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Sunday, 22 December 2013

My letter to Santa.

My Dear old Fat dude, (or like they call you SANTA).

I have been really really good this year. Pinky promise. So I am expecting loads of presents from you.I have done everything that an average looking, small town boy with identity crisis does. 
  • I have called people fat and ugly or like they say "FUGLY"
  • I have insulted others with confidence to hide my own insecurities.
  • I did not tell my mom that I got super hammered after taking shots and passed out in a garbage bin next to a hobo. 
  • I have completely hidden the fact from my dad that I party till 6 am and don't go to work the next day.
  • I have totally bitched about the bitches I hate to every possible person I know and sometimes even to the strangers. (yeah.. m so pure).
  • I have totally been a good brother. I forgot my sister's birthday, dint wish her on rakshabandhan, dint send her any gifts for any occasion and dint wish her on thanksgiving either, instead I have made her spend on me, made her send me flowers,made her read my torturous blog posts and compelled her to say that I look good.
  • I swear I did not ask my photographer friend to make me look pretty using photoshop and above all I have, I repeat I have (you're gonna love this one Santa) refrained myself from helping the poor.                                                                                                              
Sighhhh.... I'm so good. I think I am the nicest person I know. I'm accomplished. I am so going to heaven!

Dear Readers,

Please forgive me for being a pain in the eyes,nose,throat and ass. All of the above that I just said, I don't really mean them.

Christmas is a time to spread love. Love with your family and friends, the unfortunate, and even with strangers. It's time for forgiveness and reconciliation. Celebrating the birth of Christ is all about sharing love and happiness and of course eating everything that will make you fat. In my case, my mothers love makes me fat. Pppfffffff....

But jokes apart, this Christmas is a special one for me as this whole year God has been very kind to me and so I wanna take all the moment to thank him and try to be a nicer person from next year.

I hope Santa gets this letter soon enough coz if not then I'm sooo gonna passout under my chimney hoping to wake up and see Santa's butt crack!

Hoe Hoe Hoe ya'll...... woopsss... I'm sorry I meant

HO HO HO ..... Merry Christmas ya'll

and may the odds be ever in your favour! 

All the pics above have been taken by my friend Allan Raj. Check out his flickr account here
Blazer- Louis Philippe 
Skinny pants- Kenneth Cole 
Shirt- Tailor made, puma fabric.
Shoes- Custom made. 
Bow tie- It's kinda old.
Fitted cap- NY 
Belt- from the roadside lol ( yeah m cheap)

and yes,here is my current favorite Christmas song. Enjoy!

Thursday, 19 December 2013

FERVOUR Bangalore. A retail store that every fashion lover must drop by!

You know whats funny? The fact that my mother stalks me on Facebook using my Dad's account (coz she does not have one yet) and calls me on my cell phone to tell me that I have a star's quality and that I could pass for a model!

Sighhh... now that's a joke that should be written and kept in Joan Rivers life long written joke rack. I guess it's just like the good old saying- "beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder" crap. My mommy is so innocent she does not know what photoshop is capable of doing. I remember the time when I told her that I wanted to get cosmetic surgery done. I wanted to get my nose fixed, jawline corrected,eyes stretched,chin extended,stomach sucked, pecs implanted etc etc. She really thought that I was losing my mind.. I mean really she thought I was going cu cu in the head. 

Now jokes apart, as ya'll know that my stories 99% of the times makes absolutely no sense that's why I'm gonna get down to business and tell you about how special I felt when I was invited to "FERVOUR" a newly opened clothing retail outlet in Bangalore which launched three giant brands for the very first time in India.

  1. Dsquared2
  2. Iceberg
  3. Frankie Morello 

I know rite? I was getting the chills too when I heard that I will be getting a chance to try out their outfits. I got the invite through and email and boy oh boy I couldn't be happier. First of all Dsquared2 is like one of my favorite brands and the chance to feel their outfits for the very first time was makin me nuts. 

The Store was launched on the 1st of November 2013 and has a wide range of collections both for men and for women. The collection includes- casuals, formals,winter wear, shoes, bags, accessories and perfumes. 

