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Friday, 14 March 2014

In conversation with Bollywood Actress Sameera Reddy at Bangalore Central Spring Summer collection 2014 Fashion Show.

Weird, isn't it? Me having a conversation with an actress is not so usual. All I thought was asking a few questions about fashion and have her throw some attitude at me (because she is an actress) and then leave the room with my sad face. But little did I know. So here is how the conversation flew between Sameera and I as I entered the room. 

Knock Knock, Opened the door, I entered and there she was... 5 feet 9 inches tall. Looking beautiful, glowing skin and wearing a very springy outfit and what a charming charming smile.

Me- (Hick up) Hey eh eh eh Sameera. Waoo you look beautiful. 

Sameera- Waaooo.. look at you. Look at your bow tie, your shoes are amazing and look at your fitted cap. I am loving the look. 

Me- (Smilin ear o ear) hehe thank you. (then I forgot what I had to ask)

Sameera- (continued) It's so good to meet people like you. Following fashion and trends, doing their own thing. I have been in Bangalore for couple of hours and I was missing this. By the way what do you think about my dress? It's the best I could get out of all and I have to walk with the same on the runway. I hope I am looking fine, I mean I did not want to show too much skin that's why I threw this denim shirt on and I think it kinda looks nice. I had to do something. 

Me- You look fantastic. You don't have to worry about that. Fashion is creativity and you sure know how to do that. Don't you? I have seen you on television and I love you style. Your one of those few Indian actresses who have really good taste in fashion. 

Sameera- Thank You so much. I try to do different things. I get bored with what everyone else follows so I try to show something unusual. I do get criticized a lot by media for wearing daring outfits though but hey it's fashion you know. (Laughs) 

Me- I agree. So true. What do you have to say about Indian men and their fashion sense?

Sameera- Well I guess it's changing rapidly because men are wearing fancy outfits these days. I mean look at you. Even my husband, and I am really happy about it. I see him shop and he picks up colorful outfits. M glad things are progressing in India. 

(BTW My shirt had a very dramatic back which Sameera was unaware of until my friend Anusha made me turn around. I am not confident enough to show it ya'll yet but I will very soon)  

Sameera- Oh waaooo... that's creative. I like your shirt. You should totally walk out like this without your blazer on and show it to people.

Me- Oh well.. I might take it off when I go for the after party but here....uuummmm... I don't think India is ready for this as of now. haha. On my way here I had quite a few people making fun of me.....not that I care but it was not pleasant. 

Sameera- Ignore them. You are different and that's how you get noticed. You got to be different from the crowd. The people who make fun of you are just tasteless and ignorant. I want you to walk out without your blazer. I want to see you sitting in the fashion show just like that. You look amazing Okay!

Me- Alright Sameera. Just because you said so. Thanks a lot for this interview. I hope to see you again someday in Mumbai. 

Sameera- Your most welcome. 

And with that my seven minutes with Sameera came to an end, I took a selfie with her and  headed out to see the fashion show. 

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