Monday, 14 April 2014

Top 10 reasons for not wearing PANTS!

So as y'all may or may not know that the most retarded ideas come to my head when I am unable to sleep. Yeah so last night I was unable to sleep for some odd reason. I was pretty comfortable in my bed scratching my legs, looking at my ugly feet and kinda feeling myself. Then it occurred to me that I actually rarely wear pants at home. FYI, I live with 8 housemates. Yeah that's true, there's always a party in my house and I don't even need to get drunk to take my pants off coz I barely wear them. One of my room mates actually was surprised to see me wear pants one day and told me that it's kinda weird to see me that way... you know.... "fully dressed". Well I can't help it.... I must be a street walker in my last life.. otherwise why would be slutty? The only thing that I haven't done yet is flashing my junk to a stranger and the rest I put in "been there done that" category. 

Anyway so I decided to do you a favor by letting you know why you should not wear pants at home (wink).

  1. Comfort- First and the foremost-No pants mean comfort. It's just so comfortable. Pants ruin everything. When you live alone where no one is coming to see you then let it go. Well in my case, I live with roomies but I still don't give a flying f**k. I do squats. 
  2. Freedom- After a long day of work you gotta let them breathe. Myyyy... can you imagine yourself being in a box for 10 hours a day and sleeping in it too? No rite? Your junk needs fresh air. 
  3. Let lose- Just like Bruno Mars says in his "The lazy song" Let everything hang lose. 
  4. Makes you a better dancer- Now if you have seen any of the famous dancers then you will know that dancers never practice with pants on. So you think you can dance? Then take your pants off and show the wiggle and jiggle. 
  5. Being lazy means No Pants- Seriously, how else are you gonna be lazy? Stay home all day long, eat, sleep, watch a movie without your pants on. I even cook without pants, my maid once saw me in the kitchen and could  not stop giggling. Pffffff.... now she is used to it. haha
  6. Confidence building- Yeah.. it boosts your confidence about your own ass. So next time you walk into a club and someone says " Ooo la la ...dat ass" then you gotta turn around and say "I know rite".
  7. Easy access- Also you get easy access to scratching your bum. You can put your hands all around if need be.
  8. If Miley Cyrus can go on world tour just in her underwear then you of course can wear them and strut around in your territory.
  9. Toilet friendly- Yes.... its convenient when you need to go for a lil poopsi doops. 
  10. and last, it just makes you feel relaxed and puts you to a good sleep.                                                

and here is a little video to brighten your day. Thank me later 

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Style VS Fashion. Do you know the Difference?

"Fashion fades, style is eternal"- Yves Saint Laurent

Fashion, style, fashionable people, stylish people. We talk about the two quite often and in the same context mostly. Can a stylish person be fashionable and can a fashionable person be stylish? Are style and fashion the same thing? Do they project similar traits? Is there any difference between the two?

Well here is my take on it and I say "YES". There is a big difference between the two. So do not get confused because they are not synonyms.

Fashion is trend. It's not permanent, it needs to change every few months, it can change within weeks or days. Fashion is what you see on televisions, on the runway, on the fashion house's window display, fashion can be learnt from magazines, from movies , from the internet.

Fashion is for your body which has to change, style on the other hand goes beyond someone's body. It's not only in your clothes but in the way you speak, the way you eat or drink, the places you visit, the movies you watch, your facial hair, your body hair, your phone, the car that you use, the cigar that you smoke and the house you live in.

Style unlike Fashion is not pre-determined, at the same time they depend on each other for their existence. You learn from fashion and make it your own unique style. 

To be a stylish person you have to make a statement using your clothes and your body. It's something that you want others to see in you. You want them to listen as your outfit speaks. Style comes when you are very well aware of your personality and what you can do to enhance it.

Style comes when you know what kind of clothes would look good on you, style is when you know what kind of attitude suits you the best, style is when you know exactly what you can pull off without feeling awkward, style is when you dress according to your weight,height and skin tone etc.

Fashion has dedicated followers but style has an individual status and it's yours. You do not follow anyone else's style but create your own and make it a trend. You watch fashion but you do not become a victim of it, instead you learn from the trends and set new ones.

Fashion on the other hand is hard to keep up with. If you are a fashion follower then you will not realize what looks good on you and what does  not because you will be too busy changing with the season as it changes. You would not care if you have a toned body or not but just because low cut skinny jeans is in fashion you will wear it to look fashionable regardless of whether or not you look presentable or not. 

