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Wednesday 13 November 2013

Straight from Serbia- Meet an upcoming designer Jovan Stevanovic.

One of the good things about being a blogger is that- you get to meet so many different kinds of people. Your social life takes a high flight and along the way very unknowingly you make new friends. Growing up I always had a dream of becoming a designer and put my creativity on clothes. For some reason my dream took a walk out of the darn window and never came back. I am guessing it got drunk and passed out somewhere.

Few weeks ago I interviewed a Serbian upcoming designer Jovan Stevanovic who I feel very happy to feature on my blog. He is sassy, smart and hilarious. He's a got a fresh mind and if any of you wanna know how to make it in the fashion world then you should probably read this interview.

Girls and Boys...... here is the GUILTY for being charming "JOVAN"

Photo credit- Dejan Radic

(Hi Jovan. Would you like to tell us something about yourself?)

Something about myself? Easy- Cocky little sh#t! Kidding... lol. How should I start. First of all, I never knew I'd be a designer. Back in the days I used to dance and I was a dance choreographer. One thing lead to another- I hurt my leg and BAM@&%!! Here it was, my new profession.

(How long have you been designing?)

I have been designing for 5 years now. At first it was hard cause I knew nothing and had no one to teach me, but as time went by, I started getting better at it. I grew both as a person and as a designer. I guess every designer's story is the same..... WE DID NOT LIKE THE TRASH IN LOCAL BOUTIQUES SO WE CREATED OUR WON!

(You have quite a models look. Would you consider taking up modeling as a career?)

Trust me I don't. I would love to be a model, but I'm not. Make up and photoshop are 50% of me...hahaha. I do it only for fun and maybe cause I'm an egoistic douchebag.

Photo credit- Dejan Radic

Photo credit-Dejan Radic

Photo credit- Igor Cvoro

(Funny answer...lol.. I would like to disagree though. So tell us -Who are your favorite fashion designers and why?)

My personal favorites are Pam Hogg, Thierry Mugler, Givenchy etc. I think their work speaks enough.

(Great choice Jovan. They all indeed are amazing designers. So tell us- Since you are an up coming designer yourself- How difficult is it to get into the world of fashion as a designer?)

My theory is simple. If you believe in the clothes that you are making, I think it's easy but if you are doing it just to become famous .... then you'll never make it!

(Couldn't agree more. What kind of clothes do you design?)

I started designing only male wardrobe. One collection after another then I started with women as well. Imagine mixing sex toys, leather, metal, a lot of black and a lot of red. That's how I describe my designs.

(Do you enjoy dressing up men or women more?)

I don't like how this question sounds. I enjoy dressing a PERSON WITH A STRONG CHARACTER. I would dress up a little bunny if it had a strong personality. (Wink)

(Your personal style signifier?)

I think it would be my tattoos. 

Photo credit- Natasa Lucic

Photo credit- Dejan Radic

Photo credit- Dejan Radic

 Photo credit- Tibor Golob

Thank You Jovan for talking to me. It indeed was a pleasure. I really enjoyed this interview session with you. 

Here are some of Jovan's collection. I really like all the raunchy outfits. Its very creatively done.

Follow Jovan on-

and if you want to see more of his collection then check out his Website-


  1. Amazing!!!! He has really cool stuff!!!
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    1. thanks a lot Andi. You got an amazing blog yourself. Loved it ^^