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Saturday 7 June 2014

Meet Mathilda the photographer.

It's my pleasure to be featuring Mathilda Perrot on my blog.

Q- Who is she?

A- My very dear friend and a budding fashion and lifestyle photographer.

Q- Where is she from?

A- From the fashion city Lille, France.

Q- How do I know her?

A- None of your business. lol Just kidding.

Mathilda and I met two years back at common party. Back then we had no idea that we would still be such good friends. I looked at her as I would look at any other white girl with good style and she looked at me like any white woman would look at a brown Indian boy (at least that's what I am guessing..haha). Anyway.... long story short.... we ended up becoming really good friends. How could we not rite? 

Mathilda is a professional photographer and the reason why I post today, the reason I look confident in front of the camera, part of the reason why I started blogging. She always told me that I was her best experiment to do her shoots with and I loved posing for her.She taught me how to work in front of the camera, she taught me how to look like a star in front of the camera, she taught me not to care what others think while shooting. So basically, what I am trying to say is that she is the damn reason I am self obsessed today.... so blame her not me...hahahahaha (Sorry Mathilda, excuse moi ). 

Currently Mathilda studies Artistic Direction at the Sup de Creation, a creative advertising school in Lille, France and has been interning in a luxury advertising agency in Paris. Her fantastic work was the photo of the month in a magazine called Phototech. Check out the photo here and another one for the same magazine. Click here.

I was talking to the rising star herself last night asking her about her interest etc. 

Mathilda-  I like all kinds of photography. For me what holds importance is to create a new unique picture,a veritable atmosphere, like another world that no one has seen. Camera for me is tool using which I put my thoughts into creative visuals. I like photo-manipulation and photo editing. I think it's important for a photographer to give his or her own identity touch to their work. Landscape is another addition I would like to add to my work because I love to travel but as of now I mainly capture people and I love that.

Below are just few examples of her brilliant work. Liker her Facebook page. Click here and follow her on tumbler. Click here.

Oh then there was me..... the super model (wink)


  1. LOVE IT <3 Thanks sweety <3

  2. Beautiful pictures! I loved the job this photographer. Congratulations!


    1. she is brilliant .. yes :) Thanks Paulo :)

  3. This is hot! I like this post a lot! Great Going!