I often hear women say "This is in fashion, saw it on the Milan Fashion Week, all the actresses and models are sporting this". 

Oh well... true they are wearing it but unfortunately it's not for you. It can be in fashion but not good for you, therefore it is critical to understand and develop your own unique style. Wearing what's in fashion would not make you popular but being stylish sure will force people to remember you. 

A fashionable person always conveys a great sense and ability of self and social confidence and intelligence. Fashion distracts us from concentrating on ourselves whereas style brings our focus directly on ourselves. Style teaches us to respect ourselves as an individual.

Oscar de la Renta says- " Fashion is about dressing according to what's fashionable. Style is more about being yourself." 

So my dear readers make sure that you have a good grasp on what suits best on your body. Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses, be aware of your inner self, be original and do not try to be someone you are not. Use fashion and incorporate it in your style, make it an extension of yourself for others to see.

Now coming to what I am wearing. This ensemble just happened very randomly. I had absolutely no idea what to wear. I dug into my closet found some stuff which I had not worn in sometime so decided to try them on, then I realized I have gained way too much weight to just wear a t-shirt and pants (dint wanna sport those muffin tops) so I borrowed this fabulous jacket from my  friend "Jacob Browning" to cover all my horrible disfigurements. Thanks for saving me Jake.    

Pictures taken by Allan Raj. Click here to check out his Flickr account and here to find him on Facebook.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Beauty with Brain "Anais Veerapatren", a strong contender at The "Top Model of the World 2014" Contest.

Talk about exotic beauty, Anais Veerapatren literally defines it. She is no stranger to the runway, she exactly knows how to pose in front of the camera, she knows how to seduce the camera, she is beauty with brain- a perfect match , she is a former beauty queen who won the title of Miss Mauritius and this year she is representing her country in the "Top Model of The World 2014"contest. Last year she graced my blog by giving me her interview and if you missed out on that then click here to read.

Now here is my thing- Anais might not arguably have the best body or the perfect looks but she is gorgeous, sexy,and definitely has her place in the competition. Strong of her experience from International pageants like Miss Universe, Miss World and from her achievements as a top model across the world, Anais is a strong contestant in this pageant and more importantly she is very well educated and that's the reason I call her beauty with brain as she did not let anything come in between her studies, went ahead and completed her masters degree.

You sure do not want to vote for girls who are just skinny and know how to pose but have to wake up every morning, eat a bowl of alphabets to crap out some sense or the ones who get insulted but take a whole live long day to figure what it was. I mean at the end of the day you do want your beauty queen to stand up on the stage and talk something other than "World Peace" rite? Yeah.. that's what I thought. So we do agree with each other! 

It just so happens that Anais and I are really good friends and talking from my own experience I can tell that I have never met a super model who is so well educated, is nice, sensitive, kind, not judgmental, and who actually cares. She is like a package.  

So my dear readers, lets do this world a favor by voting for Anais Veerapatren this year. A model who can make a difference. Who can actually differentiate between Economics, Business and a Chanel clutch purse. 

So spare just 5 seconds from your busy time and vote for Anais Veerapatren. The contest is tomorrow so do not waste any time and vote now. 

To vote for Anais click HERE and select Mauritius and press the vote button. It will not take more than 5 seconds.

Facebook page-

and if you want to follow Anais on her personal Facebook page then click HERE.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Insults are not forever.Fight it.You will grow past it eventually.

People of my own country never cease to amuse me. Why am I saying this? Well because this past month (March 2014) has been little extra ordinary for me. I learnt a lot. Learnt to not give a ****. I had people throwing stones at me on the street, had someone throw a shoe stand at me while I was on my way to a fashion show, and had been called a rare creature in a way which I consider un-parliamentary. Why all this? Oh well..lets just say... my hair and clothes are not considered quite acceptable in the  "normal" society. Hmmmmm..........

Isn't it funny that I like talking about things that other people would rather not and keep it under their toop? Yeah because I really think that if I can get over all my insecurities by sharing it with the world then I will have some level of satisfaction within me and that I will know that they tried to shame me but instead they made a stronger person. 

