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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Your Clothes tell a story!

You first date outfit, your breakup outfit, the outfit you ripped the first time you got laid,the outfit you wore to impress your crush,your graduation outfit, prom outfit.........

Open your closet and take a look at your current collection, open your drawer and see what you got in there, go to the store room and attic and take out your old and used clothes. What do they say top you? 

For the most of you they would be something that you no more can fit in or something that is not in fashion anymore, something which is not relevant anymore. Your old clothes mean nothing to you after a point of time. You don't see anything in them. 

But if you look closer you will find that each garment has a different story to tell. For me my old clothes are like the evidence of my personal archaeology, my personal development. It tells me what I was, what I tried to become, What I wanted to be and What I have become now. If I put all my clothes together, I will be able to write a story. 

Gifts from my mom on my 18th birthday, shirt that my grandfather gave me on my first holy communion ceremony, that sweater from my sister which she bought for me when I was not working and had no money, garments that my friends gifted me for farewell...etc etc etc......

Outfits from the time I was really fat and was trying to lose weight desperately. The t-shirts that I bought when I was traveling across Europe to keep them as souvenirs. They will forever remind me of the great time I had.

My mom has kept my clothes from when I was a toddler because they remind her of my baby days and how she felt like the happiest mother seeing her baby talk his first step. 

My sister has kept her wedding dress intact because it reminds her of her special day, a journey from being a girl to a woman to a wife. 

Women also keep their maternity clothes to remind themselves of the journey towards motherhood. 

So whether our memories are good or bad, there are sentiments attached to out garments. It reminds us of our past. It's a personal history which we do not feel like letting go of. This connection makes our clothes possession and which makes it an asset.   

These clothes are a memories which once was our present and now its an artifact. Sometimes you also see clothes of people who you would probably never meet like your great grand parents but knowing that the garment belongs to your blood family immediately provides a tangible connection to a moment in their life, a sense of intimacy.  

Now, coming to what I am wearing. It took a lot of courage to finally do a photo shoot in this outfit as in India things like this are not very well taken by the mass at large but I finally grew balls to reveal it. Someone's gotta take the first step rite? So here is my shirt which is inspired by the dynamic duo Nikhil Thakkar and Ada Zaniton, owners of Ada+Nik collection.

"Ada+Nik is a rebellious British dark matter menswear brand, by Ada Zandition and Nik Thakkar. The creativity-lead brand entered the world in June 2013 at London collections:Men via a global announcement on WWD and then shortly after the initial launch was herald in publications from GQ to the BBC news and leading fashion blogs to style magazines. Described by the Evening Standards as "the most refreshing new menswear line to emerge in recent years:.new dark matter menswear brand  Ada+Nik launched with a Greco-Roman Punk inspired SS14 capsule collection". 

Click here to see the collection. I could not afford to buy one so decided to get the shirt done here in India from a this fabulous tailor I know. When I can I sure will order it from the U.K. 

Check out Nikhil Thakkar wearing the shirt himself- 

Now, coming to the pictures of me. I very luckily met this brand new, very fresh on the scene fashion photographer called "Hemant" who found my bizarre dressing sense very interesting to capture and offered me to go shoot with him. Hemant owns a very cozy studio and has a website (lanterncamera.com) of his own to show his work to the world at large............Click here to see.  

There is one thing I am very particular about, that is friendly photographers because if the photographer does not make me feel comfortable then I do give my best and the result comes out sad but to my surprise Hemant turned out to be the one you could just sit and chill out with without having to worry much about. You can see in the pictures for yourself. I don't look that bad ha? (wink)  

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

"Mr.Pole Dancer 2013" Alex Shchukin, An Interview!

Haven't I always mentioned that I love being a blogger as I get to interact with many interesting people? Yeah so this time I had this what I like to call "a golden opportunity" to interview a male pole dancer and not just any male pole dancer but the World Champion of Pole Dancing 2013. He is called Mr. Pole Dancer.  I also had a dream of becoming a dancer, then it grew to becoming a pole dancer but the last time I tried it, the pole snapped and I fell flat on my face on the freakin ground (wooppss) but I still have not given up. I think I wont until I break a bone or two. 

So here he is- "Alex Shchukin"

After reading the interview, scroll right down to see him in action. Your jaws sure will drop. 

Hi Alex, thanks a lot for doing this interview with me. It has been my desire for the longes time to be interacting with a male pole dancer and my good luck that I found you. First of all tell us something about yourself? How old are you and how did you get into pole dancing?

