't just keep bobbling your head in a confused manner. Switch sides but only with mutual understanding. Hold your partners neck and direct it in the moment and with the flow. Tilt your head from the left to the right, open your mouth and give your partner some freedom. This spices up the session. 

6)Lip locking:Put your lips in between your partners lips and lock it, suck it out and let it go. Slowly stick your tongue out and start using it. Remember to do everything in moderation. Know when to stop or when your partner wants you to stop. Repeat this technique changing the position of the lips. 

7)Tongues control: Please remember, that too much of tongue action ain't good. It sometimes may turn out to be a disaster and scare your partner away. Do not try to eat him or her up. The idea is to give pleasure and not choke the person.

8)Breath easy: Last but not the least, give yourself a little break. Breathe and talk for a while. Caress your partners neck, put your finger through the hair,give a little hug and then continue and take it further to wherever you think is appropriate (if you know what I mean) but above all... make sure that you and your partner are enjoying the intimacy. 

Now coming to what I am wearing- I need to give special thanks to my beautiful friend Marie who gifted me two H&M tank tops.Boy how lucky am I to have a friend like her who completes me.(big hug)BTW.... She works for "Louis Vuitton".

 One is what I am wearing and the next one will be uploaded soon.

                                                                     Jacket- Zara
Tank top- H&M
Jeans- Levis 
Shoes- Louis Philippe 

All pictures have been taken by my good friend Shilpa.

Monday 3 June 2013

Running around in short circles.

You know when your in one of those very compelling situations where you have to get a lot of things done in a day which seems impossible but somehow you manage to accomplishing everything and by the end all you need is a combination of good wine, food, friends, music and someone to go home with later?(wink-if you know what I mean- wink).

Well I was in the same situation on Saturday. Running around in short circles to get work done. I had to get up early morning (which by the way is 11:30 for me as I work at night), workout, make lunch eat, meet Shilpa (my dear friend and photographer) for coffee and finish the shoot with three change of clothes, sit and select the pictures for editing then go to look for a new apartment, then go meet some of my friends for drinks.....phewwwww... so by the end of the day I did have a glass of wine in my hands, all my lovely friends around and nice music... the night would have been a complete success only if .... but.....ca pete les couilles cette merde. EXCUSE MY FRENCH yawl ...lol

Come what may I never like to go out looking ordinary. As I did not have much to choose from this time round because I played lazy ass for two weeks and did not do my laundry, I decided to pull out something that I generally do not wear i.e baggy denim shirt. I wanted to give it a go and see how I look.

Oh and I tried tying my hair up. My mom hates it. She is waiting for me to turn into a normal person again....lol

Bow tie- Louis Philippe
Shirt- Vintage
Jeans- Tommy Hilfiger
Shoes- Converse