Friday, 19 December 2014

Styling with U.S. Polo Assn Bangalore. A Collaboration!

Elegant, Class and Chic. These are the words that came to my mind when I entered into the U.S. Polo Assn. store in Bangalore for my next collaboration. Brand new collection, admirable ambiance,polished wooden floor, exquisite setting of the inside of the store with incomparable antiques were taking my breath away. It turned out to be much more than what I expected.

If you din't already know- U.S. Polo Assn is the official brand of the United States Polo Association (USPA), the governing body of the sport of polo in the United States. Today their products are sold in over 135 countries at independent retail stores and departmental stores and U.S. Polo Assn brand stores. The brand captures the authenticity of the sport, while embracing the genuine spirit known throughout the world as Classic American Style. 


Located in 100 feet road, Indiranagar, Bangalore. This particular store is the flagship store in India and the largest store globally. Fascinating, isn't it? Well you will feel every bit of it when you actually enter. 

The brand offered the latest winter wear ranging from classic polo t-shirts, shirts, blazers, formal and informal pants, jackets, sweaters, watches ,sunglasses, socks, bags, caps, and many more. 

Based on the aesthetics of the brand I created 4 different looks, first one being the all time classic. 

So go ahead and take a look at what a man dressed in U.S. Polo looks like. 

Shout out to my boys- 
Photographer- Dipayan Debbarma. Click here to checkout his work.
Model- Rahul Nair, Bangalore based. 

Friday, 5 December 2014

Scullers "This Is Life"- Life outside my cubical.

Finally much awaited month of the year is here. December , a month of holidays, celebration, festival, shopping and love and yes of course my Birthday which I celebrated (3rd of December). This is a month that makes me forget my fitness and eat everything that I love and that's why I also call this a month of becoming fat. I honestly give myself at least one month in a year where I go carefree. 

Now that we are talking about carefree life, lets talk about a new campaign which"SULLERS" a smart premium casual wear brand just wrapped up. The campaign got over on the 30th of November 2014. The campaign was called #ScullersThisIsLife . For those who like celebrating life, who believe in life outside their professional fields, outside their cubical. You think you are one of them? then SCULLERS is the brand for you- apt for your adventurous and urban lifestyle. 

For a change a brand came up with a campaign which encouraged people to celebrate life outside their cubical and forget what they have left behind. The "This Is Life" campaign was conceptualized for you to indulge in things that you absolutely love doing. It was a celebration of life, like singing in your free time, shopping, watching movies back to back, picnic with friends, traveling, reading fashion magazines, making fashion videos etc.

It's now a bit too late for me to be a part of the campaign but hey I can still talk about what I like to do outside my cubical. Can't I?  So here we go............

Well, like it is not obvious already (wink). I like to dress up, click pictures and blog about it. Yes, the one medium which takes my stress out. You can call me freelancer but I do not consider it a freelance job. It's my passion, interest and hobby. It helps me break free and express myself and talk without opening my mouth. Besides just buying new clothes and getting outfits stitched, I also like to dig out my old clothes, mix and match and create something new, something different that people do not usually see around. 

Below are just few pictures of me-

Thursday, 4 December 2014

For the Tattoo Art lovers - Ed Hardy Bangalore. A Collaboration!

Finally it was time for me and my team to collaborate with one of the most unique brands in the world. A brand that found it's inspiration in a tattoo imagery artist and incorporated his art into fashion. Yes I am talking about "Ed Hardy".  This eponymous apparel and accessory brand provides edgy quality merchandise for men and women who are bold and experimental in terms of their style. 

I of course was at the Ed Hardy store which is in the Forum Mall, Koramangla in the city of Bangalore reviewing their winter collection. The fabulous store had a wide range of collection starting from signature style Ed Hardy imprinted T-shirts to the classic Ed Hadry leather jackets, from formal/ informal shirts till sweaters and accessories. 

The store itself reflected what the brand boasts about. "Tattoo Art". 

