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Tuesday 8 July 2014

I only learn Fashion rules to Break them!

Truth be told. Not many people appreciate what I do and I am fine with it totally. For instance, this "turban and dhoti" look with Space boots on also known as Creepers. I just wanted to experiment. I actually hate following trends and fashion. I learn from them. I learn the rules but only so that I can break them. That's fun. Maybe you should try doin it once. You will get a lot of stares and laughs and weird comments but trust me when you are the rite place with the rite people then you will be treated as the king or the queen. You will come to realize that baring all those harsh words, rude comments, stares etc was all worth it because baby you are fabulously special.  I love putting ensemble together but I make sure that I am always dressed for the occasion but totally different from others. Commonness is something I cannot bare. I just have to be not like "THEM". If I am "THEM" then it's not "ME".   

This look was inspired by three of my friends , two looked fabulous in turbans and one looked awesome in the Indian attire. So I decided that I will steal a bit of their look and make a new look for myself. Hence this look was born. Even then I wasn't feeling quite different so I decided I'm gonna sports my creepers with them and what do you know, it totally worked. It looked very simple but had a lot of drama goin on and made a lot of people turn their heads. Now that's what I am talking about! 

I am no big ass money minting, Prada wearing,show stopping fashion blogger but I do believe that if you call yourself a fashion blogger then you cannot afford to just put on ready made outfits all the time. Sometimes you gotta create stuff. Y'all feelin me? Yeah!

I attended one of best friends wedding in this attire and then later a fashion show. It was great fun. 

All the pictures have been taken by my very dear friend Allan Raj. Click here to checkout his Flickr account and click here to catch him on Facebook.

With me in these pictures is a close friend of mine (Amil Sing) who came to visit. Quite photogenic rite? Yeah so we decided that we will do a shoot together.

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