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Monday 4 March 2013

Need to go shopping.

Moved in a new city but forgot all my clothes in my home town. Aaahh.... I seriously need to go out shopping, enough of mixing the old and new shitt...I mean it's not shitt, it's good but I'm just so tired of wearing the limited clothes I have. I either need to go home for a weekend and get the suitcase full of fabulousity or just go out and spend some money to buy those dazzling shittt... 

Tank tops are something which I have been  wearing from last summer and I guess I kinda do pull it off well. It's damn comfortable if you have not tried it yet.  Hey hold on now.... if your thinking tank tops are only for women then Google it bitches.

Oh so if you want to buy some cool and trendy tank tops for coming summer then the best online store to order from would be amaericanapparel.com 

pictures taken by my friend and photographer Shilpa. 

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