I am 29. I am a professional dancer, choreographer. I worked (and still do) on TV, sometimes as a dance coach for participants of talent and reality shows and sometimes as a choreographer. Also, my wife and I, we have a dance school in Kiev, specializing in aerial arts-hoop,silk,pole and additionally-choreo and stretching, although I have done my diploma in railway engineering and I worked at the railway station for a while.... I also worked as a chef at a national restaurant and MC at weddings but dance was always my life. Pole dancing however was my wife's profession. She used to teach pole dance and was among the first ones in Ukraine who believed in this controversial sport. She tried to get me into it but it dint seem appropriate for me at that point of time then unfortunately she fell very sick and was hospitalized for several months. I was really frustrated at that time, din't know what to do to make her and myself feel better. There is not much you can do in such situations. So I trained a lot, decided to give her a surprise and started preparing pole dancing routine. I wanted to  participate in some championship and found one and applied by submitting a video and I got through. It was the "World Pole Dance 2013" championship in Zurich. She got out of the hospital, I took her there and I was placed third which is brilliant because it was just my second performance with a pole ever and that was the point of time when I thought maybe I could do something more?

Now, even though we do have similar kind of art forms here in India, the first thing that strikes a persons mind when he/she hears the term "Pole Dancing" is a stripper, erotic dance, something that is definitely not done by men. So far I have not come across even a single pole dancing club in India which is a pity because from where I see it, pole dancing is a type of yoga which definitely includes a certain type of sexual movement but it definitely benefits both mind and body. It's just a hybrid of athletic. Correct me if I am wrong and tell us the benefits?

This is funny because in many countries pole dancers claim that pole dance came from India. From "Mallakhamb". Well that reaction is normal for a country with traditional culture. It was the same in Ukraine. There was a point of time when in Australia pole dancers were called acrobats where as in Ukraine they were still called strippers but it did change and quite fast. Pole dance is fun, it is sexy just like any other dance forms. It gives people confidence, teaches how to control their body and discipline themselves, its an amazing workout. All the muscles created by pole dance are natural. they look good both on men and women. If you don't use additional booster and protein then be sure that your body will reach it's own perfection. No less, no more. When I go to the sauna in the gym, professional trainers often ask me what programme I train with to achieve muscles I have. When I answer "pole dancing"- they almost faint.

I believe you participate in a lot of championships? I bet you have your house loaded with awards. What are the other forms of fitness dancing lessons that you give at your dance school?

I have been into pole dancing for a year only, but I already have three gold medals-both in sport and art championship, two silver ones and one bronze and all thanks to my signature style- I do sporty crazy tricks but most important-I dance. I dance everything from ballet to jazz funk, and that's what I teach in my school and not to forget- aerial art as well. 

Seriously talking.... I really wish I could pole dance too. When I was a young boy, all I wanted to become was a pole dancer but it was such a hush hush thing to talk about here in India for boys that I could not tell this to anyone and besides, there are no male pole dancers in my country (not anyone that I know of) and now I think it's too late but I guess I could give it a try if I get a chance. Is there any age limit to master this form of fitness dance? I know it's much easier to learn it when you are young and flexible. Do you have grown ups who come to you for classes?

There is absolutely no age limit for pole dance. In London the World Championship is held in Master's category also. Last year it was won by an amazing woman Greta Ponterelli, who is 62 now. She started pole dancing only three years ago. There are older men competing as well and all of them say that pole dancing keeps them fit,fresh,young and attractive. Of course, it's easier for children but as a sport it is still quite controversial here as there are not many parents who are willing to take their children to a pole dance class, so the average age for starting pole dance is actually 23-25. I started pole dancing when I was 27 and I am World Champion. So it's never too late. You won't regret it.

You won the title of "Mr.Pole Dancer 2013", I have watched all your Youtube videos several times and I see that you travel around the world giving workshops. Till now how mnay countries have you covered? When are you going to grace India with a workshop? Trust me, I would be the first one to register.

Travelling is the most amazing part about my career, You are hosted by different people of different nation. I have actually never counted how many countries have I been to, my guess would be 30 to 40 and there are more exciting ones to come. Like this year I am visiting all the continents except for Antarctica. Europe+Asia,Sount Africa, Australia,US,Argentina and Chilie..... It's the best job ever! India is a country of rich culture and amazing nature and I definitely would like to conduct a workshop here on day. 

Thank You once again Alex for interviewing with me.

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Friday, 18 April 2014

Fashion and Style tips for Broke people!

There is nothing wrong in being low maintenance. You will learn how to make things possible that would otherwise seem impossible when you keep yourself on a tight budget. After all it was the desperation that led to any kind of invention. 

I definitely take a certain level of pride in being low maintenance. It's a nice feeling when people ask you if what you're wearing is some designer brand when it is not. Isn't it all about finding fashion in the most unlikely place? If you can find a stylish piece of anything where people do not even think of going, then you have already won the fashionisto crown. 

