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Tuesday 30 July 2013

Madonna and Steve Klein #SecretProject Trailer #2

It's hot, it's happening and it's here. The second official trailer of Madonna and Steve Klein Secret Project.  Steve no doubt is a genius and Madonna a Goddess.   

Just in case you missed out on the first trailer then watch it here again .

Sunday 28 July 2013


My new hairstyle went for a toss. I had something else in mind but it turned out to be something else. Guess there’s no point complaining now but I think I am getting used to it as I no more have bad hair days. I can walk out without combing my hair and not battle with the wind to keep my hair the right way. In fact, monsoon breeze and my head is in a relationship and they absolutely love each other.
For all those men who are balding... do not worry as balding is not an equivalent to un-attractiveness. There is always an alternate way of looking good. Your girlfriend will not leave you just because your hair is falling. Common.... was that the only good thing about you?  Is that what makes her reach climax?? (Wink) lol
So this is to boost confidence of all you guys out there who are thinning on top. Do not worry.

Just shave it all.  

Clean shave is no more sign of aging. It’s the new “IN” thing to do. It costs less, is easy to maintain, is very trendy and wearing caps will not mess it up. You no more will have to decide what hairstyle to keep with what outfit coz it goes with almost everything. It shows that you are confident enough to sport that look. Even the most famous male models are rocking that look. You will see a lot of bald boys on the runway these days. Also, remember that balding is the sign of excess projection of testosterone in your body ... so be happy coz you’re the man!!

Don’t believe me?? Then Google it.     

Shirt- Identity
Pants- Levis 
Shoes- Aldo
Fitted cap- H&M
Wrist band- Hysteria 

All the pictures have been taken by my  good friend Shilpa Raj.

Friday 26 July 2013

How to match clothes- Few essentials

If you are a person who often battles with your clothes matching them for hours and still having no meaningful result then there are few essentials which should definitely be in your wardrobe. This is specially for those who think they are color blind.
  1. Always keep your wardrobe filled with classic colors: It's never over dressed or under-dressed with the shades of blue, black, grey, brown and white. Stick to these colors and you will never go wrong. Example: Black pants- white shirt, navy blue suit,black tuxedo, grey pants and blue sweater, brown pants- off white blazer, black pants with light color shirts, cardigans and khakis.
  2. Accessories: Now it is important to carefully match your accessories with your clothes. It's a total NO if you wear a punk rock wrist band with a formal attire or wear a bright color hat with your grey suit or wear a casual belt with a dress shoes. I know there are no rules to fashion. It's all about recreating but sometimes not being careful might  make you look like a disaster. 
  3. Complement your skin: Keep in mind that every color does not suit all skin types, understand your complexion. Example: I am a brown skin, therefore I never wear dark grey and shades of brown. It's just does not go with me. Similarly if you are a person who is pale or yellowish then avoid wearing mustard and yellow. 
  4. Size matters: Buy clothes which fits you well, falls perfectly on your body, not over sized or undersized. Baggy pants and tight shirt is a big NO, skinny pants and extra large shirt is a NO as well. Keeping your pants hanging low and showing your butt crack is total knock off.
  5. Pattern matters: Checks, stripes, dots, prints. Remember that matching opposite pattern works. If you wear a striped tie with striped shirt, is as good as wardrobe malfunction. 

 Keep  in mind these five basic points and you will be ready for any occasion you can think of.

Monday 22 July 2013

Surfing with Suit on

Watch this amazing video as the water sport prodigy Kai Lenny swaps a wet-suit to a stylish J.Crew men's suit while standing up paddleboarding in Maui, Hawaii. 

Amazing. Isn't it?

How to face insults- "Insult comebacks".

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Monday 15 July 2013

The Walk of Shame

You must probably be wondering or perhaps thinking that this blog is about me doing the walk of shame??..........yaaoo.........................Helllllll no!!!    I'm a good boy and besides "I don't really get ashamed of anything that I do". (With all the puns intended). M a proud Mary.......LOL.

This blog is a direct result of waking up on a Sunday morning from a weird dream in my own room and wondering where the f*** am I??    Then I realized ... ahh... phewww.........

So it got me thinking... why do we call it a walk of shame???  Coz honey.. the previous night you were "doin it" with full pride, gettin your "Shades of Grey" on then whats to get ashamed of the next morning?

They all are going to find it out anyway..... the disheveled hair, smudged eye make up, previous night's cute black dress which now makes you look like a whore walking down the street with your look alike Louboutin heels in your hand and frantically trying to get away from everyone's sight.

