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Wednesday 6 November 2013

A letter to Miley Cyrus. What did I learn from you.

Dear Miley,

May the odds be ever in your favor. The world is against you but let me tell you (even though you don't care) that I am with you.  It's been more than two months  and people are still talking about your VMA performance with Robin Thicke. Your like the one person everyone wanted to be for Halloween, your hair, looks, foam finger and the ridiculous VMA costume has become legendary and you chose to be Lim Kim on Halloween. You defeated Madonna and Britney's most talked about VMA performance. If at all, the world should be thanking you to keep them bloody entertained for two whole f*****g months. In show biz staying in the news for two months is like 5 years in human life time. If I had a body worth flaunting then I wouldn't want to wear clothes either.. (well not as much as you though........ you know coz I'm an Indian and we're shy and stuff).

They said- Miley can't sing, she can't act, they mocked, criticized, abused you, called you names....... but throughout you held it tight girlfriend and you TWERKED your way out.
Boy O Boy ..... you got some potential. I must admit, now your a f*****g twerking queen. It's like it came out of your tushy. You made it your own. Not even our black beauties Nicki Minaj and Ciara could do that. You gave all the youtubers a reason to make money.Not only the youtubers but the instagramers, viners, keekers, bloggers, tweeters, Facebook whores and the 1000 other social media websites to mint money out of you. 

You motivated all the fatties out there to work and twerk out. Keep the damn teeth clean and lashes long. your the talk of almost every household,desire of every teenager, fantasy of every daddy and "dream to be like" of every homo. You stood up for yourself in SNL show, confronted the world. You made fun of yourself on the show about your performance. It showed the real you that there is no turning back for you and no matter what- you wont take nothing from nobody. Atta gurl!!

Your sense of humor is outstanding and I conclude this not only by your interviews on Allan Carr and Ellen but also coz of the reason you gave for why you like sticking your tongue out all the time on SNL. If anyone hasn't watched it yet then click here and here.

"It's how I smell. Like a snake".

Whatever has been goin on between you and Sinead O'Connor is just a phase which will soon get over. I guess the Irish singer is just worried for you so we must give her a break and enough of those open letters already coz that's not gonna do any good. She must consider your tweet and meet you in person instead of battling it online and whatever may be the reason for your break up with Liam Hermsworth, be it your twerking and grinding performance with Mr.Thicke at the VMA's or the chart busting video of "Wrecking Ball".... it's no one f*****g business!

From Hannah Montana to a wild child has been quite a journey for you. You may not realize it coz your just 20 but might have taught few business students a lesson or two.

These are the things that I have learnt from your latest escapades in the media. 
  1. Organizational change- Changing yourself with time and environment is extremely important in the business world. You change and so does the market, human requirement, expectations. Accepting the change and working towards it can bring you great success.
  2. Creating the right brand- Create a brand that will do wonders for you. Something that no one has ever seen. You always dream of doing something big and outrageous but you do not want to take any risk. You want to be safe but how will you know what you are capable of if you do not take a risk. Everything created today was once only imagined. So someone's gotta do it. 
  3. Accept failure- If you cannot accept failure then you will never be successful. (Gosh m talkin like I'm a big shot...pfff... anyway). So there was a point of time when Miley was not in the news at all. No albums, no singles, no movies. Of course, being in the business is not always a "party in the USA", there are ups and downs but through it all Miley now has world's no 1 album. Gurlfriend got RICH as soon as she released "We can't stop".
  4. Use the wrecking ball to wreck the negativity- Being self employed is a hard job. There are crazy down and lows. Eliminate anything or anyone that comes in between you and your career. Miley Cyrus claims that she was in a relationship that needed to be wrecked that's why she teared up in the official video.
  5. Create a solid content- Know your target inside out. Do your market research and give them what they want. If showing skin can make your product sell then do so. Like they say- SEX SELLS!! So sell what needs to be sold in business world. 
  6. Change marketing strategies- She went from being a Disney Queen to  being a bad girl. As she started growing up she realized that she has to capture the adult audience too and BAM! Now she is making headlines, signing record deals and appearing on the cover of magazines. Its a tough world where you are not the only creative thinker in the market. So what can you bring to the table to get noticed? 
  7. Longevity- Don't stop the work. Keep the creativeness flowing, strive for innovation. Don't give up until you get what you want. Miley faced failure, came back, released "We can't stop" followed by VMA performance, social media exploded after she released the never seen before "Wrecking ball" video.....going on to SNL where she mocked herself to releasing another song "23" . I wonder when did she have the time to breath coz in between all these she was appearing on various talk shows and performing and stuff. So you see- her presence is so strong as a brand right now that people even in Countries we've never heard of are talking about her. 


  1. Great post! we as artists dont expect every Tom DIck and harry on the street to understand the art that we create!

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