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Friday 23 August 2013

What makes me Weird?

  1. I show my mother how to twerk.
  2. I explain my daddy what grinding in a club means.
  3. I see my sisters reaction as I tell her I am choking on my own puke.
  4. I send my uncle a bikini picture of Rihanna.
  5. I think of telling my grand father that I do not need to get married to give him a great grand child. 
  6. I sometimes wear the tightest of clothes possible and wonder why there isn't enough oxygen reaching my brain?
  7. Some call me a homo but I still post faggy pictures on Facebook.  
  8. My aunt thinks I am a big ass drunk loser and I ask her. "Do you want some aunty?"
  9. I go for job interviews with half shaved head and with a high ponytail and expect that I will get the job. ( Well.... I got the job so never mind). 
  10. I wear shorts which are size of a girl's panty and wonder why people are staring and laughing at me on the street. (Side bar- In my head I think... wtf.... ya'll loser, I am perfectly normal). 

Well just like Paris Hilton, I also think that life is too short to blend in. Gosh she and I are so similar that I sometimes wish we were twins. I mean look at the similarities- Our IQ level, our knowledge about politics and anything interactive for that matter, our knowledge of current affairs and above all.....we both believe in staying virgins till we get married. Sigghhhhh... wonder what it feels like to be that rich and famous without doing any hard work. Pfffffff......

I think I should just dedicate the One Direction song " You don't know you're beautiful" for myself coz you know I am soooo special!

Guys.... but on a serious note.... life in actual sense is too short to blend in so do not hesitate to be yourself. Do not pay attention to the haters coz remember there are people who truly love you the way you are and for who you are. If fashion is what you like to express yourself with then go right ahead. 

Confidence is key, it's not about the money that will define your style, it's about having your own personal style and sticking by it. Personal style comes before fashion- Nancie Mwai.

All the pictures have been taken by my buddy David Ashwal. Check out his Flicker.

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