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Tuesday 24 September 2013

Dare to Wear- A salute to the risk takers!

I have always believed in standing out in a crowd (in a good way and in a bad way as well) as long as you are getting noticed. If you believe in fashion and you do not get noticed then you have to question yourself- "What are you doing so wrong?" Why isn't your expensive outfit not making any difference? Was your investment worth it? 
Then whats the point?

You may have a lot of money but wearing expensive clothes is not the real deal but choosing the right outfit is.  What you really need in your wardrobe is "style". If you got that then fashion will swing by anytime. 

I personally like taking risk and pushing boundaries. It's fun to see people's reaction, specially if you live in places where fashion is still in its premature stage. I came across these pictures on Pinterest and could not stop myself from sharing it with my readers. Look at these men and the fashion risk that they are pulling off. Totally inspiring. These are few of favorites. 

Source- Pinterest

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