Now if you know anything about me, I grew up being insulted and being made fun of like all the f*****g time. My childhood, primary school, high school and a part of my college was a nightmare but I grew past it and now if anyone thinks that they can out insult me then... I'd like them to think again coz coming to me with a motive of putting me down is like throwing yourself in an insult pit. That's right .. I'm going to cut you into pieces like lamb chops coz this daddy has grown balls.... really big ones!

My advice to anyone out there who faces situations like me are-

Do not bother, do not react, do not look back, stay focused because you have come too far to look anywhere else. 
  • For if there are three boys throwing stones at you because you look different then there will be 30 more who would be waiting to see you and tell you how special you are, how fabulous you look and how much they appreciate you. 
  • For if there is one person in a crowd throwing shoe stand at you then there will be a whole group of people waiting to get your business card just to make acquaintance and to know where you get your inspiration from.
  • For if there is one person calling you a rare creature then there will be 10 more who would love you just because you are rare. 
Things do get better.. trust me .. it's my personal experience... this uphill battle is my daily life but does it look like I give a **** ?? LOL

Oh and by the way, those three boys who threw stones at me on the street and the bloated chick who called me a rare creature looked like they all fell off the ugly sky, onto an ugly tree, hitting every ugly branch on the way down and they landed over the ugly ground. They really looked like they were a cross breed between a crocodile and a sloth, yeah.. they had such faces that even a mother wouldn't love them. 

I mean I do understand that I look weird and I wear unusual outfits but I have been called worse by better looking people. Yeah true.

Well allow me to add a bit more.........

Those three boys.. I tell yah... if they put their faces on buildings, even voodoo witches would run away, yeah they looked like dorks. Y'all know what dork means rite? (a whale's dick) so they were the biggest dicks. Might as well start wearing condoms on their faces if they're gonna be that big of a dick and that chick who called me a rare creature..... phhewwww... gosh you should have heard her voice... it was like two cats f*****g.

haaaaaaaa.... I feel good now!  

Thanks to Allan Raj, my very dear friend for the photos. He does an amazing job. I do not need worry when I work with him. It's essential to build a comfortable relationship with the photographer you work with to get good results and I think we share a pretty good relation in that regards. You can see that I am pretty comfortable in my undies ha! Click HERE to check out his flickr account or catch him on FACEBOOK.

Here is a song for y'all DIFFERENT people.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

In Conversation with an American Model "Dusty St.Amand".

I feel very happy to be presenting to you "Dusty St. Amand". An American model who is fresh on the scene and wants to give fashion and style a different meaning. Originality and modesty are his basic mantras. Even though he started modeling very recently, he sure knows how to seduce the camera. 

Here he is- 
By-Rick Day
Me-Hi Dusty. Thank you for interviewing with me. I have been a fan of you for quite sometime now. You are one of those very few male models who totally rock the beard look and rock it nice and good. So tell me Dusty, how old are you? and when did you start your modeling career?

Dusty- Thanks. I am 27 now. I started shooting my portfolio, started sharing my images around 6 months ago.

Me-I see that you not only don't like shaving your beard but you also not like shaving your chest and other parts of your body. It is quite interesting to see this because now a days models like being clean shaven and body waxed but you work the hairy look. 

Dusty- Yeah. I really don't groom much. Maybe that's because I live in Walliamsburg. It's just a jungle of hair out there. I grew up around the image of queer beauty that still persist today. These depictions of smooth Adonis-types. I believe that it's important for the media to supply us with fantasy,because life is so literal. Without escapes here and there, it can all be too much. But when you're growing up gay or gender-confused or within whatever plot of land beneath the queer umbrella that you call your won, and you find yourself searching for role models, it's easy to slip into these destructive behaviors, these beautification processes, that have no real attainable end. I think people should look like people. Nature is an incredible thing and to deny it it's turn seems criminal. I want people to see my images and find strength and beauty in their hair, scars and other features that don't meet industry standards. 

Me-Is modeling you full time job? and if your were not a model them what would you want to be?

Dusty- I don't make much money modeling. I'm kinda of a nobody. But I'm sure that'll change one day. I work in hospitality. I enjoy sales and talking to guests.

Me- What's your style mantra?

Dusty- Style mantra? Stick to basics. Dark denim jeans and white t-shirts will never go out of style. I don't believe in excessive shopping as I feel it's a wasteful use of resources/my time. Just be naked (wink).

Me- What are those few staples that we would find in Dusty'd wardrobe?

