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Monday, 28 October 2013

Man Thong- Feel the Grind.

Yes! I said it. My new obsession is man thong. Shocked in the beginning as to how is this thing resting on a rack in the store where I work and I have not even noticed. I mean seriously, this is the beginning of a new era for us Indians where we will see men walk into stores and buy thongs for themselves without any awkwardness.There are G strings, 2 strings, mankini, jock straps and sling swimsuits that men these days are trying too. 

Now I've seen lot of girls wear thongs and G-strings etc and flaunt their lady lumps but very few guys. I always wondered what would it be like. So I decided that I will try it on and also do a little survey with the ladies asking what they think of men wearing thongs. The results were rather astonishing, but let me first tell ya'll what I felt when I wore the thong. 

In the beginning I constantly felt something grindin up my ass, I had to kinda finger my own self to set things right but after a while it just did not matter and I got used to it. It felt nice and comfortable. I could imagine wearing my tightest pants and not have those weird visible underwear lines. It is exciting because you feel naked when you are actually not.

Experimenting with garments is the new "IN" thing then why should men stay behind? The idea is- "If you can pull it off then it's yours".

Now lets talk about my little survey and the conclusions. 

We all know that women like to keep their undergarments changing because its a bedroom requirement. It's a massive turn on for men. They like to seductive change in their ladies. Same goes for men. Man thongs bring the seductive element out and keeps the mystery alive. Its intriguing how many modern men are opting for thongs because they are high on both style and comfort. 

Earlier it was only the male strippers and gay boys who loved wearing thongs because it made them look more attractive but the scenario has changed now. Wearing a thong is as much of a bedroom requirement for men as much it is for the women. Heck I have seen men wearing thongs on the beach so its more than just a bedroom requirement. 

One thing is for sure. i.e. you can pull a thong off only when you are in good shape otherwise you would not want to look in the mirror. Trust me. That's why I stopped wearing it. It was not a pretty sight.   

The results of the survey- Women
  1. 60% of the women feel that men wearing thongs in bedroom are incredibly sexy whereas they dint seem thrilled with the idea of men walking around wearing thongs on the beach. It's good to hide that area completely and keep the rest surprise. 
  2. 20% women said that it's a comfortable wear and it gives boys asses a good shape.
  3. 10% said they would divorce their husbands or breakup with the boyfriends if they ever wear thongs. It is for the gays and stripper. (Ouch ..... harsh... racist bitches). 
  4. and 10% said that they dont give a f*** coz at the end of the day its gonna come flying right off anyway.  
The results - Men
  1. 40% men think its a cool thing to wear. Comfortable and it makes them feel sexy and self confident. They said thongs keep them motivated to stay in shape. They also said that it keeps their mayo shooting hot dog gun in place, intact and gives a good hold which prevents from getting wedgies.(hmmmm.. that's weird...lol) 
  2. 30% men said its completely gay and they would never wear it. (Racist bastards). 
  3. 20% men said that they have never tried but they don't mind trying it. Just for fun.
  4. 10% men asked me what thongs are!  (Education please) 

Thursday, 24 October 2013

In conversation with a German Model- "Michael Tschida"

I have always loved talking to new people, making new friends, going to new places- basically traveling and exploring bizzare things. It gives me pleasure and a sense of accomplishment. Few days ago I got a chance to interview Michael Tschida, a German Model. Talking to him about his life and fashion was a treat, also because he is one of the most humble male models that I have ever come across.

Anyway.... Girls and gay boys ... here is someone ya'll would wanna drool over and thank me later (wink)- Presenting Michael Tschida.  

(Hi Michael, thanks for interviewing with me. Would you like to tell us something about yourself?)

Hi Prashant, the pleasure is all mine. I'm a professional model currently living in Saarbruken ( Germany) but I'm ready to move if job offer requires. I am a true German even though I have a exotic look. (Chuckle). I guess this look comes from my Spanish ancestors. I was studying medicine, sports science and Latin from Saarland University but after that I had to choose between modeling or further studies. I'm 25 years old  and my measurement s are 100-80-86.

(How long have you been modeling?)

I started modeling as a part time many years ago but as a full timer since 2012. I have worked with the some of the first class designers, magazines and have appeared in commercials in my Country.

Photo by Dennis Rico

(Fashion for you is?)

Fashion for me is a way to express myself as an individual by creating my own style. It is a kind of lifestyle which changes with time just like our characters, our attitudes which changes with every new experiences we encounter. Fashion can tell us a lot more than what we think, it can tell us about time period, culture, lifestyle, dreams and feelings. Besides that, my job requires fashion so it's a part of my life. I have always been amazed by how clothes can change people's look, reputation, self confidence and behaviour. There I conclude that "Clothes makes the man". 

(What is your personal style signifier?)

