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Saturday 22 February 2014

Something OLD Something NEW Something BORROWED Something BLUE.

Have you ever been in a situation where you ran out of clothes and you have absolutely no idea what to put together? Okay forget about running out of clothes, what if you forgot to do laundry or you were too busy to do laundry and one fine morning you woke up realizing you have an important meeting which demands a fancy look? 

Same was the case with me. I forgot to do laundry and ran out of clothes and it was the day I had a meeting with a professional stylist. With all the limited resources I had to do my best and look my best. So this is what I did-

  1. New hair do- I got myself a new hair do. Well this is not so new but I just went a little more narrow on top this time. So yeah kinda new. I felt like a new person after getting this done.
  2. Blue Pants- I had only one clean pants left in my wardrobe. That was my jeans. I had to put an ensemble together which would go with a blue Lee Cooper jeans. 
  3. New shirt- Last month I got myself a custom made Zegna check shirt. Yeah customized. I talk class this days...lol.... My shirt miraculously went well with the blue jeans.
  4. Old blazer-I wanted to look elegant for the meeting so I took out my grey blazer which I purchased last year from Louis Philippe.
  5. Brand new Bow Tie- My sister gifted me a Jack and Jones bow tie on Christmas Last year which I hadn't had a chance to wear, so I finally took it out of the box. The pattern of my shirt and the bow tie was similar but thankfully not the same. My bow tie demonstrated stronger statement than my shirt and complimented the look.
  6. Old shoes- The only pair of shoes that went well with this ensemble was my brown tasseled Blanca loafers. It's two years old but I love how it looks. 
  7. Borrowed bag- I finished my look with a vintage leather bag that I borrowed from my good friend "Rama". He came to my rescue.

So here I was, all set to go and rock the meeting with the stylist in my something OLD something NEW something BORROWED and something BLUE. 

Gosh it's amazing how I did not make use of any swear words in this post. I mean really.....isn't it awesome? Hell yeah.... I f*****g nailed this s**t. 

All the pictures have been taken by my good friend Allan Raj. Check out his flickr account by clicking on his name. 

Wednesday 12 February 2014

CRISP- The High Fashion Store in Bangalore.

Now if you know anything about me, you would know that I am a Gucci enthusiast.... or any other high end luxury brand for that matter. Wearing luxury brands make me feel like I am Lindsay Lohan.... wooppsss..no wait.... that'll be wearing alcohol stained clothes and not designer clothes... so let me re frame my sentence. Wearing luxury brands make me feel like I belong to the Kardashian family (wink).

So anyway, getting to the point. It was like I was in a dream where somebody magically appeared and took me to a heavenly place where I had the freedom to select and try on from almost all the designer brands that I have ever dreamed of. Lets start naming them- 

  1. Gucci
  2. Prada
  3. John Richmond
  4. Frankie Morello
  5. Moschino 
  6. Ed hardy
  7. Chloe
  8. Dior
  9. Dolce & Gabbana 
  10. Pal Zileri
  11. Jomud 5
  12. John Galliano
  13. Vivien Westwood
  14. Balenciaga  
  15. Dirk Bikkembergs
  16. Nina Ricci
  17. Cesare Paciotti
  18. Gianfranco Ferre
  19. Patrizia Pepe etc,
All of them under one roof, yes all of them. Yeah finally Bangalore city has a one stop destination for designer wears. A store called CRISP which is in the heart of the city. A very uniquely designed store that not only has fashionable items of clothing and accessories but also very interesting interiors and props. 

"Always in Trend" is the underlying theme of the store. Every collection has been launched keeping in mind the taste of the Indian customers. Not only that but the ambiance including the sales staff  and fashion consultants are very welcoming. 

This was my first time at a store like Crisp and I could not get enough of it. If you ever happen to go to this store (which I definitely recommend) then you must give it enough time. I was there for like 2 hours checking out stuff and trying like billion outfits finally to narrow it down to three very simple looks of my choice (casual, semi casual and the beach wear look). The sales associate must be hating me I am sure..lol but I would like to give him credit for being very patient with an annoying person like me. 

Check out the website of the store. Click here.

Follow Crisp on Facebook. Click here.

