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Monday 28 October 2013

Man Thong- Feel the Grind.

Yes! I said it. My new obsession is man thong. Shocked in the beginning as to how is this thing resting on a rack in the store where I work and I have not even noticed. I mean seriously, this is the beginning of a new era for us Indians where we will see men walk into stores and buy thongs for themselves without any awkwardness.There are G strings, 2 strings, mankini, jock straps and sling swimsuits that men these days are trying too. 

Now I've seen lot of girls wear thongs and G-strings etc and flaunt their lady lumps but very few guys. I always wondered what would it be like. So I decided that I will try it on and also do a little survey with the ladies asking what they think of men wearing thongs. The results were rather astonishing, but let me first tell ya'll what I felt when I wore the thong. 

In the beginning I constantly felt something grindin up my ass, I had to kinda finger my own self to set things right but after a while it just did not matter and I got used to it. It felt nice and comfortable. I could imagine wearing my tightest pants and not have those weird visible underwear lines. It is exciting because you feel naked when you are actually not.

Experimenting with garments is the new "IN" thing then why should men stay behind? The idea is- "If you can pull it off then it's yours".

Now lets talk about my little survey and the conclusions. 

We all know that women like to keep their undergarments changing because its a bedroom requirement. It's a massive turn on for men. They like to seductive change in their ladies. Same goes for men. Man thongs bring the seductive element out and keeps the mystery alive. Its intriguing how many modern men are opting for thongs because they are high on both style and comfort. 

Earlier it was only the male strippers and gay boys who loved wearing thongs because it made them look more attractive but the scenario has changed now. Wearing a thong is as much of a bedroom requirement for men as much it is for the women. Heck I have seen men wearing thongs on the beach so its more than just a bedroom requirement. 

One thing is for sure. i.e. you can pull a thong off only when you are in good shape otherwise you would not want to look in the mirror. Trust me. That's why I stopped wearing it. It was not a pretty sight.   

The results of the survey- Women
  1. 60% of the women feel that men wearing thongs in bedroom are incredibly sexy whereas they dint seem thrilled with the idea of men walking around wearing thongs on the beach. It's good to hide that area completely and keep the rest surprise. 
  2. 20% women said that it's a comfortable wear and it gives boys asses a good shape.
  3. 10% said they would divorce their husbands or breakup with the boyfriends if they ever wear thongs. It is for the gays and stripper. (Ouch ..... harsh... racist bitches). 
  4. and 10% said that they dont give a f*** coz at the end of the day its gonna come flying right off anyway.  
The results - Men
  1. 40% men think its a cool thing to wear. Comfortable and it makes them feel sexy and self confident. They said thongs keep them motivated to stay in shape. They also said that it keeps their mayo shooting hot dog gun in place, intact and gives a good hold which prevents from getting wedgies.(hmmmm.. that's weird...lol) 
  2. 30% men said its completely gay and they would never wear it. (Racist bastards). 
  3. 20% men said that they have never tried but they don't mind trying it. Just for fun.
  4. 10% men asked me what thongs are!  (Education please) 


  1. Oh really! :D I'd never heard of man thongs before! :D Well its something new to adapt to I suppose!

    Love Nilu Yuleena,
    BIG hair LOUD mouth

  2. hahahhahahah its funny

  3. Actually I have never seen anything like this before. Its an amazing underwear! I seen it first in an website http://www.e-kini.com/ . After seeing it I felt strange. They say it is nice and comfortable! Exotic also. But exotic for who? For woman or for a guy? Confused!!

  4. First off it is just underwear and is no big deal. Second off how did you cone up with those statistics and what was your demographic?

  5. Man thongs are hot. And the men that wear them too! And I agree, if a guy can pull it off (after they put in on first, lol), then why not? Why should women be the only ones to feel comfortable and sexy in their undergarments? By the way, http://GayBoyz.com/ is a gay dating sites review page that shows you gay personals sites analyses and ratings so you know which will be best to join. Then you can find your man, with a thing or not. :)

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