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Friday 7 March 2014

Meet Mihalis Kampourakis, a Greek Model. An interview!

After a long time I got the opportunity to feature another male model in my blog. It took a little time, little hard work, little convincing, and a little time to tell myself "Yes I can do this" but I finally did it. I have never ever interviewed a runway model and this time I feel really happy or as I like to call it (I feel the tickle in my butt) to be featuring Mihalis. A Greek model who worked the runway of Milan Fashion week and oohhhhhh trust me you will go to the gym from tomorrow after seeing his pictures. If not gym then you will definitely stop eating trash coz our Greek boy is inspiring.

So all my curious and bi-curious readers, presenting to you- Mihalis Kampourakis.

Don't forget to scroll right down because I have linked some kickass videos of Mihalis. The commercials and Runway videos.

by Piero Pandolfino Milano
editorial for TOH magazine Milano by SIMON

1) Hi, Mihalis, you know generally I start any interview by asking questions like “ Tell me something about yourself” and blah blah but in your case I would like to start the interview not by asking but telling you that…….oh man… your from Greece and you got the looks and body of a Greek God! So tell me how did you achieve this level of fitness and how many love proposals do you have to refuse everyday? Lol

Hhahahahaha...first of all I would like to take the chance to thank you for having me here. With regards to my body type and looks in specific I need to thank my parents for their wonderful combination.From an early age I was into sports and especially javelin throw. I did reach a very good level in the nationals but after an injury I had to stop and that's when I gained a lot of weight and you can imagine I was 35 kilos more than what I am right now. At that time I looked like Hulk the beast. But then I lost weight, always natural, no anabolic pills and doping pills in general. I have always been fond of a Greek saying- "a healthy mind in a healthy body".

2) You are a model we all can see, how long have you been modeling and do you do runway shows as well?

Years ago I moved to the Greek capital Athens for further studies in Political Science and History from Panteion University, Kalymnos Island. I was not doing javelin throw anymore so I started working at a bar and a club to earn more money and started going to the gym as well. It just happened so, a friend of mine sent me to a modeling agency and I got selected but they told me to lose weight. This is how it all started.... I have lost 35 kilos in the last two years. I realized that as my size was getting smaller, my job offers were getting better in the fashion industry. 
3) If not modeling then what else do you see yourself do as a profession? Do you also do runways as well?
I've got my degree in political science and history and I speak Greek, English, Italian and French, I also have experience in sales. So I definitely know and I am sure that I would have started my own business and one day I will start my own business in fashion.
I do both shootings and catwalks. Although im concerned not skinny fashion shows work well. When I was in milan I walked for 2 designers in milan fashion week 2013. (You will see the videos in my profile)
4)Your adventure fantasy?
Adventure fantasy? LOL.... Be the face of big brands and being super busy from one booked job to another all around the world!
5) Your signature look? What style/fashion defines Mihalis? What is your style expression.
Well I don't have a specific style. I try to look elegant, sexy and chic, I prefer total black casual outfits and also my gym clothes..lol....not only that.... I express myself through my choice of music and ways of entertainment.
6) Your favorite fashion icon and why?
Well when I started modeling, I fell in love with the career of Mr.David Gandy. Being one of the most handsome men worldwide I was very much influenced by him and his career that went crazy successful since he started. It's a co incidence that I have always been in love with the Italian brand Dolce & Gabbana. If I have to go back many years when I was 13, the first designer piece I ever bought was a D&G jeans. I also like Giorgio/Emporio Armani, Ports 1961, Prada, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Givency a lot.
7) Any fitness and fashion advice you’d like to give my readers?
You know it's kinda funny how I am a big foody. I love eating. It's my love. I eat almost everything and you can ask any of my friends about my eating habbits but I watch my proportions. I eat in small proportions.It's only human to sometimes eat like a pig but I make sure that the next day I do double of cardio to burn all that. I workout regularly. My gym program ever since I started modeling includes only cardio and abs. I can't do weights because I grow muscles very fast.
8) Last question Mihalis. Considering the fact that most of my readers must be going through a lot of hormonal rush just by looking at your pictures, tell me if you are single or not? And if you are then what qualities do you look for in a perfect partner?
LOL...I'm single, that's the truth. Although my life is kinda hectic at times, I am a person who likes being in a relationship. For me beauty without brain and education is just a stone to throw back. Of course beauty catches your eyes first but my heart and mind needs more than external charm.
9) Would you like to share your Twitter, instagram accounts so that people could follow you there?
Fb page: Michail Kampourakis
Instagram: kik Kampourakismichail
Twitter and tumblr are all connected with fb.
10)Thank You very much Mihalis once again for interviewing with me. I'd like to wish you all the best for your future.
Thank you once again for having me in your blog. Remember- Try to be humble in whatever you chase for!

"greek god" by john mitropoulos Greece

fashion editorial for Antivirus magazine Greece by Panagiotis Simopoulos

"Last Warrior" print issue of Trend Prive by Katja Kat USA

Photo by Piero Pandolfino ,Milano

By- Errikos Andreou Paris

by Piero Pandolfino Milano

photographer Kim De Molenaer for PHOTOGRAFIE CIRCUIT in Belgium.

ports 1961 Milan fashion week (david frorentin, me, jarrod scott)

cover and editorial for TOH magazine Milano by SIMON

editorial for elegant magazine NYC by Peny Giannakou

fashion editorial for Antivirus magazine Greece by Panagiotis Simopoulos

Mihalis' personal 

fashion editorial for Antivirus magazine Greece by Panagiotis Simopoulos
editorial for TOH magazine Milano by SIMON

Errikos Andreou Paris




Introduction Video. Click here.
Nivea Commercial. Click here.
In a music video of a Greek singer Shaya. Click here.
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  1. NIce body!
    Hugs from Greece :)


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