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Thursday 21 November 2013

Say hello to Jeremy. My interview with a Denim Jeans Model.

So in my last post I was wearing a denim jump suit and in this post I am in a conversation with a Denim jeans model Jeremy Cormier. Oh yeah.....once again just a stroke of luck. I really enjoyed this interview with Jeremy not only because he is super talented, humble at heart, very interesting to talk to but also because we share some common interests. Sighhhhh... if only I was as good looking as he is... but as you know that God was a bit drunk the day he was makin me.... now I have to deal with the reality. One day I'm sure one day I will find out the purpose of my existence. Anyway... back to my blog. 

So this week I had an awesome time interviewing Jeremy who is from Dieppe, New Brunswick. He is a total package, does runway, print, ads and commercials and he is a boy with brains ha (medical school n stuff) phewwww.....

So ladies and Gentlemen here is Jeremy- 

Photo by- Drew Beedy 

(Would you like to tell us something about yourself Jeremy?)

After numerous years of University taking Sciences, a year of Medical School and a year of Dentistry School, I have decided to follow my dreams and pursue a career in the TV Industry. I am currently taking acting classes, voice classes as well as improvisation classes to help develop a good foundation for this. My long-term vision and goals are to work on hosting big shows and events on television as well as doing interviews; kind of like a Ryan Seacrest and/or Entertainment Tonight personnel. I'm a hard working individual who strives to be the best and have no doubt that I am capable of attaining these goals. 

(What kind of modeling are you into? Do you also do ramp?)

The types of modeling that I have gotten the opportunity to do thus far are fashion and commercial modeling including runway, print and catalogue.

(Who are your favorite designers?)

My favorite designers include Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, Tom Ford, John Galliano and Christian Lacroix. I feel like these are all legendary designers and each and every one of them have unique sense of style and character which is portrayed through their clothing. 

(Oh yes indeed. I am happy that we share kinda have the same taste in designers. Who are your favorite male and female models?)

For this question, it is tough to just pick one model in each gender as there are several for each who are favorites and inspirational to me. 
One of my favorite male models is Davis Gandy. When he started modeling, skinny models dominated the industry but his muscular build actually led to some designers to switch their standards to a more masculine look like his, something that we see more of in today's advertisement. Also, I feel like he is a very well rounded person and continues to demonstrate his great personality and supports the community in numerous ways including charity work.
One of my favorite female models is Daria Werbowy. She was a Canadian model that started off having trouble attaining international success with trouble finding work and then later, went on to earning herself millions of dollars. It's inspirational when you see someone become so successful that started off struggling because it gives you hope and shows everyone that anything is possible. 

Photo by- Andy Long Hoagan 

Photo by- MT

Photo by- MT

(If given a chance, would you consider working for Abercrombie and Fitch where you will have to shirtless most of the time?)

Most definitely. I actually enjoy being shirtless, it's just more comfortable when it's warm enough to be without a shirt. Anytime it would be considered appropriate to be shirtless, I'm probably the first person to take off my shirt; Beaches, hiking and in the comfort of my home are all places where you will find me shirtless most of the time. 

(Your secret celebrity crush?)

Well if I told you my real celebrity crush then it wouldn't be much of a secret anymore aha. But, I will say that Ellen DeGeneres is someone that I look up to and feel is such an amazing and inspirational person and I definitely admire her, so I guess I could say I've got a little crush on her. Hopefully I will get to meet her someday soon. 

(Last question.I am sure by now my readers would already be drooling over you so would you mind telling us if you are single or dating?)

At the moment, I am currently single. Of course I am interested in being in a relationship and I do go on dates here and there to get to know people but as of right now I'm not taken by anyone. 

( hahaha... my readers will be so happy to know that. Thanks a lot Jeremy for interviewing with me. It was a pleasure talking to you.)

No problem, it was a pleasure speaking with you as well. 

Photo by- Drew Beedy

Driss Denim

Photo by- Brian Joseph

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Instagram- Instagram.com/jeremycormier   or @jeremycormier
Twitter- Twitter.com/jeremy_MTL   or @jeremy_MTL 

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