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Tuesday 17 June 2014

Meet Covergirl Archana Akil Kumar.

She is a super model, a cover girl. She was on the cover of Elle magazine, Marie Claire, Grazia, and many more editorials and God bless her because she has graced my blog as well.

So here is the story about Archana and myself........ we never met when we were 16, we did not hangout, we did not drink together, one thing did not lead to another and so we are not really end up being bosom buddies. Well... I wish we were though...sighhh!

Meeting Archana was just a sheer luck for me. I met her at a fabulous night club in Bangalore city. I was mesmerized by her appearance. Classic, sexy and chic could sum her up. For those who do not know her ... well it's about time you start googling. 

Here she is with me -

What you must know about her is that- she is extremely friendly and humble,politeness overload. I met her only twice but I could really feel comfortable around her. Yeah that's her aura. 

To let you know a little more about her-Archana is from Bangalore but lives in Mumbai, she started modeling in the year 2009. Her first ever runway show was for her college fashion show and that's where everything began. She got noticed, got opportunities has been growing eversince. There is no looking back or stopping for her.

"My style is simplicity at its best. My style mantra is always a pair of denims with a white shirt or tank tops with sneakers and a tote bag or a sling. I love casuals during the day and everybody likes to have their favorites at night."says Archana. 


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