I remember when I was student, it was more than just difficult to keep up with my demands. Well.. not that much has changed now. Pffffff....   

So if you are a student and you don't wanna shell out your piggy bank savings or your monthly grocery money over shoes and accessories and yet want to look stylish and trendy then do what I do and follow the tips given below:

  1. Renew the oldies- Dig into your closet and take out clothes which you have not worn in a long time. First check if they still fit you then see if you can crop them, paint them or simply match them with something new to make it look fresh and trendy.
  2. Shop at flea markets- I always shop at places most fashion bloggers would not even want to go. You will always find me at the flea markets, discounted stores or street shopping. Do not get me wrong, I never buy duplicates. I'd rather not wear brands than fake it. You will be surprised how many stylish clothes you will find at these kind of markets. Of course you will have to give time and dig through the pile. 
  3. Swap or borrow- I do this. Every once in a while borrow clothes form your friends or swap them. There is no harm. No one at the club is gonna know who you are wearing. 
  4. Mix and Match- This is the best option. Buy something new, mix and match it with something and you're good to go.
  5. New hair do- In the worst case, just get a new hair do, this way people would not notice that you are repeating outfits but will be too busy looking at your hair. 
Now coming to what I am wearing. It's all the combination of old and borrowed,nothing new. This is how I live my life. I literally leach on to people. I take stuff from them and never return. 

The pink t-shirt is from H&M that i bought two years ago, pants gone wrong while attempting to crop it Tommy Hilfiger (3 year old), Denim Jacket belongs to a darling friend Camille who by mistake left it at my house and went back to her country and here I am working a female denim jacket (sorry Camille, I promise I will send it to you soon), bag belongs to my little baby sister Mili who thought that this bag would definitely make me look more gay than I already do (thanks Mili, I think I served the purpose. I am now 2 seconds away from being a drag queen) and finally my favorite Chuck Taylor shoes. They never go wrong. 

Oh and by the way... the pictures as usual have been taken by my dear friend Allan Raj but have not been re touched coz I am f*****g picture perfect. I woke up flawless (wink).       
Hail Beyonce!

Check out Allan's flickr here and if you want to find him on Facebook then click here.   

Monday, 14 April 2014

Top 10 reasons for not wearing PANTS!

So as y'all may or may not know that the most retarded ideas come to my head when I am unable to sleep. Yeah so last night I was unable to sleep for some odd reason. I was pretty comfortable in my bed scratching my legs, looking at my ugly feet and kinda feeling myself. Then it occurred to me that I actually rarely wear pants at home. FYI, I live with 8 housemates. Yeah that's true, there's always a party in my house and I don't even need to get drunk to take my pants off coz I barely wear them. One of my room mates actually was surprised to see me wear pants one day and told me that it's kinda weird to see me that way... you know.... "fully dressed". Well I can't help it.... I must be a street walker in my last life.. otherwise why would be slutty? The only thing that I haven't done yet is flashing my junk to a stranger and the rest I put in "been there done that" category. 

Anyway so I decided to do you a favor by letting you know why you should not wear pants at home (wink).

  1. Comfort- First and the foremost-No pants mean comfort. It's just so comfortable. Pants ruin everything. When you live alone where no one is coming to see you then let it go. Well in my case, I live with roomies but I still don't give a flying f**k. I do squats. 
  2. Freedom- After a long day of work you gotta let them breathe. Myyyy... can you imagine yourself being in a box for 10 hours a day and sleeping in it too? No rite? Your junk needs fresh air. 
  3. Let lose- Just like Bruno Mars says in his "The lazy song" Let everything hang lose. 
  4. Makes you a better dancer- Now if you have seen any of the famous dancers then you will know that dancers never practice with pants on. So you think you can dance? Then take your pants off and show the wiggle and jiggle. 
  5. Being lazy means No Pants- Seriously, how else are you gonna be lazy? Stay home all day long, eat, sleep, watch a movie without your pants on. I even cook without pants, my maid once saw me in the kitchen and could  not stop giggling. Pffffff.... now she is used to it. haha
  6. Confidence building- Yeah.. it boosts your confidence about your own ass. So next time you walk into a club and someone says " Ooo la la ...dat ass" then you gotta turn around and say "I know rite".
  7. Easy access- Also you get easy access to scratching your bum. You can put your hands all around if need be.
  8. If Miley Cyrus can go on world tour just in her underwear then you of course can wear them and strut around in your territory.
  9. Toilet friendly- Yes.... its convenient when you need to go for a lil poopsi doops. 
  10. and last, it just makes you feel relaxed and puts you to a good sleep.                                                

and here is a little video to brighten your day. Thank me later