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Wednesday 26 March 2014

Introducing "Rafa Rech". A Brazilian male model. An interview!

And this is why I love being a blogger. I get to interact with such interesting people. It was my shear luck that I came across "Rafa Rech" a bold, beautiful and raunchily stylish Brazilian Model and let me tell you... our boy sure knows how to strike a pose. Fit and Fabulous is what he looks like,high on style and keeping it easy on pocket is what he believes in,works a swirly mustache and beard look, confident/comfortable in his own skin, does not feel shy posing naked what so ever, totally rocks body tattoos and loves wearing fancy fitted caps, just another reason why I love him so much because fitted caps are my obsession too.  

by Jvdas Berra 
Me-(Thanks Rafa. I am so glad that we are doing this interview. I am also happy because you and I share the same kind of love for fitted caps and not just any fitted cap but only the fancy ones. They look great don't they? Well they look better on you though!)

Rafa- Thank You so much. It's funny because I used to have just couple of caps and I used to wear them only when I had bad hair days but now its transformed into my new thing, like my new passion for wearing them. It has recently started  so I am excited and I am also glad that I manage to find rare pieces and sometimes I design my own. (smile)

Me- So tell us something about yourself. You very obviously are a successful model and you sure do know how to strike a pose. We would like to know a little bit more about you.

Rafa- Well I am from Brazil but currently I live in Mexico City. I have been hopping countries a lot from the past 7 years. Sao Paulo, New York City, North Mexico, Porto Alegre. I grew up in a very traditional and conservative town which I left at a very young age to pursue study in film, in South of Brazil. Lately  I have been working on short and feature films, plays, commercials, fashion films, web series, wedding. Currently I've been working with both video production and modeling. 

Me- Phewww.. sounds intense. So has fashion always been your passion or is it just something which you developed along the way?

Rafa- Ummmmm.... I have to be honest. I am not a big fashion follower. All I can remember is ever since I was a child, I was different in lamost every aspect. The aesthetics have always been my passion, in film school I got to refine my taste and increase my repertoire which of course includes the way I dress, things I consume and fashion.

Me- I have seen you on ramp as well. Do you do runway often?

Rafa- Not very often but I enjoy doing it. I like being photographed more. I really like to play roles, incorporate characters and wear things which  I couldn't otherwise wear on the streets. It's a fact that I like to dress up. Coming to runway.......in April ....that is next month, I will be walking for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, in Mexico City. You should totally check that out. 

Me- Waoo... I sure will not miss it for the world. Now this is a question that I ask all the models that I interview and also because I need some fitness motivation because if I do not do anything now then soon I will look like whale. Tell me about your fitness regime. How to keep up with the body requirement of the fashion world?

Rafa- LOL..... well I exercise a lot daily for at least an hour. This way I don't really need to watch what I am eating because I am a foodie. This does not mean that I eat unhealthy. I make sure that my diet does not include anything that is harmful for my body. Yes, the secret is to pay attention to what your body actually requires. You should watch your body very closely and see how it responds to your actions. Workout regularly and eat healthy and if that does not help much then try changing your diet and workout routine. Do not let your body get accustomed to anything (includes eating and workout habits). Push yourself and challenge your body. Let it experience new things. 

Me- Do you like yourself in he pictures with your clothes on or clothes off? (wink) I have seen a lot of you. lol

Rafa- LOL...Well that's a tough question to answer. You know I come from Brazil so I have absolutely  no problem in showing off my skin. I always feel hot! I am a beach guy. What actually happens is, often during the photo shoots people want to see my tattoos and that's why they undress me (wink). I am cool with it! 

Me- Haha.. alright I get it. So now tell me that one style mantra which works all the time for you ann some fashion advice for my male readers.

Rafa- Hmmmm.... I believe that there is no style path to follow. Style is eternal. Do not let the industry tell you about it. Wear what you believe in. Find your own style, create it, listen to your heart and mind speak while you are trying out outfits and see what makes you feel good and most comfortable in. Do not follow fashion because it will eventually fade away, instead become a stylish person . I will give you my example- I am a kind of person who is always at flea markets, thrift shops, antiquities stores, old furniture bazaars, used vinyls and book stores. I get plenty of things in these markets. Mexico city is famous for that. Although this has been quite a profitable business for the hipsters outside, sometimes its overpriced but you can always find something extra ordinary out of the lot and for the price you are willing to pay.

I sometimes design my own clothes, I know the art of basic sewing without machine though but that's enough for me to create a new and unique style. I will tell you a secret. I have tones of women's clothes, dresses, bathing suits, wigs,shirts etc. Every once in a while I open that bag and try out stuff. It depends on my moos and inspiration. I try to create new looks with those pieces that I could wear without looking feminine. I try to give it a unique style. All you need is a scissors, a needle, tape, ink and whatever your imagination tells you. Style has nothing to do with fashion. Style  is repertoire, that's why you should go out and learn from the world and not from the industry. Industry is only there to give you ideas and educate you after that you do the creation. 

Thank You Rafa once again for doing this interview with me. I am looking forward to see you in the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Mexico City. Would love to catch up after that for another interview maybe about your experience.

Follow Rafa on istagram- @rafarech 
and to find him on Facebook click ............... here.

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