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Wednesday 20 February 2013

Adam's day out

I have always been fascinated with the name Adam. Since I was little boy I always wanted to change my name because I hated it. (Prashant Priyadarshi). I never got a chance to do so while I was young, now that I am a grown up it just feels right to do things my way. This is my personal blog and I can choose whatever name I want or want to be called as and whatever article I wanna write about. It just makes me happy to be finally referred as Adam. Sighhhhh......

Anyway..... This is my new blog. Since I have come back to my home country India, I thought I would give my blogs a new start too. God has been good for giving me a kick ass job and a brilliant photographer friend called Shilpa who is yet to be discovered. Thankfully I came across her and gave myself to her to experiment on. Well.. I don't mind (wink). She is brilliant. If you wanna see her Facebook page (which obviously deserves more likes) then you can click here.

It was a pleasant day in Bangalore (South of India) and I din't quite know what to wear as it was not as cold as to wear warm and not as hot as to wear summer clothes. So I decided I would go with something which would serve both if needed. 

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