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Friday 15 August 2014

When in doubt, ask Prashh- Casual Monsoon wear for men.

Yes you heard it right. If you are in doubt then ask me. I might not look like a normal outfit wearing person but trust me I can help you pick out your outfit or maybe do your wardrobe. I know a little I guess (wink). 

Lot of my guy friends and sometimes girl friends as well ask my advice on what to wear in different seasons or occasions and I try to help them in the best way possible. Currently Bangalore weather is really unpredictable (or what I like to call F****d up) and it's getting annoying because just when you think it's time to take your sunglasses out,wear a tank top and put on those fancy summer shoes you bought, it starts to rain and it gets freaking cold. I myself sometimes find myself in a dilemma. 

Trying to keep your favorite outfits safe by not wearing them in the rain is only fair. I do that all the time but then how do you still keep your style intact? That's the question rite? Well first of all if you have style in you then clothes do not matter much (you know what I mean).

So thinking of the same I decided to write a post on monsoon wear for men. Keep your style intact. For those who are struggling with your wardrobe, there are few tips which might or might not help you. 

  1. Printed shorts- It's time to invest in what is trending rite now and printed shorts are in trend rite now. Do not be a pussy just be a confident man and just f*****g wear it. It is a great style statement and shows that you are fashion forward. You could wear in the day or at night depends on your choice. 

  2. Bold colored shorts- Do not be boring, get over your denim or gaberdine shorts already. Stores are flooded with colorful shorts for men. Pick out few and try it on. Your not gonna lose anything, if anything then it will be only losing your bad sense of style which is a good thing so lose it. 

  3. Polo neck T-shirts: Mostly when you wear shorts then it is advisable to wear polo neck t-shirts but there is no hard and fast rule. Pair your printed shorts with plain polo neck t-shirt to bring out the formal man's flair in you. Remember, do not mix prints with prints unless you are trying to make a strong fashion statement and are very sure of what you are doing. 

  4. Printed T-shirts: This is when you wear your bold colored shorts. To take the look a notch higher by wearing printed t-shirts. Again, stores of full of printed t-shirts. You just need to know what looks good on you. (Trail rooms are there to help you out with that). 

  5. Semi formal printed shirts- You could also wear semi formal printed half sleeve shirts with your shorts. It makes a classic style statement is uber cool. 

  6. Foot wear: Most people think that wearing sandals or flipflops are the best option but if you ask me I would say "NO". They are the worst foot wears for rain. I hate getting my feet dirty. The mud and filthy water grosses me out. Therefore the best foot wear to try on this season are -ankle rain boots, sneakers, rain sneakers, rubber over shoes and of course rubber loafers. 

  7. Hooded Jumper- This is for times when you forget your umbrella at home and it starts to rain. Hooded jumper will not only keep your warm, it will also partially protect you from rain till you reach your car or a place to hide. Lot of stylish jumpers are available in the market these days, there are pull overs and zippers too. Choose the best according to your choice. 

  8. Handbag- I personally cannot survive without my hand bag. It's like a part of me that goes everywhere I go. Gone are the days when only women used to carry handbags. Google and see it for yourself how men are sporting handbags. It's seriously the next best thing. You need something to keep your jumper in rite? Your umbrella, sunglasses, your wallet, tablet, water bottle, business card, tissue papers, mints and well..... condoms if you have an active sex life ...sighhhhh. 

So ask me more if you'd like.
Pic by Shilpa Raj.


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