Here is a small video I made-

Jacket- Pal Zileri
T-shirt- Prada
Jeans- Swing 
Shoes-John Galliano

Shirt- Moschino
Shoes- Frankie Morello

Fitted Cap- NY
T-shirt- John Richmond
Shorts-Ed Hardy 
Sweat Shirt- Jomud 5

Now take a look at the interiors of the store.

Sunday 9 February 2014


Just so you know, I din't wear this fitted cap to prove to anyone that I'm a boy. I very clearly remember my mom yelling at me while I was trying to get into my sisters night gown at the age of 7 "Prash ... you're a boy". 

So yeah that's clear in my head and well once in a while I do touch myself to reassure. (grin) you know coz sometimes after few shots of not so healthy drinks my morals as well as my gender starts bending (wink).

LOL ....jokes apart.......I actually am a big fan of the brand "BOY LONDON". Have always been a fan. I was longing to get a BOY fitted cap from a long time and happened so that one of my friends got two of them for me. Yeyy...... (what I actually mean is to be nice to rich and young assholes coz they always get you stuff if they think you are a good friend and are not after their money). I guess I just proved that my morals are actually bent :( wwooopppsss.... (Therapy time, I will go and see a shrink).  

So on a Saturday night I really got into trouble. I had just finished work (Yeah I work on the weekends as well) and was on my way to meet a friend of mine called Victor who happens to be a good friend (wink- I totally made him buy drinks for me). 

So here I was.....walking with a big smile on my face, sippin my non healthy drink,buzzed in a very good way,stopped at a store to buy a can of coke. This girl in a black dress next to me buying a pack of smokes assessed me up and down, raised her eyebrow then looked away. BTW did I mention that rite on top of the store was a bar where people were drinking and smoking in the balcony? Yeah so they were. 

It was my badluck that the exact same time when I opened my can to mix a little somethin in it, the same moment an asshole spilled just a tinsy tiny amount of his drink from the balcony on this girl's dress.  

What happened next was not what I had expected but here is the exact scene- 

DRUNK SKANK- You bloody spilled your drink on my dress.

ME- Mouth half open. I din't ma'am. It's from the top I suppose.

DRUNK SKANK- (Raises her voice and calls two of her drunk boys to make me feel sorry) This sissy toad ruined my dress and is not sorry.

ME- (SISSY TOAD? ME?) No no, I swear I did not , I dint even properly open the can.

DRUNK SKANK- Whispers something and the boys started giving me bad looks.

ME- Started suffering from Scary Cat Syndrome

BLESSED POLICEMAN- (Saw everything approached and said) Miss, those boys on top spilled their drink on you and this boy. 

DRUNK SKANK- Oh.. I'm sorry (raises her eyebrow very un- apologetically, turns around and tosses her hair at me. 

ME- (Snapped) You're one ungrateful bitch! You've got to be kidding me with this.

DRUNK SKANK- Huhh.... wha......

ME- Like really (on top of my voice) try to be a little soaber next time you blame a queen like me for no reason or else you'll be f*****g sorry. 

DRUNK SKANK-  Hey hey..calm down.....

ME- I'ver had a f*****G long day and to make it worse I meet a hoe like you.

DRUNK SKANK- Aahh... waahh....

ME- Take four giant steps back or I will strangle your neck.

DRUNK SKANK- A... m sorr........

ME- (yelled) Out of my face RIGHT NOW.......... Get the f*** out of here !  

DRUNK SKANK- Storms offfffffff.......... (the boys -shocked faces) 

Fitted Cap- Boy London
Skinny Jeans- Kenneth Cole
Shoes- Converse/ Chuck Taylors 

Monday 3 February 2014

Dolce & Gabbana male models teaching the Italian hand gestures!

This is hilarious. Expressing emotions with hand movements cannot get more fun. Watch this video and learn from the D&G male models. Sometimes videos like these needs to be in my blog for certain reasons you see ! haha

Sunday 2 February 2014

Here are some of the best Super Bowl Commercials.

Well if you as me then I would say,I am not a football fan but it's fun to watch the high budget Super Bowl commercials. So I decided to put together some of my personal favorites.
Here they are-