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Saturday 7 June 2014

Meet Kenneth. A male model from Denmark.

Meet Kenneth Korsgaard Bek. A young red hair model all the way from Denmark. He started his modeling career very recently and look at him now.....he is not very far from fame and I am more than just happy that he agreed to get featured in my blog. I loved my little conversation with him because he is not just good looking and smart but funny and humble at the same time. 

So it's my great pleasure to present to you a future super duper model Kenneth.  

Hi Ken. It's lovely to have you on my blog. I am a big fan. Your one fine looking lad must say. So how long have you been modeling? Is this what you always wanted to do?

Hey man. Good to be here. Modelling kinda just happened! After studying and being in the army in Denmark I decided to move to London to work for a year. A guy came in to my work and asked me if I wanted to do a shoot for him and his exhibition! I went to the shoot and at this point we had no idea whatsoever if I was gonna make it to the exhibition and book or not. The shoot went pretty well and I ended up as front cover of the book and the head of the exhibition. The photo went viral and I got an agency. That's how it all just suddenly started. Pretty crazy!
I have literally stalked you on Facebook and I can see that you love traveling. Something that you and I share in common. Does your work take you around the world a lot or do you just bagpack yourself everywhere?
I love traveling. Love seeing new places. Love discovering the world. Whaa, just can't get enough of that. The world inspires me and some of the people in this world inspire me to see even more of it. Modelling is taking me to Paris this very weekend, then Milan and New York which I'm looking forward to!! (Clapping my hands like a child getting ice cream)
What do you do when you are not modelling?
When I'm not modelling I'm mostly having a blast working with my mates in a Juice bar in central London called Joe & The Juice. Everything we got there is super healthy and I really enjoy that! Keeps me fit.. Otherwise I do what most do, eat, sleep, jerk off and work out..
Haha... sounds good.Do you do runway as well?
I'm gonna do THE walk soon! We are heading towards London fashion week in less than a month and and I'm already confirmed with the brand NIK + ADA and have have expectations to get more jobs in both London and Milan fashion week.
Tell us your style mantra. What are the things that keeps you happy?
I believe your asking about my style/energy/way of living?)Wow.. Mh. I always try to stay super happy. I believe that you can control everything from your head and mind.. You can change everything into the better. I believe the people around me get more happy if I'm happy and that's what I like to see as well as I like to be around happy people that make me wanna live and be alive! There is this clever saying that the more grumpy you are the more grumpy people you'll meet.
Tell us how do you maintain such a chiseled body?
I eat fried chicken raw octopus. Loads of good stuff in there. No...honestly, I haven't worked out for 6-7 months now.. At least not prober! Back in Denmark I had a really good buddy, Morten, who was really fascinated about bodybuilding and we worked out for a couple of years together. His knowledge helped me form and create the body I wanted and which I think looks good. Then I went to the army where most of the time went by working out!
Last question. Are you single? If yes then tell us about the things you look for in a perfect date
Well, yes I am, and well... You can never tell, but she definitely should be happy about life because that's what I like. That's the kind of people I like to be around. Then she must be just as crazy about traveling and nature as Iam.. Charming, cute..! Wouldn't mind a fit body as well! after all she will get these things from me!! Hahah

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