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Monday 18 November 2013

My Guilty Pleasure!

I have no idea why I started thinking about guilty pleasure for the past one week. I woke up one fine morning thinking about it. I guess it's got something to do with the paint I was inhaling while gently tapping my feet on my bed.

Siggghhhh...... my life and the dry spell!

The dictionary says that guilty pleasures are things that one should not do or like but we do it anyways. We sure as hell do it but we keep it hush hush...... and sometimes we don't. 

Photo by- Allan Raj

Well for me there has been quite some guilty pleasures along the way. I think growing up I've had more guilty pleasures than actual genuine pleasure giving thoughts. Doing things that you are not suppose to always gives more pleasure rite?

Hell.... I've attended parties themed Guilty Pleasure (I know rite.. I am so cool). All I'm sayin is- The weed delivery boy might have gotten richer over night, two best friends might have made out, a professor might have gotten a little frisky with a student, a teenage girl might have gotten pregnant, the pizza delivery boy might have been stripped down, I might have accepted S&M song  by Rihanna as an anthem and bent over backwards, someone might have done body shots starting real down low.

My point is........ oh wait, I wasn't really goin anywhere with this. So f*** it. 

My mommy always told me not to take pleasure in wrong things and I guess that's the reason why I grew up to be totally misguided individual who is guided by demon voices. I think I will have to write an apology letter to mommy and then go for some kind of convention. 

Coming to a serious note, I do have a real guilty pleasure problem and that is "EATING" anything that is absolutely unhealthy. Like mostly the fried and sweet stuff. I have tried overcoming this many times but failed. On doing a little research on the internet and speaking with my buddies, I found out how weird can people actually get. 

So here is the best of the most retarded GUILTY PLEASURE- 

  1. Watching reality shows staring stupid rich people.
  2. Watching Youtube videos of guys with weird accents.
  3. Tweeting about someone you absolutely hate. (You will only get more worked up because the person will never know about it).
  4. Playing with your own beard and pulling it. (Ouch)
  5. Watching Jerry Springer show.
  6. Watching Indian TV shows by Ekta Kapoor and thinking what's gonna happen next.
  7. Walking on the road listening to music and choreographing in your head.
  8. Listening to Mariah Carey's songs and pretending it's you singing with such high notes.
  9. Watching videos of soldiers coming home and sobbing.
  10. Singing Beyonce songs in the bedroom and flipping hair like her.
  11. Watching a romantic comedy and making it your own story.  
Photo by- Allan Raj

Allan Raj

Photo by- Allan Raj
All the pictures have been taken by my dear friend and a very talented Literature student Allan Raj. Click here to see his Flickr page and if you guys wanna connect with him on facebook then click here

T- shirt- Jules 
Fedora- Tie Rack London 
Jump suit- Denim 
Shoes- don't ask I am embarrassed to tell.  

That being said I leave you with this video by Cobra Starship. Enjoy!!!!

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