Trust me, you gotta visit "Fervour" to feel it. The staff of the store are very welcoming. If you have never got a chance to shop with a personal shopper/stylist/fashion advisor then Fervour is the place to go. 

I was lucky enough to be invited to checkout the collection at the time when Ms.Mary Van Der Hoff was there. Who is she? Oh well...... Ms Mary (from the Netherlands) is an experienced Personal shopper and Fashion Advisor (stylist) and a leading practitioner in the European Fashion world. Mary has worked in several major fashion business with leading brands to dress up discerning male and female customers. Oh what a charming lady she is. Sadly she was in India for only few weeks. 

It was a pleasure meeting her and for that evening I had her as my personal shopper and fashion advisor. It was a great feeling because we could connect with each other, out thinking about fashion was almost the same, our clothes selection was similar.

I mostly tried the fall winter look with sweaters, waistcoats, fitted jeans with casual shoes, formal shirt with chinos and tan dress shoes.  

All the article of clothing that I tried on was only Dsquared2 as you know I am a big fan so there was no way I could have left any untouched. Next time when I go then I will definitely try the rest.All the pictures have been taken by my Mili's (my sister from another mother) samsung phone. Poor girl saved my sorry ass coz none of the photographers were available that day and I was in desperate need of someone to click my picture and I could not rely on my phone coz it is so bad that no one would even steal it. 

So now here is the address. Go and knock yourself out.

Fervour, 18/2, Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore
Ph no- 91 80 22222326

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

It isn't GQ but what the heck, it still is a magazine and I am in it!

November and December 2013 turned out to be pretty good months for me. Not only because I finally realized that my body isn't that bad after all coz it's not as ugly as my face but also because I was in the news papers "Deccan Chronicles" , I worked with Avirate, Fervour retail store and today I am in the quarterly issue of the Prestige Groups magazine. Well it's not exactly me because my picture is not there but it's my coverage of the Trousseau Fashion week which happened in Bangalore in the month of November. I already blogged about it. If you haven't read it yet then click here. This magazine issue featured me as an "Independent Fashion Blogger" of Bangalore and what I thought about the fashion show. From an Independent fashion blogger's point of view. 

Yeah I get it, it's not GQ magazine but for me being in this magazine is kind a one step further to where I want to be in future. You know........ that place right there.... like my future goal which even my mother is aware of..... like hangin off a pole, makin 50 buks an hour. Darn I should have really listened to my heart which repeatedly yelled " F*** STUDIES AND BECOME A STRIPPER".

Getting back to the point, Trousseau Fashion week was one fun event. I met so many people, made so many contacts and for the first time I got an entry to the page 3 after party.  Sighhhhh... it was worthwhile.  

Thank You Prestige Groups!


Sunday, 1 December 2013

Aviraté - Miss France collection launched at UB City.

On the 27th of November, I got an invite from Avirate to attend the launch of "Miss France" Collection at UB City in Bangalore. I was more than thrilled to be a part of this event. Now for those of you who do not know much about Avirate- It's a high end international brand for women. From dresses to gowns, tops, blouses, skirts,jeans,rompers, leggings, lingerie to accessories, Avirate is a one stop destination for a woman of substance.

Avirate was first launched in Sri Lanka in 2010 and then it came to India in 2011. The range of women's apparel it offers is remarkable. No compromise on quality and design. So if you are a fashionista then you know exactly where to go. 

The best part was when I started looking for something to buy for my sister who happens to be a large size woman. I had no hopes if finding anything in there but then came a polite spoken sales executive who told me that the brand offers clothes for all sizes right till size 16. I was amazed. 

Adding to the charm of the evening was "Cafe Noir" serving exquisite French food and wine.
At the venue was present Mr. Jahid Osaman, Managing Director, Avirate India. I was lucky enough to be having a wonderful conversation with such a dynamic person who personally explained to me what his purpose of Introducing this brand in India was.

