Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Model Feature- French Male model "Julien Leo Pasktier".

Here is a little treat for my girls and my gay boys. Meet Julien Leo Pasktier. A 22 year old model from Paris. Checkout his sleek and chiseled body. Can give anyone a complex. Well Julien is one of the very few models I come across who does not spend half his day at the gym. Yes, he told me that he works out just for an hour everyday and sometimes he passes. Hmm.... I wish I could do that too and look as amazing as him but nevermind.

He is not much of a fashion guy he says- "I have a regular job. Modeling is just my hobby. I work really hard and I sometimes find it very difficult to manage both sides together. I do not even workout everyday. I try to workout for an hour every day but sometimes when I am lazy I pass (chuckle)".

I sympathize with you completely Julien. If I were in your shoes I would have probably given up by now. Well then again..that's just me... I am a lazy f**k who barely amounts to anything in life.

Well looks like this French Garcon is going to make it big very soon. His talent of seducing camera and making love with it will take him places.

It was just a five minutes talk but it was an absolute pleasure. Looking forward to catching up with you again very soon.

Merci Beaucoup mon ami, à bientôt,

By William Geran

By Cyprien Leym

By Williams Geran

By William Geran

By William Geran

By William Geran

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