So here are few tips to deal with it- 
  1. Carry extra clothes- When you know that you are going on a wild night out with your friends and there are chances of you hooking up with someone, make sure that you carry a small bag with few necessities and no I'm not talking just about safety which is really important but also something to cover yourself like a shawl or a sweater. If that's not possible then at least borrow something from your B*** buddy and return it later without expecting things again. (You know what I mean rite?)    
  2. Say no to Crushes- If you see that you might end up shacking with one of your college crushes then please stay away as it might lead to guilt or great expectations the next morning and you will never be able to forgive yourself for doing that. I know it's difficult as crushes are the fantasies we all wanna "DO"but trust me- you do not wanna go through that 'bite me in the ass' feeling. For all you know then next day he or she might not even say hi to you coz it was just a one night thing and its over.
  3. Make it a memory- To be on the safe side, just keep it as a good memory and say thanks to him/her while you are leaving and if it has to happen again then it will but till then.... don't be the needy one please.
  4. Walk with pride- Well... if there is one thing you can do to avoid all the gazing on the street while you are walking, it is to walk pretending you are not ashamed and if you are being looked at then look back and give a gentle morning smile coz gurlfriend you are not fooling anyone. It will ease the awkwardness out. 
  5.  Freshen up- It does not take a lot of energy to freshen up before you leave his/her house. So wash your face, clean your teeth with your fingers, do your hair,pull your socks up, leave a note of thank you and push off. 
  6. Keep an UNAPOLOGETIC attitude- Last but not the least, it's quite normal to bump into your night stand again in broad daylight , in college or in the library or wherever. The best way to deal with it is to give a smile and then give an expression that says- " I was drunk and you just got lucky".  SNAP SNAP. Tune up your sass level (wink). 

All the pictures have been taken by my very close friend David J Ashwal and edited by my newly found budding 20 year old photographer friend Allen. You can click on their names and check out their flicker accounts.  It's always good to work with different people and explore talent. 

Thursday 11 July 2013

Fashion in India- Where modernity and tradition collides

India is a country of rich culture and heritage, where each region has its own tradition and each tradition has its own attire. It is quite fascinating to see how Women and Men show their respect to the country’s tradition by adding ethnicity to their modernized outfits in one way or the other.  
Over the last two decades a lot has changed in the “Indian Fashion world”. The designers get inspired and choose from the best of both east and the west making the scenario look quite vibrant.  The collision of fashion can be seen on the streets as well as on the ramps.

I am a fashion lover and like any other blogger I search for fashion everywhere. Motivated by the same thought and inspired by the rich culture of my Country I spent a day walking around on the streets of “Bangalore”- A city in the South of India.
Bangalore is supposed to be one of the most modern cities of India and I wanted to study -How the development and the modernity have affected/influenced the dressing sense of people and what is “IN” in the Year 2013?  
I decided to narrow down my target audience to only “youth”. I met a lot of young girls  spoke with them and asked them their view point on fashion and what has 2013 brought in the stores of India and if they are following any particular trend?
I was quite surprised to see how globalization has influenced the fashion scenario in India.

On one hand I met people who said trends do not affect Indians so on the other hand I met people who were following high street fashion, but there was one thing common in both the teams and that was- they all said- “Fashion in India does not change but the design does”.

Year 2013.It may look like that the streets are full of people with high heels, short skirts, pants, backless tops, high ankle boots but if you take a closer look you will see that India is still holding the youthful femininity. 

Glittery bangles, nose rings, dangling ear rings and Bindis  never go out of fashion and it has gained international recognition, specially after celebrities like Oprah Winfrey  MadonnaGwenStefani and MileyCyrus wore them. This season women of India are mixing it with western outfits be it the just the attire or the look along with the hair etc. 

Miss Mauritius 2009 in India- Anais Veerapatren             

Model: Anais Veerapatren
Photographer: Bosco Naveen

Few years back sequin and embroidery could be only seen on specific occasions like weddings and festivals .

This year sequin and embroidery can be seen everywhere and on almost everything. For example- accessories, tops, skirts,shoes etc. This made me come to a conclusion that- This year "bling" is in demand. 

Monday 8 July 2013

American Gothic!

Take a look at the July/August issue of Essential Homme magazine Photographed by Giovanni Squatriti. This issue is featured the story "American Gothic".

Video by Marco Gradara
Styling by Giuseppe Ceccarelli,
MakeUp by Paolo De Vita
Hair by Cristina Crosara
Photo Assistant- Lorenzo Fanfani
Fashion Assistant- Luigi Gaballo, Andrea Prato

Sunday 7 July 2013