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Monday 18 August 2014

Kingfisher Ultra Style Week 2014- An Ultra Fashion Disaster!

As you guys know that last month I got a chance to attend the "Kingfisher Ultra Style Week Bangalore 2014". So while I had hopes that, this time maybe things will turn out to be drastically dramatic as it was Kingfisher Style Week and as designers like  Manoviraj Khosla, Jatin Kochhar, Sanjana John  and Rocky S were few of the famous names who were to showcase their collection, I once again was in the position of noticing things that are the last thing a fashion blogger would want to see on the runway. 

While the rest of the crowd took their cell phones out to capture what looked like an immaculate piece of art  in the flashing lights, I couldn't help but notice what I like to call a "Runway Crime". Yes our very own designers do that and think they can get away with it.  

Pay attention to the details dear designers because not all of us go to watch fashion shows to look at the flashing lights, enjoy the music and watch sexy models strut on the runway. The sole purpose of putting on a "Fashion Show" is to show your clothing creation, a creation compelling enough to leave the spectators saying waoo... and wanting to get a piece. You call it a couture then make sure it is flawless and one of a kind. 

Not to point anyone specific but what I saw on the runway was carelessness and lack of attention to details,unfinished business. 
  • Dirty shoes
  • Shoes with holes
  • Ill fitted shoes
  • Un- stitched hem lines 
  • Ill fitted blazers
  • Cheap fabrics
  • Crumpled clothes
  • Repeated collection.
Now, here is my problem (which m sure most of y'all don't give a flying fuck about). As a fashion designer who puts up a show on the runway, you absolutely have no excuses. You call yourself a designer, you invite people to watch your collection but what you show is actually imperfection.  It's a blasphemy if you ask me. 

Fashion show is not about lights, choreography, music and models, it's about creation of clothes. It is not a dance show where you can have your models prance around the stage and get done with it. The word itself defines what it is. " An event at which collections of newly designed clothing are modeled for an audience".

Cultural studies has called "Fashion Show" an enchanted spectacle, the greatest show on Earth and a performance art. Fiddling with the quality of the show should be the last thing a designer should do.  It is an art with it's own social and aesthetic tradition is what sociologist "Howard Becker (1982)" calls it. 

Designers call these fashion shows an International Fashion Event. Yeahhhh... rite! International Fashion is a means that directs an individual or a mass towards higher standards. You call it a "Haute Couture". Hmmm I wonder because as per my knowledge is concerned and what I have read- In Paris, since the 1930's these seasonal  fashion shows have been the defining characteristics of Haute Couture and the fashion houses who were unable to do so were labelled "Moyenne Couture" (Didier Grumbach 2006). Being a designer means a lot. It's not only about being a dress maker but being an artist and perfectionist with full control over the aesthetics, concept and vision.

Fashion show is not an ordinary interaction. It is a very distinct and meaningful rendezvous of fashion lovers who come together under the same roof to expect something extra ordinary. 

As an spectator, audience expect quality and discipline. Audience is the part of the spectacle and at the end of the day they are the ones who decide the success or failure of a show. It's a show just like theater, quality production first and if the audience are happy then it leads to consumption.  

I don't know where am I going with all this rant but y'all get the point rite? So don't fucking fuck with my brain! 

Okay now check out how retarded I am looking in the picture below. It's been clicked by my dear friend Allan Raj.He is brilliant photographer. He usually hates making me his subject but this particular day I managed to convince him to click me by keeping the kitchen knife under his throat. 

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