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Thursday 31 July 2014

"Kingfisher Ultra Style Week 2014" in Collaboration with "Storm Entertainment" Bangalore.

Last weekend the city of Bangalore witnessed the ultimate fashion extravaganza. Yes I am talking about "Kingfisher Ultra Bangalore Style Week", in collaboration with Storm Entertainment (Storm Fashion Company). Some of the biggest names in the fashion industry showcased their collection. Designers like- Jattinn Kochhar, Rocky S, Agni Mitra Paul, Poonam Vohra, Manoviraj Khosla, Mona Pali,,Sarwari Anam , Pooja Rahu and many more. 

I had the privilege to attend all the three days of this glitterati event. The fashion show and after party with free drinks. What more can a fashion blogger ask for.  I got the chance to meet some amazing people from the fashion Industry and moreover I got to meet and hangout with Mr.India 2014 "Prateek Jain" who was also present at the venue. 

Below are some of the selected pictures day wise. Sadly I could not click pictures of my own outfits the way I should have but you still can see what I wore. This time I made turban my signature style and sported it with western outfit with a little eye makeup. Hope you like it! 

Day 1

Selfie with designer Manoviraj Khosla


with Mr.India 2014 "Prateek Jain


Pic by Nikos Narkissos

Pic by Nikos Narkissos

Pic by Nikos Narkissos

Pic by Nikos Narkissos

Pic by Nikos Narkissos

Pic by Nikos Narkissos

Pic by Nikos Narkissos

Pic by Nikos Narkissos

Monday 14 July 2014

Jump in a Tux look. Jumpsuit with bow tie.

I feel terrible admitting it, it's kinda embarrassing but I think I will have to be honest. I am repeating clothes because I have not shopped in a while and I hate that fact. 

Anyways... I will be out shoppin soon.... I am loaded (wink). 

This outfit inspiration came to me when I went out dressed like Super Mario (the video game character) very unknowingly. It just happened so that I wore my jump suit with red T-shirt and there I was ...................... pffffffff

So not after very long I had my friends calling me Mario (The video game character) which was funny coz later I realized that I actually looked like him so I decided that I'm gonna give this jumpsuit a little twist. Gonna pair it with something which no one in Bangalore has done before. Was not very sure about it. I received mixed reaction from people (it's a usual thing for me) but mostly positive.

I did not want to look like a guy with ordinary jump suit on. I wanted it to look one of a kind ensemble, so I threw on my bow tie, fedora and jacket on top of it. Well I think this look is edgy and I am able to pull it off. I completed the look with those boots that went well with this ensemble.

Fedora- Tie Rack London
Bow tie- Park venue
Shirt- Paul Smith
Jacket- Louis Philippe 
Jumpsuit- Sooo bloody local... its costed me a dime 
Shoes- I will check with my room mate who lent me his shoes and let y'all know ;)

All the pictures have been taken by my friend Venkatesh Murugesan. Click here to catch him on Facebook. 


Saturday 12 July 2014

Summer is here and so is the wedding season- In collaboration with Paul Fredrick!

Summer is here and so is the wedding season. Couples are tying knots and celebrating in the most stylish way possible. Now here is the problem most of you men go through. It's summer and what could you possibly wear to a wedding. Suits are not so summary rite? 

Well... you might want to reconsider your thought because I have a solution for you. You no more will have to boil inside your black winter suits or tux. You can look elegant and sexy in your summer formal attire as you look in your winter attire. You just need the rite pick.

So before I start with the pointers I would like y'all to check out Paul Fredrick (www.paulfredrick.com). This brand excels in men's formal clothing and I absolutely love it. Yes it's a garment brand that provides comprehensive collection of business and formal apparel for men that would fit him, his lifestyle and budget well. Paul Fredrick has spent more than 25 years perfecting the art of tailoring and that is why today they are able to offer an entire collection of polished, relevant wardrobe options to men. Y'all should checkout their formal shirt collection. It's fabulous. Click here to see them all.

