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Saturday 16 November 2013

Things I learnt from Britney's "Work Bitch" music video.

Britney was a bad news till few years back but mamma came back with a bang with her new single "Work Bitch". Her signature word I'm guessing. By the way... apparently for the U.K Britney was too hot to handle and so they decided to ban it and they could only show it after 10 pm on the television. I just don't get it but never mind. 

This video is fantastic. Miss Spears did not hesitate to show off her new sexy body. Not only is she looking like a sex bomb but she is also looking like the way she used to back in the days. It may be the special effects but what the heck, she looks nice on the screen!

Unlike other songs "Work Bitch" is not just a party song. It's an anthem. At least for me it is. It's inspirational. The whole song revolves around inspiring people to work hard and making them realize that money does not grow on trees and that you gotta work your ass off to get that. I got lost in the swirl of the words when I heard it for the first time.

She talks about- nothing in this world comes easy. If you want something then you gotta work and work. The song starts with Britney telling us that if you want a hot body the you have to work for that, if you want a Bugatti , want a Maserati then you better work.

True! Our desire of looking fabulous in the mirror would not come true just by thinking about it. We need to put our lazy asses in motion to achieve that. We gotta earn our body.

Britney goes on to wanting Lamborghini, sippin martinis and looking hot in a bikini, living in a big mansion, partying in France needs work bitch!

My personal favorite verses of the song are-

Bring it on, ring the alarm
Don't stop now, Just be the champion
Work hard like it's your profession

Here comes the smasher
here comes the master
here comes the beat, beat
beat beat to get ya.

Full lyrics here.

You know how at times after working so hard you get tires and you wanna give up because you lose hope? We must not do that. Must keep on going. Like your in a zombie land and you gotta keep on sunning or else you will be killed.

By smasher I am assuming that Britney means all the obstacles in the form of haters who come along to drag our soul down. Brit tells us not to lose focus and look ahead instead of worrying about the world. 

She tells us not to quit. She is mentoring us and preparing us to fight the combat.  Gosh I'm totally going to put the lyrics on my bedroom wall so that I could sing it as a prayer song in the morning. 

Now here is the catch. I don't know if you guys noticed it or not but Britney is one of those pop stars who teaches you about Product Placement. These products are focused quite heavily in the music video which might give you an illusion of watching an extremely long and expensive commercial.

The internet explains PRODUCT PLACEMENT as-  A form of advertisement (usually not involves ads) in which a branded product and services are noticeable within a drama production with large audiences. Product placements are presented in a way that will generate positive feelings towards the advertised brand and are implemented, mentioned or discussed through the program. This enables the audience to develop a strong connection with the brand and provides justification for their purchase decision. 

So in short- Product Placement is like "Embedded Marketing" which is mostly done in movies, songs, tv shows etc.

Now lets all judge Britney and see her skills. We all have seen her public interaction skills in the X-Factor which is not so impressive but is she any good at Product Placement?

Oh hell yeah!

A worth applauding Product Placement is done in a way which does not put the product right on your face. A story line revolving just around the product, making it look like a star ain't a good embedded marketing. 

I mean aren't you tired of ads? I know I am. I just don't like commercials. It annoys me. The common PP practicing are done via TV, radio, newspaper, flyers, internet, magazine, billboards etc. 

In Britney's "Work Bitch" music video we see that the toxic singer has very subtly done the PP which makes it very noticeable at the same time not on your face and definitely not the star of the video.

Featuring the deadly Lamborghini and her own perfume Fantasy Twist was quite a marketing strategy. Seeing all this I could not resist but go back to see all her famous videos and endorsements.  So I went on Youtubing.

I wonder if ya'll ever noticed what I noticed!
  • The first time Britney ever did a PP was in her music video with Madonna "Me against the music" in 2003 where she arrived at a party in a Mazda to meet Madonna. The focus in the beginning was only on the car as it arrived. 
  • After that it turned out to be a bad phase for Brit coz of her personal life and stuff..... you know- shaving her head and all that? Yeah- so when she bounced back to being normal, she released "Womanizer" in 2008  which focused on Nokia phone
  • "Circus" again in 2008 is my favorite not only because of the song but the video as well. This music video highlighted Britney's perfume and Bvlgari Jewels
  • In 2011, Britney released three singles- " I wanna go", "Hold it against me", and "Criminal". All three videos had different product highlights. "I wanna go" had it's focus on Volkswagen, "Hold it against me" showed Sony Camera and Brit's Radiance perfume and a Make- up Forever concealer. Hey and there was a dating sight too called PlentyofFish. Hmmm.. weird!  "Criminal" had Swarovski watch in it and her perfume again. 
  •  and last but not the least in 2013 came "Work Bitch" which we do not need to talk about any further.
Here are all the videos for you to watch. Enjoy :)



I wonder what Britney's next video is gonna contain. Its kinda exciting. I am sure Brit Brit will do justice to whatever she next is going to endorse. 

Oh and Britney is releasing her new album on the 3rd of December this year. Yes you heard it right "3rd December" which happens to be my birthday too.... at last Brit n I finally can connect on some level. I'm sure she thought this trough and decided to gift me this album for my birthday. 

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