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Wednesday 13 August 2014

Fashion gone wrong- Bangalore Fashion Week 11th Edition 2014.

Before I go on, let me start by thanking Myntra.com and Media Moments for inviting me to the 11th edition of Bangalore Fashion Week. It was a pleasure attending it. 

Here is the funniest bit of the fashion week. I asked couple of New so called hashf*****gtag designers- What Haute Couture means? and the answers were rather disappointing. So apparently Haute Couture means-
  • Special Fashion (yikes)
  • Out there Fashion (wonder what that means?) 
  • Fashion for boys (Lord please kill me)
  • It's just a big show (hmmm alrite) 
  • I do not know, I am a designer but please do not ask me such questions (sad face).
Seriously who let you graduate from Fashion School?

Although "Miss Malini" who is the number one fashion blogger of India (so they say) does know her shit. Careful y'all coz she is not someone you can easily notice (you know what I mean) -WINK. Yeah so she was the only one who could actually define Haute Couture. Atta Gurl! 

Sighhhhh....new born designers. I have not enough words to express my grief. Even if for a moment I forget about Haute Couture being a Chinese expression for you, I cannot get past the fact how some of you wore the most horrible outfits and called it a couture. Cheap fabric, bad styling, and attitude touching the ceiling of the hotel. Pfffffff.....  Dear God I am starting to believe that you sent me in this world for a reason!  Hey listen, you can go and hire all the show stoppers of the world to walk for your first show but if your clothes show imperfection then you can be rest assured of shuving your collection up your own ass. 

Hey wait. Do not get me wrong. I do have some of my favorites from the shows that I watched live this season and I think they are awesome. Like- Alpa and Reena, Amita Gupta, Archana Kochhar, Ashima and Leena, Aslam Khan, Babitha Jain, Debarun Mukherjee, Kalanjali, Mandeep Litt, Pria Kataaria Puri, Ramesh Dembla, Dressberry by Myntra and Roadster by Myntra. These designers did a great job at designing and showcasing their collections. Unfortunately I did not get to watch all the shows as I had prior engagements. 

Now lets forget about the what was on the runway, lets talk about what I saw off the runway. I saw girls wearing-

  1. Short skirts and flipflop looking sandals (you don't do it unless your Rihanna) I mean who wears that to a fashion event? Don't you already get enough of it in your day today life? Don't you wanna feel fancy at an event where half the people are pretentious? 
  2. Large women wearing body hugging clothes. ( What are you trying to show? Your curves? Where are they? coz I don't see nothin) Honey those love handles sounds pretty but it ain't pretty to look at.
  3. Tiny women wearing big shoes. (Get a grip. You want to look all sexy wearing your shoes that are bigger than your damn feet?)
  4. Women with bad makeup or what I like to call two toned girls. Face and neck grey and rest of the body brown. Embrace your colors ladies. Shahnaz Husain fairness cream advertisement is a butt load of crap! 
and the list goes on......... and do not even ask about our Indian Gentlemen. I sometimes do not understand what goes on in their head! 

and now Ladies and Gentlemen and those who are still deciding on their gender....here comes all my 4 different outfits for the 4 days event at the 4 seasons. This time I really managed to look like a runAWAY from a Looni Bin.  

It was a four day event and I chose four different looks.

Day 1

Day 2

Photo by- Deepak

Photo by- Deepak 

Photo by- Deepak  

Day 3

Photo by- Shilpa Raj

Day 4- The Finale

Photo by- Dipayan Debarma 

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