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Thursday 1 August 2013

How to- Save money InStyle.

It's August already... time is rushing so quickly. I had so many things planned up, not a lot of them been achieved yet. My fault. From this month I will pull up my socks and start saving money. I know a lot of people (including myself) who end up broke ass by the end of the month because of unnecessary shopping habits. Last month I discovered an alternate way of shopping trendy and saving money as well. Fashion talks differently for everyone. For some it has to come out straight from a Gucci show room so on the other hand some say it with H&M and Zara. For me, the first one definitely does not work and second... welllll... yeah it kinda does but if I need to save money then I will have to restrict that to once in a month. So I decided I will be a street boy .... woopss... I mean a street shopper. I am lucky to be working in a market place which is flooded with small, big, branded, designer, all kinds of stores. 

Therefore here are my money saving techniques.
  1.   Dive deep: There are lot of small clothing stores spread in various corners which go unnoticed, not only in India but around the world. People tend to think that nothing good and trendy could be found there. It is not true. Dig deep. Go in the unexplored corner shops that you used to think was a waste of time. Avoid buying anything that is on display window but search in the pile of clothes and you will for sure find something extraordinary. At times you might feel that the piece looks like a load of crap but when you actually wear it with the right pair of pants or shirt then the beauty will shows. 
  2. Long term investment: If you happen to be a person like me, who tends to put on and lose weight with season then think twice before your purchase. Make sure you buy things that you could wear later as well, at least with little alteration. I would suggest avoid buying clothes that hug your body tight because you know later you don't want anyone to see those love handles. So think in terms of future benefits.
  3. Be on a budget: If you know you go crazy as soon as you enter a shopping mall and you tend to spend all that you  have even if you do not want to, then keep yourself on a budget. Decide before stepping out of your house. In my case, I always carry cash so that I know how much is left with me and after some time I cannot spend even if I want to. It works for me. 
  4. Compare and buy: This is one point that most people find difficult to follow. When I go out shopping, I make sure that I visit each and every corner of the shopping area so that I know which store sells what and which store is comparably more expensive. This helps me to make a genuine decision.

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