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Sunday 28 July 2013


My new hairstyle went for a toss. I had something else in mind but it turned out to be something else. Guess there’s no point complaining now but I think I am getting used to it as I no more have bad hair days. I can walk out without combing my hair and not battle with the wind to keep my hair the right way. In fact, monsoon breeze and my head is in a relationship and they absolutely love each other.
For all those men who are balding... do not worry as balding is not an equivalent to un-attractiveness. There is always an alternate way of looking good. Your girlfriend will not leave you just because your hair is falling. Common.... was that the only good thing about you?  Is that what makes her reach climax?? (Wink) lol
So this is to boost confidence of all you guys out there who are thinning on top. Do not worry.

Just shave it all.  

Clean shave is no more sign of aging. It’s the new “IN” thing to do. It costs less, is easy to maintain, is very trendy and wearing caps will not mess it up. You no more will have to decide what hairstyle to keep with what outfit coz it goes with almost everything. It shows that you are confident enough to sport that look. Even the most famous male models are rocking that look. You will see a lot of bald boys on the runway these days. Also, remember that balding is the sign of excess projection of testosterone in your body ... so be happy coz you’re the man!!

Don’t believe me?? Then Google it.     

Shirt- Identity
Pants- Levis 
Shoes- Aldo
Fitted cap- H&M
Wrist band- Hysteria 

All the pictures have been taken by my  good friend Shilpa Raj.


  1. Always sooo stunning boy! Ya are amazing

  2. Thanks Milex... ur sweet :)