My personal style- I try not getting influenced by a specific group of people who make it look like fashion goes into only their direction. I generally like to wear clothes that are figure -accentuating and smart casuals. 

(What is the secret behind that amazing body of yours?)

I workout every single day and I'm a proven expert in nutrition. I also learnt a lot by experience. I strongly suggest "paleo diet". My workout is based on strength training (body building) and is supplemented by roadwork.

(Do you think style is inherited or cultivated?)

I think it is a little bit of both. It can be inherited by parents and relatives and can be cultivated by experience, by looking up to someone. 

(Any advice for people out there from your end?)

Feel comfortable in whatever you wear. No one should be forced to wear something they don't want or can't identify themselves with. 

Photo- Dennis Rico
Photo- Dennis Rico
Photo- Dennis Rico
Photo by Dennis Rico.

(Thank You very much Michael for talking to me. It was a pleasure)

Do not forget to checkout Michael's official Facebook page. Click here.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Sticky situation.

Like seriously! This damn shirt costed me less than I spend on a KFC meal but I am kinda in love with it. The fabric is not something to die for but hey I think it makes me look good and the Fedora is the new thing that I have been doing lately. Just so you know- this shirt has pineapple print allover but I hate pineapples. It gives me irritable tongue and I value my tongue wayyyy to much to harm it even a bit. They say my tongue has career and it alone can do wonders and may turn me into a rich dude over night. Hmmm... I sometimes wonder what would that be? Is it what I think it is? Well right now the only image that's in my mind is Miley Cyrus licking the sledge hammer in Wrecking Ball video. Haven't seen the insane Hannah Montana girl gone wild video? then click here. Wellllll... come to think of it.. now that makes sense... it's all coming to me -Tongue/Lick/sledgehammer/balls... HashF*****gTag. 

I love the way I am not at all following the title of this blog. I somehow had no clue what to name this post while I started writing. I guess it's got something to do with the horse tranquilizer that I took in the afternoon to easy the unpleasant state of inner turmoil which they call Anxiety. It still is a mystery how clothes can make you feel good or bad. For those who have a kick ass body with washboard abs...ya'll look good wearin nothin at all .. that's a whole different story. 

All the pictures have been clicked by my dear frind Shilpa. Check out her facebook page here.

Shirt- Warehouse
Jeans- Levis
Shoes- Converse
Fedora- Tie Rack

Monday, 14 October 2013

Interviewing Miss Mauritius 2009

Would you believe me if I said former Miss Mauritius is my dear friend? Would you? Well then you must suck it because she is. After waiting for a long time I finally am publishing my interview with this exotic beauty queen.

Presenting Miss Mauritius 2009- Anais Veerapatren.
By- Kunal Jankee

(What first made you realize that you loved fashion?)

I was a girly girl when I was a kid. I always loved dressing up, matching my shoes, clothes, hat and bag. It was clear that I loved fashion. Today, I take my style seriously and I don't feel really myself when I'm not dressed appropriately. Simple, smart and elegant would sum up what I like for myself.

(How old were you when you decided that you wanted to enter into the modeling world? Was it difficult?)

I have always been attracted by fashion, the fierceness of models on the stage and the clothing masterpieces of designers. I was envying the confidence of those models and wished I could be the star of a night just like they appeared on the TV screen . I wanted to start modeling since I was 15 or so but my parents would not hear it and I was not allowed to join an agency until I finished my high school. So I waited and one day, someone offered me to join an agency in Mauritius. I was 18. It was hard because I did not have the right walk nor attitude for the stage. So I practiced, practiced and practiced and I became a model.

(How does it feel to be a former Miss Mauritius?)

It has been, for me, an achievement like any other but winning the title made my life one thousand times more exciting. I was proud to be elected an ambassador of my country and even more to act as such. I still do in everything that I do although I passed on the crown a long time ago. Being a former beauty queen does not make me in any way better than anybody else. I only feel lucky and blessed for the opportunity that came along my way.

By- Kunal Jankee

By-Kunal Jankee
(What according to you is fashion?)

It can be many things but I define fashion as an attitude. It is the image you chose for yourself and how you carry it.

(Who are your favorite designers?)

I love Burberry's trench-coats and scarves. They are my favorite winter essentials. on a more glamorous note, I'd never get bored watching Marc Jacob's creating for Louis Vuitton. Tastefully creative and unique. I think he is amazing. It's a pity that he left LV. 

(Do you invest a lot in luxury clothing?)

I don't hesitate to buy something I love but would never spend more than I can afford!Luxury clothing is expensive. It is a treat to myself rather than a priority.

(Which is your favorite country in the world and if given a chance where would you like to settle down and why?)

Mauritius will always be home and I doubt I'd be able to find that feeling anywhere else. However, my second best would be the USA. It remains in my mind the symbol of a country where achieving any dream is possible: a land of freedom and hope.

