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Friday 27 June 2014

Broadway Bares it all for AIDS fund raising!

Now this is some serious way of fund raising. Who knew it could be this easy. Just strip naked put a performance and people will start donating. Well... now here is my question- Would you donate if I strip naked? Would you really be interested in seeing my willy wonka and butt crack? ummmm..I doubt it but Broadway did it. Yes The annual "Broadway Bares" Show rose $1,386,105 for Broadway Cares/Equality Fight AIDS. It happened last weekend.

Jerry Mitchell (left with hand in the air), Jennifer Balbier, M∙A∙C senior vice president of global product development and M∙A∙C AIDS Fund board member (with mic), and Broadway Bares: Rock Hard! director Nick Kenkel (far right)

Jokes apart, hats off to them for doing this deed because there are people who need our support and if there is anyway out to help them then we should do it..even if it requires to strip down.

The show was star studded. Yes, James Franco was there, Bianca Del Rio and Alex Minsky was there and all of them took part in the show. James Franco even participated in the strip show.  The show was called "Broadway Bares:Rock Hard!" It had 170 of New York's best and most good looking dancers. The show was built around giving tributes to the iconic rock artists of all times like Elvis, Aerosmith, Prince, Janet Jackson etc.  

This was the 24th edition of the show and was held in New York city's Hammerstein Ballroom for the very first time with 5000 people as the audience.

Counting the total, Broadway Bares have now raised over $12.6 million for Broadway Cares.

Waoooo... bow down....applaud...... you know you may think that this is a semi porn kinda stuff, lot of nudity goin on but but if you keep your mind out of the gutter and look at the bright side of it then you will realize that these artists are just trying to help the needy and the less fortunate.    


Watch the video here-

Aerosmith: Marine-turned-model Alex Minsky

Alan Cumming

Andy Karl, Lesli Margherita, and Patrick Page

Elvis: Brandon Rubendall and company

Elvis: Brandon Rubendall and company

Bianca Del Rio and James Franco

Janet Jackson: Chondra L. Profit and company

Led Zeppelin: Adam Perry (center) with Michael Apuzzo, Josh D. Green and company

Metallica homage

Michael Jackson: Donna Michelle Vaughn and company

Prince: James Harkness and company

Queen:  Mark MacKillop with Cedric Leiba Jr. (left) and Alex Ringler

Steve Nicks: Heather Lang (front) and Paloma Garcia-Lee with company

The Rolling Stones: Joshua Buscher and company

Tina Turner: Lawrence Alexander and Charlie Sutton with company

The finale.

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