"We wanted to give luxury clothing in a very affordable price to our women of India. The same line of clothing if bought outside India will cost you a lot but we at Avirate India believe in giving the best at low prices". 

He then went on explaining the design and the cut of the clothes and about the designers behind the creation. Must say, Mr. Jahid is a true Gentleman.

The evening progressed with women trying on various outfits and clicking pictures. I sighed as Avirate is exclusively for women but with all the free wine that was running in my blood stream, at one point of time I had half a mind of trying out the high heels. With all the weird things that I have done, taking this step wouldn't really spoil my image..... (as if I have any).lol

Oh and did I mention that there was this one point when I suddenly bumped into a French man and said excuse moi just to realize that he was Mr. Eric Lavertu, Council General de France who was the guest of honor. Yeahhhh.... we hung out......Kindaaa........ (Just that he did not know that I was hanging out with him). 

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Fresh on the Scene. Meet "Romano" an 18 year old lad from France.

Gosh darn! I mean I remember how I used to look when I was 18 years old. I was fat, with big glasses, used to sit at the back of my class with a water bottle by my side, my teachers hated me coz I slept during lectures, my dad told me to go n play outside but I preferred staying at home eating and dreaming of a big life and I had no friends coz I wasn't cool enough. God was mean :(  

and now look at Romano. 18 years old, already got noticed, excelling in his modeling career, well established, killer looks, wash board abs, piercing blue eyes and clear jaw lines. What more could a teenage boy ask for? 

Sighhhhhh..... anyway... so this week I was in conversation with Romano Rossi a teenage model who is from Nantes, France but lives in Dijon.  Mind you Romano is not much of a talker. He just prefers his looks and pictures do all the talking and I guess they do it well for him ha! 

So ladies and Gentle Ladies here is Romano.

(Hi Romano so tell us something about yourself?)

Well... you already know my name and where I come from and what I do....lol so other than that I am 18, a student of sales. I like body building and I love sports. I am an athletic person. Outdoors fascinate me. 

(How long have you been modeling and what inspired you to take modeling as a career?)

It was not decided actually. I did my first modeling shoot this year in July. It was just by chance that I got noticed. The result of the shoot was so good that I started getting many offers and I kept doing them all. I wanted to become a model because I always wanted to get into the glam world. Also because I really liked the results of the shoots that I did. So I decided why not!

(How many brands have you worked with till now?)

Hahaha.. It's not even been six months. I am very fresh in this world so I am looking forward to work with some major brands. I am slowly getting there, You will definitely know about it once it's done. For time being I am just doing prints. 

(What is your personal style statement?)

I love wearing stylish clothes. Not anything in particular but whatever makes me feel good. Mostly what fits me really really well. I can't categorize it for the moment. Comfort is my style.  With or without clothes , does not matter... lol as you can see I am shirtless in most of the pictures.  (wink)

(How do you maintain that killer body of yours?)

Well... as you know I love sports. So I play. I go to the gym everyday in the weekdays and on the weekends I go out running. Its healthy and keeps you in good shape. 

(What does fashion mean to you?)

Fashion has always been the way I have expressed myself. It's how I deal with my mind and the thoughts. It's lifestyle. Some people want it and some don't. 

(How do you feel about being a teenage model?)

Right now I do not think much. I am just taking one step at a time. Do not want to make any mistakes you see. 

(Thank you so much Romano for talking with me. Wishing yo all the very best for your future. Hope you make it to Vogue magazine one day and may be able to walk for Tom Ford and Gucci etc.)

Aww.. thanks a lot. It was a pleasure indeed. 

B.F Photography
B.F Photography 

Chrys Bens 

Photo by- Chrys Bens 

Photo by- Chrys Bens 

Photo by- Isaac

Photo by- Isaac 

Photo By- Isaac

Photo by- Isaac

Photo by- Isaac

Photo by- Isaac 

Photo by -Jerome Haffner 

Photo by- Tom Saint Clair

I am sure that by now you guys must have started googling him. So let me make it easy for you. Here is his facebook fanpage link. Follow him here and thank me later.