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Wednesday 27 February 2013

Screw work lets go for a long drive

I guess I do like doing things in a weird way... or should I just say doing things suddenly. 

So I just got a new job and I work in the night shift... you know the "US" clients ..... uuggrrhhh. I work till 4 in the morning and I sleep during day time.. which completely makes sense for someone like me. I then get up do my own thing of lazing around or just go out to meet someone or just sit and blog, but it was a Wednesday afternoon when my friend and I decided to go for a long drive. A part of me was thinking how will I go for work and the rest of me was like........ screw work lets go for a drive...lol.
 and so we went rollin on the road, clicking pictures wherever we could and what do you know- I made it to my work on time as well .... talk about being efficient enough (wink). 

T-shirt is from Jules, Chinos are H&M, boots Valentino. 

All the pictures are taken by my friend and photographer Shilpa

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