PF also has a Youtube channel where they show you how to dress a man. It is really interesting as I learnt a lot about tying ties in different ways, how to measure for my shirt, how to dress up for a job and many more. 

Now, moving on to the what you should wear to a wedding in this summer season- 
  1. Khaki Suits- There is nothing better than a khaki suit for summers. It light, soothing to your eyes and chic. Pair it with white shirt, black tie or a bow tie, finish the look at brown belt and brown shoes or black depending on your choice. You would never go wrong with this ensemble. Of course you have to give that finishing touch by wearing a cuff links, pocket square and a tie pin if you'd like! 
  2. Light blue Linen- Have you ever tried linen suits? It's specifically made for summer. It will give you a classic look and keep you cool as well. A light blue linen suit is a great pick for this season. Pair it with white or pink shirt, put on a tan shoes and belt and you are good to go. You could choose to or not choose to wear a tie. 
  3. Grey suit- Have you seen Harry Styles sporting a grey suit ever? If not then you must because boy does know how to pull off that look. In fact, grey is a color that would compliment your personality in summer. There are lot of shades of grey to choose from and I don't mean the BOOK (wink), choose the lighter shades if possible. You could pair a grey suit with light blue shirt, wear a printed bow tie or tie with it, wear a black dress shoes and a black belt. You could also pair it with white shirt, pink bow tie, dark brown belt and shoes. The idea is to make sure that your belt and your shoes are coordinated. You could also mix and match with patterned shirts like plaid. Wear a bow tie of the same but softer and smaller pattern and you are good to go. I personally love wearing grey suits and my favorite color accessory to match with it is my pink bow tie, ,my tan belt and shoes. 
  4. The classic Navy Blue suit- A navy blue suit never goes wrong. This is a summer as well as winter friendly color and every man must have at least one piece of it in his wardrobe. When it comes to matching a navy blue shirt then the options are endless. Get creative, go bold, pair it with yellow shirt if its a day outdoor wedding, pair it with sky blue, white, peach, light pink or light mustard color if its a night wedding. Blue suits mostly look with black belts and shoes.  
and one more thing. Have you tried wearing hats? It could work as both style statement and protect you from the sun it it's a beach wedding. Now, there are lots of hats available in the market. For example-Fedora hat,flat hats,panama hats,trilby hats, straw hats, bowler hats. Choose what goes best with your ensemble. 

Tuesday 8 July 2014

I only learn Fashion rules to Break them!

Truth be told. Not many people appreciate what I do and I am fine with it totally. For instance, this "turban and dhoti" look with Space boots on also known as Creepers. I just wanted to experiment. I actually hate following trends and fashion. I learn from them. I learn the rules but only so that I can break them. That's fun. Maybe you should try doin it once. You will get a lot of stares and laughs and weird comments but trust me when you are the rite place with the rite people then you will be treated as the king or the queen. You will come to realize that baring all those harsh words, rude comments, stares etc was all worth it because baby you are fabulously special.  I love putting ensemble together but I make sure that I am always dressed for the occasion but totally different from others. Commonness is something I cannot bare. I just have to be not like "THEM". If I am "THEM" then it's not "ME".   

This look was inspired by three of my friends , two looked fabulous in turbans and one looked awesome in the Indian attire. So I decided that I will steal a bit of their look and make a new look for myself. Hence this look was born. Even then I wasn't feeling quite different so I decided I'm gonna sports my creepers with them and what do you know, it totally worked. It looked very simple but had a lot of drama goin on and made a lot of people turn their heads. Now that's what I am talking about! 

I am no big ass money minting, Prada wearing,show stopping fashion blogger but I do believe that if you call yourself a fashion blogger then you cannot afford to just put on ready made outfits all the time. Sometimes you gotta create stuff. Y'all feelin me? Yeah!

I attended one of best friends wedding in this attire and then later a fashion show. It was great fun. 

All the pictures have been taken by my very dear friend Allan Raj. Click here to checkout his Flickr account and click here to catch him on Facebook.

With me in these pictures is a close friend of mine (Amil Sing) who came to visit. Quite photogenic rite? Yeah so we decided that we will do a shoot together.