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Sunday 30 March 2014

In Conversation with an American Model "Dusty St.Amand".

I feel very happy to be presenting to you "Dusty St. Amand". An American model who is fresh on the scene and wants to give fashion and style a different meaning. Originality and modesty are his basic mantras. Even though he started modeling very recently, he sure knows how to seduce the camera. 

Here he is- 
By-Rick Day
Me-Hi Dusty. Thank you for interviewing with me. I have been a fan of you for quite sometime now. You are one of those very few male models who totally rock the beard look and rock it nice and good. So tell me Dusty, how old are you? and when did you start your modeling career?

Dusty- Thanks. I am 27 now. I started shooting my portfolio, started sharing my images around 6 months ago.

Me-I see that you not only don't like shaving your beard but you also not like shaving your chest and other parts of your body. It is quite interesting to see this because now a days models like being clean shaven and body waxed but you work the hairy look. 

Dusty- Yeah. I really don't groom much. Maybe that's because I live in Walliamsburg. It's just a jungle of hair out there. I grew up around the image of queer beauty that still persist today. These depictions of smooth Adonis-types. I believe that it's important for the media to supply us with fantasy,because life is so literal. Without escapes here and there, it can all be too much. But when you're growing up gay or gender-confused or within whatever plot of land beneath the queer umbrella that you call your won, and you find yourself searching for role models, it's easy to slip into these destructive behaviors, these beautification processes, that have no real attainable end. I think people should look like people. Nature is an incredible thing and to deny it it's turn seems criminal. I want people to see my images and find strength and beauty in their hair, scars and other features that don't meet industry standards. 

Me-Is modeling you full time job? and if your were not a model them what would you want to be?

Dusty- I don't make much money modeling. I'm kinda of a nobody. But I'm sure that'll change one day. I work in hospitality. I enjoy sales and talking to guests.

Me- What's your style mantra?

Dusty- Style mantra? Stick to basics. Dark denim jeans and white t-shirts will never go out of style. I don't believe in excessive shopping as I feel it's a wasteful use of resources/my time. Just be naked (wink).

Me- What are those few staples that we would find in Dusty'd wardrobe?

Dusty- Levi's. 8000 t-shirts (I'm from Florida). This navy blue baseball cap I wear way too much.

Me- Your guilty pleasure?

Dusty- Peanut butter. Peanut butter. Peanut butter.

Me- You celebrity crush?

Dusty- No clue on the celeb crush.I don't won a TV , so I'm fairly out of the loop.

Me- Quality in a perfect date?

Dusty- Laughter.

Me- Secret being your fitness?

Dusty-100% vegan diet. Small meals, regular strength training and cardio 4-6x/week and a lot of stretching. 

Me-Thank You once again Dusty for interviewing with me. All the best for your future. 

By-Rodolfo Martinez
By-Rodolfo Martinez

By-Rodolfo Martinez

By-Rodolfo Martinez

By-Rodolfo Martinez
By-Rodolfo Martinez
Tyler Dean King

William Cody

By-Rick Day
By-Rick Day
By-Rick Day
By-Rick Day
By-Rick Day
By-Rick Day
By-Rick Day

Follow Dusty:
Instagram- @dusterz
Twitter- @dusterz
Tumblr- animmatureman.tumblr.com 

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  1. Dusty you are a true beauty. Thank you for keeping all your wonderful, glorious body hair