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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Screw work lets go for a long drive

I guess I do like doing things in a weird way... or should I just say doing things suddenly. 

So I just got a new job and I work in the night shift... you know the "US" clients ..... uuggrrhhh. I work till 4 in the morning and I sleep during day time.. which completely makes sense for someone like me. I then get up do my own thing of lazing around or just go out to meet someone or just sit and blog, but it was a Wednesday afternoon when my friend and I decided to go for a long drive. A part of me was thinking how will I go for work and the rest of me was like........ screw work lets go for a drive...lol.
 and so we went rollin on the road, clicking pictures wherever we could and what do you know- I made it to my work on time as well .... talk about being efficient enough (wink). 

T-shirt is from Jules, Chinos are H&M, boots Valentino. 

All the pictures are taken by my friend and photographer Shilpa

Monday, 25 February 2013

Oscar review 2013- All my lovely ladies

So I know I was talking about Oscars and predicting what the celebrities mite bring to the red carpet. Good or bad surprises, and once again the starshines of the tinsel town did not disappoint.

I personally think that Oscar winner Jenifer Lawrence stole the show in her Dior Couture even though she tripped and fell while going to receive her award. Ahh...even that looked so elegant. 

Next in my list is Charlize Theron. Oh my, the woman is 37 and look how that Dior dress is triumph on her. Her tall figure was bringing that white Dior couture dress to life, (Even the fashion expert Sam Saboura said that). 

Halle Berry dazzled in her Versace gown. I wonder how age does nothing to these women.
Not to be forgotten that this time round Jennifer Aniston   blew everyone's mind away by wearing that Salvatore Ferragamo ball gown.    She has proved that she is one of the most fashionable actresses in the business. Renee Zellweger dazzled as she walked the red carpet in her shimmery gold Carolina Herrera dress. She is one lady who never disappoints the Oscar looks. 

Naomi Watts turned heads when she entered in Armani dress which had a neckline which was a rare design. Her dress hugged her elegantly in all the right places and did you guys see our lovely very pregnant Jenna Tatum

Well last but the not the least....another Oscar winner Anne Hathaway. Gorgeous would be an understatement, she is beautiful, elegant, a complete doll... but I do not understand the reason behind her choosing that hideous Prada pale pink dress.... I mean really Anne, what were you thinking?  Apparently she was suppose to wear Valentino but in the 11th hour she changed her mind and shocked the world, now I do not know what made Anne change her mind because there is a relationship going on between Hathaway and Valentino like a father and daughter (Valentino reportedly said that.
Now the reason behind the change of dress still remains a mystery and I am hoping to hear something soon... anyway....


Friday, 22 February 2013

In a blue world

The air in Bangalore was little nippy that day and I chose to wear one of my favorites jumpers that I bought almost 6 months back from a store I really can't remember the name of. All I remember is that it was in Lille, France in a mall called Euro Lille. 

It was like love at first sight. I fell in love with the color and I had just the perfect shoes and sunglasses to match with it. 

Jeans are Lee Cooper and shoes are from a local cheap store of Rome.(yeah had no other option in those broke days..lol) Completed the look with my fitted cap which I brought from H&M. I guess I have a thing for fitted caps... I wear it with almost everything. All the pictures are taken by my friend and photographer Shilpa.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Adam's day out

I have always been fascinated with the name Adam. Since I was little boy I always wanted to change my name because I hated it. (Prashant Priyadarshi). I never got a chance to do so while I was young, now that I am a grown up it just feels right to do things my way. This is my personal blog and I can choose whatever name I want or want to be called as and whatever article I wanna write about. It just makes me happy to be finally referred as Adam. Sighhhhh......

Anyway..... This is my new blog. Since I have come back to my home country India, I thought I would give my blogs a new start too. God has been good for giving me a kick ass job and a brilliant photographer friend called Shilpa who is yet to be discovered. Thankfully I came across her and gave myself to her to experiment on. Well.. I don't mind (wink). She is brilliant. If you wanna see her Facebook page (which obviously deserves more likes) then you can click here.

It was a pleasant day in Bangalore (South of India) and I din't quite know what to wear as it was not as cold as to wear warm and not as hot as to wear summer clothes. So I decided I would go with something which would serve both if needed.