Friday, 13 June 2014

Singer/Actor/photographer all the way from Chile- Meet El Virgo.

I will have to admit it. I had an absolute ball chatting with my new featured boy El Virgo. He is as funny as a person as he is as an artist. He is a brilliant singer, model, photographer and actor all rolled up in one. In short he is a package and a real good one. I mean when I asked him if he loves fashion, he told me that he likes it but he prefers being naked. How cool is that? I mean you really need to be very confident to give such kind of answer. I really appreciate him. I wish I could be that confident. Pffff.... but nevermind!

You should probably give his tracks a listen before you proceed. Click here to checkout his soundcloud.
He is originally from Chilean Patagonia, a town named Coyhaique. He moved to Santiago when he was 18.
I was having a one on one with the singer himself. He said-
I'm an actor and a photographer too but my true passion is music and I wanna pursue my dream. I am doing everything to make myself a good product..haha. I have my very first music video coming up by the end of this month and I am super excited about that. If all goes well then I would like to move to Europe for sometime next year.
I was quite intrigued by his photography and asked him "Why so many naked pictures"? to which he said- 
"I like being naked, I like having sex, Lust is beautiful, it connects two bodies, feeds desire, I like feeding my desires as well".
and our conversation went on further..... trust me... this was one of the best conversation I have ever had. Someone so bold and confident and knows exactly what he is and what he wants and not give a f**k about the world. Love his attitude. Way to go boy!
Click here to checkout his flickr account. It's fabulous. I really think this guy should be in VOGUE!

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  1. The photo with the marihuana plants isn't him or from the photographer its from a german model and actually got published in GQ Germany.