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Monday 14 April 2014

Top 10 reasons for not wearing PANTS!

So as y'all may or may not know that the most retarded ideas come to my head when I am unable to sleep. Yeah so last night I was unable to sleep for some odd reason. I was pretty comfortable in my bed scratching my legs, looking at my ugly feet and kinda feeling myself. Then it occurred to me that I actually rarely wear pants at home. FYI, I live with 8 housemates. Yeah that's true, there's always a party in my house and I don't even need to get drunk to take my pants off coz I barely wear them. One of my room mates actually was surprised to see me wear pants one day and told me that it's kinda weird to see me that way... you know.... "fully dressed". Well I can't help it.... I must be a street walker in my last life.. otherwise why would be slutty? The only thing that I haven't done yet is flashing my junk to a stranger and the rest I put in "been there done that" category. 

Anyway so I decided to do you a favor by letting you know why you should not wear pants at home (wink).

  1. Comfort- First and the foremost-No pants mean comfort. It's just so comfortable. Pants ruin everything. When you live alone where no one is coming to see you then let it go. Well in my case, I live with roomies but I still don't give a flying f**k. I do squats. 
  2. Freedom- After a long day of work you gotta let them breathe. Myyyy... can you imagine yourself being in a box for 10 hours a day and sleeping in it too? No rite? Your junk needs fresh air. 
  3. Let lose- Just like Bruno Mars says in his "The lazy song" Let everything hang lose. 
  4. Makes you a better dancer- Now if you have seen any of the famous dancers then you will know that dancers never practice with pants on. So you think you can dance? Then take your pants off and show the wiggle and jiggle. 
  5. Being lazy means No Pants- Seriously, how else are you gonna be lazy? Stay home all day long, eat, sleep, watch a movie without your pants on. I even cook without pants, my maid once saw me in the kitchen and could  not stop giggling. Pffffff.... now she is used to it. haha
  6. Confidence building- Yeah.. it boosts your confidence about your own ass. So next time you walk into a club and someone says " Ooo la la ...dat ass" then you gotta turn around and say "I know rite".
  7. Easy access- Also you get easy access to scratching your bum. You can put your hands all around if need be.
  8. If Miley Cyrus can go on world tour just in her underwear then you of course can wear them and strut around in your territory.
  9. Toilet friendly- Yes.... its convenient when you need to go for a lil poopsi doops. 
  10. and last, it just makes you feel relaxed and puts you to a good sleep.                                                

and here is a little video to brighten your day. Thank me later 

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