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Tuesday 1 April 2014

Insults are not forever.Fight it.You will grow past it eventually.

People of my own country never cease to amuse me. Why am I saying this? Well because this past month (March 2014) has been little extra ordinary for me. I learnt a lot. Learnt to not give a ****. I had people throwing stones at me on the street, had someone throw a shoe stand at me while I was on my way to a fashion show, and had been called a rare creature in a way which I consider un-parliamentary. Why all this? Oh well..lets just say... my hair and clothes are not considered quite acceptable in the  "normal" society. Hmmmmm..........

Isn't it funny that I like talking about things that other people would rather not and keep it under their toop? Yeah because I really think that if I can get over all my insecurities by sharing it with the world then I will have some level of satisfaction within me and that I will know that they tried to shame me but instead they made a stronger person. 

Now if you know anything about me, I grew up being insulted and being made fun of like all the f*****g time. My childhood, primary school, high school and a part of my college was a nightmare but I grew past it and now if anyone thinks that they can out insult me then... I'd like them to think again coz coming to me with a motive of putting me down is like throwing yourself in an insult pit. That's right .. I'm going to cut you into pieces like lamb chops coz this daddy has grown balls.... really big ones!

My advice to anyone out there who faces situations like me are-

Do not bother, do not react, do not look back, stay focused because you have come too far to look anywhere else. 
  • For if there are three boys throwing stones at you because you look different then there will be 30 more who would be waiting to see you and tell you how special you are, how fabulous you look and how much they appreciate you. 
  • For if there is one person in a crowd throwing shoe stand at you then there will be a whole group of people waiting to get your business card just to make acquaintance and to know where you get your inspiration from.
  • For if there is one person calling you a rare creature then there will be 10 more who would love you just because you are rare. 
Things do get better.. trust me .. it's my personal experience... this uphill battle is my daily life but does it look like I give a **** ?? LOL

Oh and by the way, those three boys who threw stones at me on the street and the bloated chick who called me a rare creature looked like they all fell off the ugly sky, onto an ugly tree, hitting every ugly branch on the way down and they landed over the ugly ground. They really looked like they were a cross breed between a crocodile and a sloth, yeah.. they had such faces that even a mother wouldn't love them. 

I mean I do understand that I look weird and I wear unusual outfits but I have been called worse by better looking people. Yeah true.

Well allow me to add a bit more.........

Those three boys.. I tell yah... if they put their faces on buildings, even voodoo witches would run away, yeah they looked like dorks. Y'all know what dork means rite? (a whale's dick) so they were the biggest dicks. Might as well start wearing condoms on their faces if they're gonna be that big of a dick and that chick who called me a rare creature..... phhewwww... gosh you should have heard her voice... it was like two cats f*****g.

haaaaaaaa.... I feel good now!  

Thanks to Allan Raj, my very dear friend for the photos. He does an amazing job. I do not need worry when I work with him. It's essential to build a comfortable relationship with the photographer you work with to get good results and I think we share a pretty good relation in that regards. You can see that I am pretty comfortable in my undies ha! Click HERE to check out his flickr account or catch him on FACEBOOK.

Here is a song for y'all DIFFERENT people.

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