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Wednesday 2 July 2014

A Luxurious-Elyx Experience at Shiro, UB City, Bangalore.

29th of June 2014 ...sighhhh......that was quite a fancy night for me. Absolute Elyx presented a luxurious evening co hosted by Bangalore's well-known socialites Sanjay Mahtani and Harathi at Shiro which is in UB City. It was an evening full of nice food, exotic cocktails and fabulous music. The invitees came dressed in all their glory.  

The event management agency really did a great job at putting the evening together. Thanks to my dear friend Jhanvi Rao (who is part of the agency) for inviting me. 

Now came to best part of the evening when my friend Anusha and I reached the bar and asked for some kiwi martini, then apple martini, then came cosmopolitan, some colorful shooters and some other fancy looking drink which tasted nice but we could not really figure out what it was. Drinking cocktails sure builds up an appetite and thank God the waiters kept the veg and the non-veg food going.. I am not much of a sushi fan but this time I took my chances and had a couple of raw somethin which to my surprise tasted really good. The waiters came to me a bit too often.... I wonder why...... I must look like I came from a down trodden family or something.... like I'm totally down and out ... ehhh.. whatever... I don't say no to free food. (wink)

Later that night I had the opportunity to have a conversation with the beautiful hostess herself "Harathi". I just could not stop complementing her. Her dress was beautiful, she was fit and tall and spoke elegantly. I was mesmerized.  She told me that she liked how I looked that night. My bow tie looked at least caught someone's eye.....yeyy.

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