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Friday 30 August 2013

Fitness First- In conversation with Clement Henri.

As y'all might or might not know, I have taken fitness very seriously. Well... more seriously in my head and in my dream where I see myself working out like crazy and attaining that beach body but when I wake up I just find some excuse to still stay in my bed and promise myself to get up early the next morning and lose at least 2 pounds by starving myself to death. Phewwww....

Anyway, I am considering focusing on it......looking at my friends and how fit they are, I feel miserable. So I decided I will take some advice from the best fitness trainer friend I have in my life.

Ladies and Gentlemen. Presenting to you "CLEMENT HENRI" 

(Hello Clem! Would you like to introduce yourself to my readers?)

Hi Prashant, well you have already introduced me so let me say something that the readers do not know. I am 24 year old boy from France, I live in Lille. I have been in Lille studying for the past 5 years and have had international experience in Granada, Spain for a year. 
I did my graduation in sports coaching so that is why I am a personal trainer and a coach. Besides that I am doing Masters in Evaluation and Optimization of sport performance and at the same time I am also doing a course to graduate in sport rehab.
I have been a fitness trainer for a French men basketball team (regional level) and for a semi professional women volleyball team (National 3 level).
Sport is more than just an activity for me. It's a way of life. It gives rhythm to my day to day life. 
Then...ummm...Prash you know that I love to travel. I so far have traveled across Canada, USA, Spain, Tunisia, England, Greece and Turkey. Besides that I like to speak English and Spanish with my strong French accent. (Wink).

(How do we know each other?)

We met each other during an international weekend event when you were studying in France and I am really glad that I know a guy like you. 
It was a fun time then and I hope we stay in touch forever like we usually are.  

(A very obvious question- You are so fit. What did you do to achieve such a ripped body?)

Hahaha....well... thanks a lot. I have to say that I workout a lot and have been playing sport since a young age. I used to do 20 hours of sport at my university for the first two years. 
So I guess that is why I managed to be fit. lol
Now I practice everyday for pleasure, to feel fit and energetic. It's important for me to workout since I play basketball. 

(What advice would you like to give to us who find it difficult to make time for workout?)

As I said, sport is a way of life for me. I know that everyone cannot have time to workout but I think everyone wants to be healthy and fit or at least think of getting healthy and fit. I never tell people what they should or should not do but advice them. The choice is their's. I just tell them that they have to think about what they want and how they want it. 
Do you think that three table spoons of nutella is good for your health or for your body? you have the answer. That is why I recommend to at least eat healthy if you do not have time to workout. 

(Is fasting necessary to achieve a lean body?)

I never advice to fast. I advice to eat healthy, fresh, organic and in proportion.
Everyone is different so diet may or may not work for everyone. There aren't any secrets of losing weight. You have to work hard to achieve anything in life, be it your own desired body shape. For me the most important thing isn't to have a lean body, it's to feel great in my body.

(Would you recommend diet supplements that are available in the market? Are they any good?)

I recommend it to some athletes , like protein because their workout is way too intense but for others- you are eating protein everyday in your meat, eggs, soya and milk anyway!

Protein supplements are good for people who are training a lot. There are different flavors and different compositions so I can't recommend one more than the other. It depends on what the person wants to achieve. Bulk up or lean etc.

(How many days in a week and for how long should a person workout?)

The most important thing is the objective. Why do you want to train?

  1. For pleasure?
  2. To compete in a marathon?
  3. To get bigger?
  4. To run faster?
The objective makes the program. Most of the time people like to do 1:30 hours of training per day.
How many days a week?
Well it depends on your physical capacity and recovery and how you work out. I would say 3 to 4 days a week. 

(What tips can you give for proper body posture?)

Start with low weights. That's the secret. When you train, you have to respect your body, teach your body first. Always take help from a coach in the beginning then later you can do it all by yourself. Sports is not an easy job. Even the best of athletes sometimes find it difficult to keep in shape and healthy. It's a kind of science you need to study. 

(Any advice for the people who want to bulk up?)

To bulk up!

Don't think that you will get guns in two weeks straight (even though the arms are the easiest muscle to make bigger because you do not use it that much compared to your legs).

You need 6 weeks (theory) to increase your muscle nerve innervation, only after those 6 weeks (if you are a beginner) you will start to increase the volume of your muscle.

There are a few ways to practice. Workout routine.

5/6 sets
7/10 reps
1.30 minute rest only.

5 Exercises= 25 to 30 sets (wink) not so bad.

 And one of the most important part of staying healthy and fit is to have proper SLEEP. You build/repair your muscle during your sleep. Workout destroys some essential fibers. 

(Now on a little different note.... What do you think of me? lol )

What I think of you is the easiest question ever! You are the biggest surprise ever. I never thought that we would still be talking so much. I am really happy about that. You are true and you say what you think. Honesty is one of your best qualities. One day you will be a very successful person. You are my dear friend Prash. 

Okay y'all, I sometimes fish for complements. Don't judge me. I am only human. hehe

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