Since it's winter, I chose to create season appropriate look and since Bangalore weather is so unpredictable, I chose to keep it both warm and cold weather friendly. Layer up if it's cold and no layers if it turns warm.  Checkout the pictures below.

Click here to like the brands Facebook page. 

Want to shop online then visit 

Three cheers to my boys- Models Bharath Bopanna and Angad Bal and fabulous photographer Rohith Sarcar. Click here to check out his work and do not forget to hit the like button! 

Outfit Styling by Me aka Prashant Priyadarshi (wink). 

Bharath Bopanna , Angad Bal 

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Never follow,always lead. #SubjectToChange in collaboration with Indigo Nation.

My this month's collaboration with Indigo Nation was rather fascinating. The new campaign which talks about "Subject to Change" is compelling. The newly autumn winter collection launched revolving around the same concept talks about engineering change than merely embracing it. A change that turns heads, compels people around you to have a second glance whether you are at office, at a store, at market place, or at a club. Indigo nation is for someone who does not like to follow but only lead and make his own style statement.

The brand excels at providing uber stylish street, club, casual and work wear. What more could you want? 

For those who are not aware of the brand and the campaign. 

"Indigo Nation is a brand that’s young, edgy and unconventional and is for the Rockstar of Gen Y. He is young, smart and cool. Wears his attitude up his sleeve and knows his fashion well. If there is one word, one mantra that defined youth today, it’s change. For Gen Y, morals, dress codes, heroes, hangouts, girlfriends, beliefs, aspirations and definitions are all temporary and short-lived. 

So here I was at the store checking out the newly launched and highly fashionable collection.
The Store is situated in 100 feet road, Indiranagar which is the next upcoming shopping street for the fashion lovers of Bangalore. Whether it's a formal party or a dinner date, club hopping or Sunday brunch, Indigo Nation is the destination for you. So wait no more, drop by the store and get your style on. Visit their Facebook page. Click here

Shout to my boys-
Photographer- Dipayan Debbarma, check out his work. Click here.
Model- Jigar Shah. Follow him on Facebook. Click here.

(Styling and direction by ME aka Prashant Priyadarshi) Wink! 

Saturday, 15 November 2014

My connection with "French Connection". A Collaboration!

You might not know this but French Connection is one of my favorite brands. Have invested in it and so far it has kept me proud. It's difficult to find brands that offers fashion forward and quirky clothing range and French Connection is one the very few that provides the same. I always wanted to collaborate with them and finally the wait was over. So here I was at the store checking out their Autumn Winter collection 2014. 

For those who do not know about this brand, let me wiki it down for you- The UK based company also known as FCUK is a retailer and wholesaler of fashion clothing, accessories and homewear . It distributes it's clothing and accessories through it's own stores and through franchise and wholesale arrangements worldwide. The company became notorious for the use of the "fcuk" acronym in it's advertisement campaigns in the early 2000s. I guess that's one of the main reasons why this company is so well known. Not many companies have the balls to be so daring.  The company even after getting into controversies survived and now is one of the biggest names in the world.

I was there with my team, and this time with one of the finest male models of Bangalore who also happens to be my dear friend "Atul Kumar Tripathi". "Hard working and determined guy" is what sums him up. He was generous enough to grace my little fashion blog with his presence. (I din't have to kiss his ass or anything..... if that's what your thinkin. I am famous just so you know.....or at least in my area where 15 people live and call me the next Amanda Bynes. HAH! ) 

Anyway.... the store is in Phoenix Market City, Whitefield, Bangalore. The new collection offered, sweaters, sweatshirts, formal shirts,formal and informal pants, bags, belts, sunglasses, t-shirts, and shorts etc. So the next time you wanna get your style on then you know the CONNECT!  (wink). Click here to like their Facebook page.

A very big shout out to my dear friend and photographer "Dipayan Debbarma". Click here to checkout more of his fabulous work.