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Monday 2 September 2013

Megamart Mega Model hunt 2013/ Bangalore.

I had always dreamt of becoming a model, having a glamorous life, with cameras flashing around me, walking the ramp-fresh on the runway, signing autographs and people looking up to me and saying “ waaooo......look at him....perfection would be an understatement” but instead I have people looking at me raising their eyebrows  and shout out loud- “ What the hell is that formless piece of clay?”

Sighhhhh..... Dear God, Why Why Why this unkindness with me? Why dint you make me drool worthy so that people could objectify me, look at me and go RAWWRRR.... and think dirty???  What’s the point of living if I am unable to pollute peoples mind and their intentions by my sexually irresistible appearance?

Annnyywaayy.... now that the disaster has already happened, might as well live with it because I don’t think so there is any plastic surgeon doc enough to reconstruct me. Pfffffff....

Well now getting to the point. On Saturday I got a chance to attend the “Bangalore Mega Model Hunt” show. Lot of eye candies I must say. Looking around and wondering WTF......there were cleavages and naked torsos all around the place. I was intimidated, so I decided to get critical and pin point faults and make fun of others just to get over my own insecurities. Hah... I am so classy!

The event was organised by a well known fashionisto of Bangalore “Prasad Bidapa”. Bringing all the good looking and talented youth from all around the country into one place for the fashion fight.

The show displayed appealing outfits, the jewellery designed by young designers from Vogue institute. I must say I fell in love with the accessories. They altogether did a good job at putting up a show. There were 14 participants who won different titles and who will be trained and will be featured in magazines, ad campaigns, will be on the runway for famous Indian fashion designers and in the commercials. 

The best part of the night was - I got to sit right in the front and I had no clue that super model Carol Gracious was one of the judges and was seated two feet away from me. I was sooo engrossed in the show and with my camera that I dint even wanna blink my eyes. I managed to get some courage to go to her and ask for a picture and she said -SURE. 

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