(Do you want to further have a full time career in the modeling world?)

After 10 years in the modeling industry, I now chose to move on to something different. I want to discover further realms and explore other parts of my personality through different activities. Fashion and modeling will however always remain a favorite. I still accept to model for assignments which seduce me or for interesting projects.

(What fashion and styling advice would you like to give to my readers?)

Fashion is about projecting who you are. It is a message. Hence, if your style is meant to speak for yourself, choose it carefully to express the identity that you want to reveal to those who will notice. 

By-Kunal Jankee

By-Rohit Zutshi

Thank You very much Anais for talking to me. Wishing you all the best and happiness. 

You can follow Anais on her Facebook page- https://www.facebook.com/anais.veerapatren

Monday, 7 October 2013

Paul Smith's crazy Underwear film AW13

Take a look at Paul Smith's new underwear advertisement. This time he took it to a whole new level with this gravity-defying ad for Autumn/Winter 2013.

This film has been directed by Sebastien Montaz-Rosset and the talented fearless stars are Antoine Moineville and Tancrede Melet.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Live a healthy life- In conversation with Michael Ueberroth.

As you guys know that I am putting a lot of effort in getting fit these days, I also want my readers to get fit. A healthy living leads to long and happy life. I have been meeting and interviewing a lot of fitness instructors.... and each one of them are brilliant at what they do. For a long time my idea of getting fit was- Stuffing my face with a giant cake and burping while talking to my mother on the phone at night and deciding that from the next morning come what may, I will get up at 5 and go running, which eventually never used to happen but thank God for the mirror which showed me the truth, all the fabulous clothes at the store which did not fit me and my wonderful photographer who told me that she will not click my pictures if I do not lose weight in two months because I look like a pig. (aww isn't she adorable?). Well after seeing and hearing so much of truth, how can Mary not do anything? So I started taking things seriously. 

This month I got a chance to interview an amazing Personal trainer and nutritionist "Michael Ueberroth". 

(Hi Michael. Would you like to introduce yourself?)

Mike Ueberroth, Master Trainer of Lethal Athletics "IF IT DOESN'T CHALLENGE YOU, IT DOESN'T CHANGE YOU."
Born and raised in west Detroit, Mike moved to L.A. in 2009 at the age of 23, to pursue a career in fitness. His career started at Equinox of West Hollywood and has since then taken him all over California. Now training clients out of five private gyms in L.A. and in-home/outdoors, Mike works with clients from all walks of life. He carries certifications from many organizations including The American Council on Exercise, The National Academy of Sports Medicine and The Equinox Fitness Training Institute. He specializes in creating individualized programs for clients with unique goals and believes that attitude is everything in mind, body and spirit. 

(Were you always into fitness? What is your fitness secret?) 

In rural Michigan, where I grew up, sports and athletics were all there was to do. I spent a lot of time swimming in the lake, water skiing, snowboarding, golfing and playing soccer too. I have so many good childhood memories attached to these things, so I really love what I do. That right there is the secret...loving what you do.

(What is that one thing that you always tell your clients when they come to you for help with nutrition?)

The first time they come to me I give all my clients a nutrition worksheet to complete. The second time they come to me, I put them into a computer system to actively monitor everything they eat throughout the day. If that still doesn't work, I will make fun of them and tease them until it finally sticks in their heads that they can't eat crap. They're just cheating themselves when they cheat on their diet plans. 

(Would you recommend supplements?)

Nope. Not unless they are prescribed by a physician. There's a lot of junk in the market for sale and I don't want any of my clients on that stuff. The only supplement I would maybe recommend is a protein shake for clients who have a tough time getting the right amount that they need.

(What would you suggest to people who cannot find time to workout?)

Make the time. Some of my clients are the busiest executives in Los Angeles. They will all tell you that they're more productive after working out. There are scientific studies proving it. You make the time so you can make the money. You make the time so you can be stronger, faster, better you. 

My daily inspiration....

I wake up every morning to be reminded that we can do anything we set our minds to. There are no limits, there is only vast empty space between where we are and where we want to be. 

(Is fasting necessary to achieve a lean body?)

Absolutely not I would not recommend doing this without the supervision of a highly qualified physician. Dr. Bo Wagner, the founder and CEO of Wagner Healthcare, comes highly recommended in Los Angeles.

(What is the ideal time for work out?)

Most people should workout first thing in the morning. Your body will reap more benefits from the production of hormones and metabolic burn that it will during any other time of the day. This is ideal for burning fat, building lean muscle, and regulating circadian rhythms.  

(Thank You very much Mike. It was a pleasure talking to you.) 

Keep in touch with Michael. Follow him on twitter @ItsUeberroth .