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Thursday 20 March 2014

KAZO- Women's wear brand flagship store launch in Bangalore!

This month has been crazy busy for me. I have been working all seven days. Not complaining ya'll. Just telling (wink). Last week I attended the launch of KAZO, women's wear brand. It was the launch of the Flagship store in Bangalore city. It is a new brand has picked up quite fast. In just few years it has managed to make it's mark all around the country. I was excited to see what this brand has to offer. 

The company focuses on style and comfort. It gives high quality clothing which is easy on pocket. Yes... it is quite affordable. Very chic and sexy. It focuses on women of all shapes and sizes. The collection which was shown on the runway was apt for this spring season. 

I as usual arrived fashionably late because you know I think I am aroyal (ppffffff... I finish work really late so I have no choice but to make excuses like, my ride did not arrive on time or I was stuck in traffic jam) but lucky me I arrived just on time for the fashion show as the models came down from the stairs and walked the runway.

Just like any other event, we were offered wine and snacks after the show which has always been my favorite part of any event I go to.(Hush Hush) 

Here is a little video I made. This one is much better than the last I promise. 

Website- www.kazo.com

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