Dusty- Levi's. 8000 t-shirts (I'm from Florida). This navy blue baseball cap I wear way too much.

Me- Your guilty pleasure?

Dusty- Peanut butter. Peanut butter. Peanut butter.

Me- You celebrity crush?

Dusty- No clue on the celeb crush.I don't won a TV , so I'm fairly out of the loop.

Me- Quality in a perfect date?

Dusty- Laughter.

Me- Secret being your fitness?

Dusty-100% vegan diet. Small meals, regular strength training and cardio 4-6x/week and a lot of stretching. 

Me-Thank You once again Dusty for interviewing with me. All the best for your future. 

By-Rodolfo Martinez
By-Rodolfo Martinez

By-Rodolfo Martinez

By-Rodolfo Martinez

By-Rodolfo Martinez
By-Rodolfo Martinez
Tyler Dean King

William Cody

By-Rick Day
By-Rick Day
By-Rick Day
By-Rick Day
By-Rick Day
By-Rick Day
By-Rick Day

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Instagram- @dusterz
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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Getting Fancy @ "Fervour" the high end retails store!

Y'all know how I wish to have all the fancy things in my wardrobe rite? It's like I am on a mission to make my closet fancy. Well the only fancy thing it had earlier was me but now that m out of it, might as well replace with some good stuff (wink). Hey what you thinkin? I am just tryin to entertain you (buhaha). 

So this was my second time at Fervour, talking Dsquared, Iceberg and Frankie Morello one once again.If you want to know more about my first visit then click here. The store launched new collection and invited me. What a pleasure. This time I got to see the majorly impressive Dsquared hand bags for men. Waoooo.. it had me goin... totally... I was more than GAGA over them.  This time the store incorporated lot of colors and patterns in the collection both for men and women. 

Really, you put me in a store like Fervour and I will start prancing around like a little boy in a candy or toy store or like a desperate unhappy married lady in certain kind of not so appropriate location trying to pick up alive toys to make themselves happy. Wooppssiee... Do I talk a bit too much?  Alright, so I will get to the point. 

It was my pleasure to be visiting Fervour once again and it was my good luck that Mrs. Mary Manoe (the fashion consultant/stylist from Netherlands) was at the venue too. It's always great fun interacting with her. If you happen to pass by the store then please go and meet her. She will definitely enlighten you with her knowledge about fashion and style.

Follow Fervour on Facebook. Click here.

Here is a little video I made while the store manager showed me around. I was more interested in the hand bags this time than any other thing. Oh and by the way.. y'all should totally check out the women's Spring collection and yes that includes women's hand bags too. "Colorful" is the one word to describe the collection.

Now watch the video and enjoy the music- 

Friday, 28 March 2014

Miley Cyrus is a study now, in a College Course. HASHTAG

What are the things that strike your mind when you think about Miley Cyrus? 

  • Twerking?
  • Tongue?
  • Ass?
  • Bootie?
  • Boobies?
  • Smooching girls?
  • Bangin body?
  • Foam finger?
  • Grinding?
  • Strippin?
  • Spitting water on fans?
Wellllll.... although the above said might all be 100% true but what people do not see are the things Miley Teaches and those are:
  • Media management
  • Media Marketing
  • Identity 
  • Fame
  • Race
  • Class and gender identification.
  • Growing up transition 
I personally have learnt a lot from the 21 year old "Wrecking Ball" singer. Last year I wrote a post about it. Click here.

Now, getting to the point, it turns out that our dear Miley Cyrus is now in a college course.Yes you heard it right. Miley Cyrus is going to be in a course for students to study.

SKIDMORE COLLEGE in Upstate New York will be offering a summer course on Miley called  "The Sociology of Miley Cyrus". The course will focus on Gender Stratification, race, class, fame, entertainment and taking feminist critique of media etc, keeping Miley as the subject. Miley will be used as "a lens into cultural conflicts"

Hmmm.. I'm kinda jealous coz I would have loved to take this summer course if only some college in Bangalore offered this course. Hats off to the wild child/twerking queen for not only making "Twerking" a word in the dictionary but also for being a subject to be studied. Sighhh.... I wonder if I could be a kind of study someday. Maybe someone could study my "Intermittent Explosive Disorder". What would we call it? "The Retardology of Prashh Freebird"? Perhaps!