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Friday 26 July 2013

How to match clothes- Few essentials

If you are a person who often battles with your clothes matching them for hours and still having no meaningful result then there are few essentials which should definitely be in your wardrobe. This is specially for those who think they are color blind.
  1. Always keep your wardrobe filled with classic colors: It's never over dressed or under-dressed with the shades of blue, black, grey, brown and white. Stick to these colors and you will never go wrong. Example: Black pants- white shirt, navy blue suit,black tuxedo, grey pants and blue sweater, brown pants- off white blazer, black pants with light color shirts, cardigans and khakis.
  2. Accessories: Now it is important to carefully match your accessories with your clothes. It's a total NO if you wear a punk rock wrist band with a formal attire or wear a bright color hat with your grey suit or wear a casual belt with a dress shoes. I know there are no rules to fashion. It's all about recreating but sometimes not being careful might  make you look like a disaster. 
  3. Complement your skin: Keep in mind that every color does not suit all skin types, understand your complexion. Example: I am a brown skin, therefore I never wear dark grey and shades of brown. It's just does not go with me. Similarly if you are a person who is pale or yellowish then avoid wearing mustard and yellow. 
  4. Size matters: Buy clothes which fits you well, falls perfectly on your body, not over sized or undersized. Baggy pants and tight shirt is a big NO, skinny pants and extra large shirt is a NO as well. Keeping your pants hanging low and showing your butt crack is total knock off.
  5. Pattern matters: Checks, stripes, dots, prints. Remember that matching opposite pattern works. If you wear a striped tie with striped shirt, is as good as wardrobe malfunction. 

 Keep  in mind these five basic points and you will be ready for any occasion you can think of.

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