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Friday 18 April 2014

Fashion and Style tips for Broke people!

There is nothing wrong in being low maintenance. You will learn how to make things possible that would otherwise seem impossible when you keep yourself on a tight budget. After all it was the desperation that led to any kind of invention. 

I definitely take a certain level of pride in being low maintenance. It's a nice feeling when people ask you if what you're wearing is some designer brand when it is not. Isn't it all about finding fashion in the most unlikely place? If you can find a stylish piece of anything where people do not even think of going, then you have already won the fashionisto crown. 

I remember when I was student, it was more than just difficult to keep up with my demands. Well.. not that much has changed now. Pffffff....   

So if you are a student and you don't wanna shell out your piggy bank savings or your monthly grocery money over shoes and accessories and yet want to look stylish and trendy then do what I do and follow the tips given below:

  1. Renew the oldies- Dig into your closet and take out clothes which you have not worn in a long time. First check if they still fit you then see if you can crop them, paint them or simply match them with something new to make it look fresh and trendy.
  2. Shop at flea markets- I always shop at places most fashion bloggers would not even want to go. You will always find me at the flea markets, discounted stores or street shopping. Do not get me wrong, I never buy duplicates. I'd rather not wear brands than fake it. You will be surprised how many stylish clothes you will find at these kind of markets. Of course you will have to give time and dig through the pile. 
  3. Swap or borrow- I do this. Every once in a while borrow clothes form your friends or swap them. There is no harm. No one at the club is gonna know who you are wearing. 
  4. Mix and Match- This is the best option. Buy something new, mix and match it with something and you're good to go.
  5. New hair do- In the worst case, just get a new hair do, this way people would not notice that you are repeating outfits but will be too busy looking at your hair. 
Now coming to what I am wearing. It's all the combination of old and borrowed,nothing new. This is how I live my life. I literally leach on to people. I take stuff from them and never return. 

The pink t-shirt is from H&M that i bought two years ago, pants gone wrong while attempting to crop it Tommy Hilfiger (3 year old), Denim Jacket belongs to a darling friend Camille who by mistake left it at my house and went back to her country and here I am working a female denim jacket (sorry Camille, I promise I will send it to you soon), bag belongs to my little baby sister Mili who thought that this bag would definitely make me look more gay than I already do (thanks Mili, I think I served the purpose. I am now 2 seconds away from being a drag queen) and finally my favorite Chuck Taylor shoes. They never go wrong. 

Oh and by the way... the pictures as usual have been taken by my dear friend Allan Raj but have not been re touched coz I am f*****g picture perfect. I woke up flawless (wink).       
Hail Beyonce!

Check out Allan's flickr here and if you want to find him on Facebook then click here.   


  1. Such a great post! :)
    ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡
    Do you want to follow each other on instagram? I'm Chic Street Choc ! Thank uuu

    1. Thanks and sure. I will follow you there :)

  2. Nice bag, and converse them never can miss in my closet, I like it.
    Greetings :-)


  3. Those short shorts are amazing!!