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Wednesday 9 April 2014

Beauty with Brain "Anais Veerapatren", a strong contender at The "Top Model of the World 2014" Contest.

Talk about exotic beauty, Anais Veerapatren literally defines it. She is no stranger to the runway, she exactly knows how to pose in front of the camera, she knows how to seduce the camera, she is beauty with brain- a perfect match , she is a former beauty queen who won the title of Miss Mauritius and this year she is representing her country in the "Top Model of The World 2014"contest. Last year she graced my blog by giving me her interview and if you missed out on that then click here to read.

Now here is my thing- Anais might not arguably have the best body or the perfect looks but she is gorgeous, sexy,and definitely has her place in the competition. Strong of her experience from International pageants like Miss Universe, Miss World and from her achievements as a top model across the world, Anais is a strong contestant in this pageant and more importantly she is very well educated and that's the reason I call her beauty with brain as she did not let anything come in between her studies, went ahead and completed her masters degree.

You sure do not want to vote for girls who are just skinny and know how to pose but have to wake up every morning, eat a bowl of alphabets to crap out some sense or the ones who get insulted but take a whole live long day to figure what it was. I mean at the end of the day you do want your beauty queen to stand up on the stage and talk something other than "World Peace" rite? Yeah.. that's what I thought. So we do agree with each other! 

It just so happens that Anais and I are really good friends and talking from my own experience I can tell that I have never met a super model who is so well educated, is nice, sensitive, kind, not judgmental, and who actually cares. She is like a package.  

So my dear readers, lets do this world a favor by voting for Anais Veerapatren this year. A model who can make a difference. Who can actually differentiate between Economics, Business and a Chanel clutch purse. 

So spare just 5 seconds from your busy time and vote for Anais Veerapatren. The contest is tomorrow so do not waste any time and vote now. 

To vote for Anais click HERE and select Mauritius and press the vote button. It will not take more than 5 seconds.

Facebook page- https://www.facebook.com/topmodeloftheworld

and if you want to follow Anais on her personal Facebook page then click HERE.

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