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Saturday 9 November 2013

Smile away- Interview with smiley model Adam Gibbs.

Have you ever looked in the mirror, smiled and said .... "ahh million dollar smile" BLING BLING! Well I do that too... just that in stead of a million dollar smile I see the need of spending a million dollar to get my yellow crooked teeth fixed, then comes the question of getting a lip job done....sighhhhhh.... One day when I have enough money I will turn myself into plastic and be timeless.... now that's some life ha? Don't I sound all SOUND!  

Last month I got an opportunity to interview "Adam Gibbs" who is a SMILE MODEL, TELEVISION PRESENTER and AN ACTOR. You have to see him to believe me.... just the perfect smile, white teeth... anyone would die to have his smile. It was interesting to know about him and his work. Adam also has his own channel where he gives you advice. Ya'll should check him out. 

Watch his Video below and subscribe. 


(Hi Adam, Thanks for doing this interview with me. Would you like to tell us something about yourself?)

Hi, I am a 22 year old model and presenter. I am from the Fleet, Hampshire now living in London. I will be flying to LA next year to present a new TV series called the Ministry of Manners which I am incredibly excited for. I also have my own Youtube channel.

(How long have you been modeling? What are the brands you have worked with till now?)

I have been modeling for 2-3 years. A large amount of the modeling I have done has been generic lifestyle modeling which requires a very clean cut look and cheesy grin. These shots are very versatile and can go off to all sorts of different ads etc. One of the main companies I model with is called Dizzyfinch Studios, and they mainly focus on shots with white background and healthy smile. 
I recently worked in the New Burberry Fragrance campaign in their TV advert which was great fun. 

(How do you maintain your slim body? What is your workout plan?)

I maintain a healthy diet and try to avoid too many sugary snacks. I make sure I lead an active lifestyle, going to the gym three times a week and trying to walk everywhere instead of hopping on a bus. I have been following a workout plan from Men's Health which is a 3 month workout plan specifically targeting abs.

(Fashion to you is?)

Fashion to me is a way of expressing yourself. People make an initial judgement of someone within the first 7 seconds of coming into contact with them. We use the way we dress ourselves as a way of choosing what this initial impression may be.

( Your personal style signifier?)

I like to maintain a very simple classic style as I have to be very versatile for my work and can't box myself into one area. That said, most people would describe the way I dress as smart and preppy. I like to wear beige chinos with a completely plain t-shirt or a smart crisp white shirt and jumper. I also enjoy wearing smart suits and blazers. My motto is- It is always better to be overdressed than under-dressed if you're the only man in the room wearing a smart suit, as long as you look great in it, everyone will respect you for it. It's all about the confidence you exhibit, and you will have that confidence if you are wearing clothes you truly feel comfortable in.

(Thank You very much Adam for interviewing with me. Wishing you all the best for your future.)

SO while you guys go follow Adam on 
Twitter- @thisisadamgibbs  and check out his website-  www.aboutgibbs.com , I will go to my dentist who I have not seen in years and get the tartar removed from my teeth.   


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